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Unlike the normal practice which is the receiving of legal fees after a verdict or settlement has been reached, presettlement funding normally involves an advanced financing to be used in a pending case in court. The risks undertaken by the plaintiff and the lawsuit funding company in these cases is much higher. Therefore, if a favorable ruling is given in behalf of the complainant, lenders can expect higher returns, too.

Hospital Neglect

Hospitals can be liable for negligence whenever mistakes are made and they resulted to harm on the part of the patient. Presettlement funding in Providence, Rhode Island can help in reviewing your case and assist you in determining the actual damages which you could get out of it. If you have been a victim of medical negligence, speak to your lawyer today.


In cases of appeal, the party involved is often frustrated and devastated because of the verdict which was initially rendered to his or her case. As such, an experienced lawyer is often needed and the services of presettlement funding in Warwick, Rhode Island can help you in your financial woes. Because the whole process can be a lengthy and tiring ordeal, patience should be your number one virtue.

Premise Liability

A few of the most filed lawsuits which involve premise liability include personal injury cases and slip and fall. However, other factors may also be taken into consideration. Contact presettlement funding in Cranston, Rhode Island to discuss the case that you have and to learn more about your rights. It is a complicated maze out there and you need a qualified attorney to help you untangle the issues and recover from your loss.

Subway Accidents

Public transportation, no matter what form – bus, railway, train, subway – constitutes for a lot of personal injury cases. Although they help people in getting from one point to another with as much convenience and safety, they can also cause potential harm. If you want to know more about personal injury laws and accident liability, contact Pre-Settlement Funding Loans today and learn of their low interest rates and presettlement funding in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Maritime Accidents

Increasing cases of maritime accidents have been occurring in the past years and with the rate at which it is going, the number is perceived to continue. Accidents like these include vessel collision and fires at sea or at the oil tankers and cargo ships. For information on how you can advance your case, contact Pre-Settlement Funding Loans at and learn about presettlement funding in East Providence, Rhode Island.

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