Obligation Of Pre-settlement Funding For Plaintiffs

Lawsuit funding has been in high demand since the early 1990s. Of course, this kind of financing scheme is very favorable to the plaintiffs, who know that they can get cash advances to fund their lawsuit. Another thing is that they won’t even be obliged to pay every single month after they get their cash advances. All they have to do is to wait for the final settlement loan of the lawsuit and this is where the obligation comes in.

The Obligation of the Plaintiff

At first, the plaintiff will be required to pay nothing at all. It is as if he is receiving a sum of money without the company asking for anything. Nonetheless, if he wins the lawsuit, he is required to share a portion of his settlement with the lawsuit loan company. If he only receives a small amount of money from the final verdict, then the lawsuit loan company cannot force him to pay them more than what he receives. So, how much money the plaintiff has to pay back to the lawsuit loan company depends on how the case turns out.

What if the Plaintiff Did Not Win the Case?

Of course, in every lawsuit, there is no certainty as to which side will win. Therefore, despite getting the amount of money that the plaintiff needs to push through the case, there is still no guarantee that he will win it. So, how much is he required to pay the company if he loses the case? Well, he is obliged to pay nothing at all. That is the best thing about lawsuit funding. The plaintiff is not obliged to pay anything if he gets nothing from the lawsuit.

How Does Lawsuit Funding Work?

Many people are still unaware of how lawsuit loans work, despite their popularity. In order to have a pre-settlement funding scheme, there should be a lawsuit loan company, a plaintiff, a legal case, and, of course, a lawyer. The next paragraph will tell you how a lawsuit loan really works.

The company will fund the legal case of a plaintiff who is suffering from cases that involve physical injuries – such as

and other cases involving

Of course, in order to get pre-settlement funding from a company, the plaintiff must apply for it first under the legal advice of their attorney.

The next thing that will happen is that the lawsuit loan company will call your lawyer to ask for the details of the legal case. Based on what your lawyer says, the lawsuit funding company will decide whether or not to approve your request for pre-settlement funding.

If you get approved for lawsuit funding, the company will also decide how much money they should finance for your lawsuit. Of course, you will always get the reasonable amount of money that you need in order to pursue your lawsuit.

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