Attorney Funding: The Complete Guide For Cash Advance To Lawyers

Attorneys go through trials every day to represent their clients in court. These trials can take months or even years, causing some attorneys financial strain. Some law firms have the resources to financially support their employees during this time period, but most do not.

Attorneys who are representing clients on a contingency fee basis may have more difficulty staying afloat if they are unable to continue working and collecting fees during this period.

This is where attorney funding comes in. Attorney funding is a service that provides cash advances to attorneys so they can pay the bills while waiting for trial or settlement checks to arrive, or until their clients’ payments come in. The attorneys repay the money once they receive their settlement payment from the client and collect their fees and costs.

What is attorney funding?

It is a way for an individual who has been represented by a lawyer to get money quickly, as well as to avoid or resolve any possible problems.  The process works much like payday loans and online cash advance services.

With this type of loan, the client gets access to borrowing up to a certain amount, with a pre-set interest rate.

This type of funding is used by lawyers to pay the ongoing costs of legal cases.  The typical cases include personal injury claims, debt recovery, and commercial disputes.

After applying for an attorney loan, the client makes monthly payments toward the cost of their legal fees until they have been repaid in full.  The entire repayment is due once the case settles or comes to a conclusion.

As with any type of borrowing, these types of loans have their advantages and disadvantages.  If you find yourself faced with this kind of financial emergency, consider the benefits and disadvantages before making a decision about attorney funding.

attorney funding

The benefits of attorney funding

One of the biggest benefits of using this service is that it will help you avoid any type of legal problems while your case is ongoing.  For instance, if you are in debt and you do not receive the money that you need on time to pay your bills, then your credit can be negatively affected.  This could lead to lawsuits if your creditors file claims against you.

Another benefit is that attorney funding can also be useful in speeding up the process of receiving compensation for many types of cases.  If your claim takes longer than expected, you may have accrued additional expenses while waiting to get paid.    For example, if you are waiting for a personal injury claim to be settled, then you could end up paying for your medications and medical bills out-of-pocket.

Attorney funding can also be useful if the amount of money that you need is too much to be received by other types of borrowing methods.  If this is the case, then an attorney loan could be a great alternative.

However, you should be aware that this type of loan can have a negative impact on your credit score if it is not repaid properly.

Furthermore, attorney funding may be beneficial to people who need money quickly because they are unable to get other types of loans from traditional lenders.  For example, many paydays or cash advance lenders have a policy that prohibits them from giving out loans to people who want cash advances on credit cards or lines of credit.

The disadvantages of attorney funding

One aspect that is not necessarily advantageous with this type of borrowing has to do with the interest rates.  Some loan companies charge higher interest rates than others, but in general, attorney loans have higher rates than standard loans.

Additionally, if you are unable to repay the loan on time, then you may be charged additional fees and your interest rates could also go up.  Some companies will even charge a late fee each month that your payment is not received in full by its due date.

Because attorney funding can have a negative effect on your credit score, it is important to consider how borrowing money in this manner could affect you in the future.

Also, if you are unable to repay your attorney loan as expected or promised, then you may lose your right to continue with the rest of your case.  If you do not use the money that you are borrowing to pay for relevant legal expenses, then the money could be taken away from you by the court.

Attorney funding should only be used as a last resort when other options have been eliminated.

Before using this type of funding, consider other alternatives such as asking family members or friends for help rather than borrowing money from a company that could potentially affect your case.   There is also the possibility that you might not need all of the money, and you should only request what you need to avoid getting into more debt than you can handle.

If you do decide to apply for an attorney loan, be sure to choose a reputable and reliable company like ECO pre-settlement funding that has lowest interest rates to best suit your situation.

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