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There are now a lot of companies that offer funding for pre settlement cases. Often, people ask, what the catch is since there are times when the clients lose their cases and the lending firms do not get their money back. The answer to that is picking out which cases would most likely win, so they can have a big chance of getting their money back. So in order to get approved pre settlement funding in New Orleans, Louisiana, you must know if your case looks strong to the firms. Listed below are a couple of cases that would seem like a win-win situation.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools are required by law to have life guards on duty at all times. They are also required to follow specific standards in the construction of the pool such as non-slip floors and signs that indicate the depth of the pool area. The lack of any of these may lead to fatal injuries. These kinds of accidents can be purely due to negligence, which is why it is known to be a good candidate for pre settlement funding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


The tort lawsuit is not a term that is commonly referred to by many. Tort is the act of suing another person for causing them the injury. A basic example can be someone suing another person for breaking his or her jaw in a fistfight. Most commonly used in medical malpractices, tort is considered a strong case for funding.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Ten percent of daily road accidents result to tractor-trailer accidents. There are three people who can be blamed for these accidents: the truck driver, the trucking company or the insurance company. Either way, these kinds of accidents are easily approved for pre settlement funding in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Truck Accidents

There are trucking laws that should be strictly followed. These accidents commonly occur because such laws have been violated. The obvious state of who is at fault makes it a very strong case for those applying for legal funding. Truck drivers are limited to driving for 14 consecutive hours a day only, which should be followed by 10 hours of off duty. If accidents occur because of fatigue, then the driver should be held liable.

Workers Compensation

Applying for a pre settlement funding in Lafayette, Louisiana should be fairly smooth when filing under a workers compensation case. There are laws that employers should be following, regardless if they are at fault for your injury or not.

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