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There are so many lawsuits being filed in Montana. There could be more, if only victims aren’t afraid of not having enough money to push through with cases and settlements. It is a good thing you can now apply for a pre settlement loan in Billings, Montana. People are still having trouble though, because some are intimidated and are thinking they might not get approved. To keep you from thinking twice, here are a couple of examples of fundable cases. You might learn a few tips to assess if your case is fundable as well.

Nursing Home Neglect

This has become a common lawsuit as more and more nursing homes are filled. The sad part is, the quality of service that nursing home employees provide have not stepped up. If your parents are in nursing homes and have been neglected, which caused injuries, you may file a lawsuit against the management and the individual. You can be eligible for a pre settlement loan in Missoula, Montana as well.

Product Liability

If a manufacturer has failed to label their product correctly and has caused you injuries, you can get compensation for the damages. Let’s say you didn’t see an allergen warning in a can of soup and this gave you serious allergic reactions and caused you to miss a lot of work and gave you high medical bills, the manufacturer needs to pay. Get a pre settlement loan in Great Falls, Montana to help you start a lawsuit.


There have been a lot of patients who were diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos, ActoPlus Met, ActoPlus Met XR and Duetact. If you have been diagnosed with this disease, you need to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceutical. And if you are afraid of fighting the big companies, find a pre settlement loan in Bozeman, Montana, so you can be confident in funding your case.


There have been claims that Fosamax causes thigh or femur bone fractures. A lot of people have already filed lawsuits against the manufacturer Merck. You need to claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and physical pain if you are one of the drug’s victims.

Hip Replacements

A lot of hip replacement patients have undergone surgery to take out the defective hip implants, which have since been recalled. There are at least 500,000 metallic hip implant patients in the USA, most of whom have experienced swelling and pain in the hip, groin and leg areas. Find a pre settlement loan in Butte, Montana to assist you financially.

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