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There are thousands of injury-based lawsuits that are filed in the state of Maryland. But, there are lawsuits that should have been filed but victims have held back because of the lack of funds. That is why it is important to get the best pre settlement funding in Baltimore, Maryland. Getting a reliable firm to fund your case will help you get a head start when planning to build a case. Listed below are five cases that are guaranteed to get approval from the top legal funding firms. Check and see if your case is listed below.

Dog Bite

Dog bite accidents are common among children who like playing with dogs. Now, if you or your loved one is the victim, it only becomes a strong case when you are able to prove that the owner failed to keep their dog in a safe place that should not allow them to randomly bite strangers. You should also be able to prove that you did everything you can to keep the animal from biting you. Should you be able to show these in your case, then you have a good chance of finding pre settlement funding in Columbia, Maryland.

Depuy Hip Recall

The DePuy ASR Hip implant devices have been recalled because they are said to cause hip swelling, pain in the groin, leg and lower back. They have also been proven to elevate a patient’s cobalt, chromium and other metals in the bloodstream levels. These effects could result to a permanent injury or disability. This is what makes the case strong against the manufacturers of the devices, as this means more surgery and trauma to patients. If this is your case, getting pre settlement funding in Germantown, Maryland should be easier for you.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries and head traumas can be caused by so many accidents, such as sports accidents or car mishaps. If you are able to find hard evidence that you or your loved one was a victim of negligence, which caused brain injury, then you have a pretty good chance of winning the case.

Toxic Mold

Toxic molds are becoming more and more of a threat to the health of people. If you are living around houses and factories and workplaces that may have toxic mold, you need to be checked out. If your check-up shows you have been overexposed, this may be good reason to file a lawsuit and look for pre settlement funding in Waldorf, Maryland to be prepared.

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