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Pre-settlement loans are getting so much attention today because it is a viable financing option for plaintiffs.

People, who have filed their cases in court, awaiting a decision on their claim for damages, mostly require urgent money. This money is needed for legal fees or even medical care.

But who is eligible for pre-settlement loans? So this article will be talking about individuals or groups who can apply for pre-settlement funds.

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Who can apply for pre-settlement funding?


Attorneys most often avail legal financing so that they can accept more cases based on contingency fees. These types of agreements permit lawyers to take on legit litigation claims for the recovery of damages without charging their clients with the legal funds upfront, especially when they know the plaintiff’s ability (or inability) to pay.

Even if this kind of arrangement offers legal practitioners a chance to accept many clients while building their professional name, so much pressure is also being placed on law firms because they have substantial costs of operation and if they accept cases based on contingency fees, a problem in the cash flow is created.

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Law Firms

The thing is that if law firms always accept cases on a contingency basis, it is possible for them not to see money coming in for many months or even years before settlement. During this time, there is still that pressing need to pay for the salaries of their employees, office space lease, and other expenses.

Aside from that, they also need to pay for the costs involved in launching a big lawsuit. We all know that this can be costly as it sometimes includes fees for private investigators, discovery, and expert witnesses.

Pre-settlement funding gives law firms a chance to be able to afford these costs by allowing them to accept several cases and bundle them so that they can get a cash advance against these cases. Through these loans, attorneys & law firms can receive the cash immediately, while making sure that justice is rightfully served.

Business Entities

Many businesses that find themselves tied up in legal issues face financial troubles. Although many of them rely on the lawsuit settlement to compensate for some of the damages that they have incurred due to the acts of the defendant, a final verdict can take months or even years.

While waiting, there is a need for these businesses to keep up, continue their operations, hire employees and take care of the other costs which are involved in the running of their everyday affairs.

In this regard, pre-settlement loans are also being offered to companies that are currently in this unfortunate position, allowing them to remain open while pursuing their legal claims.


Of course, cash-strapped plaintiffs can always turn to settlement funding for a cash advance. Normally, the victims of personal injury need the money to settle car payments, house mortgages, and medical bills.

Lawsuit funding can be extremely important to complainants who have incurred serious injuries. It can make them unable to go back to work or secure a steady income. But with low-interest rate lawsuit funding, it is possible for the plaintiff to acquire some money and lead a normal life.


So it’s clear now, that option for getting pre-settlement funding is open for many. Plaintiffs, companies (Business entities), lawyers, and law firms all can apply for lawsuit loans.

If you are opting for such advances, then knowing the facts about pre-settlement funding is a must. As it clears up the confusions and myths of such cash advances.

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