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Getting a settlement loan in Detroit, Michigan, or in any other city in the state can be easy once you know how strong your case is. Having a strong lawsuit will help you process your loan application faster because this gives a bigger guarantee to the funding company that they will get their money back. These companies lose a lot of money in cases that have lower probabilities of winning because they only get money if the client wins. Here are five cases that are funded by majority of legal funders:

Burn Injuries

A lot of burn injuries are commonly caused by negligence. There are four elements of negligence and those are: duty, breach of duty, injury and direct or proximate cause. If you feel like you sustained injuries in a workplace that failed to follow proper safety protocols or you were burned intentionally, you have a pretty good case. If you want to file a case but are on a low budget, be sure to find a settlement loan in Grand Rapids, Michigan before hiring a lawyer.

Aviation Accident

If you were injured or a loved one was killed from an aviation accident, you can sue the company for damages. Those who can be held responsible are the pilot, airlines or owner of the aircraft, the manufacturer and the maintenance provider. Aside from the person directly involved in the accident, the victim can also bring their spouse to claim for compensation for the loss of support.

Nursing Home Injuries

For as simple as not being able to turn a patient in bed that could result to bedsores can be considered as nursing home neglect. Medical malpractice also happens a lot in nursing homes, including verbal, mental and sexual abuse. If your loved one has experienced these in a nursing home, chances are you have a very good case in court. You can also find a settlement loan in Warren, Michigan that can help you with the finances you need in pursuing a case.

Pedestrian Injury

Pedestrians who have been in accidents due to the inattentiveness of drivers or the failure to follow proper instructions, laws and protocols in driving can have a big chance of winning in court. Getting a good compensation is almost a guarantee if proven that the driver is negligent.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can be blamed on either the rider of the bicycle or the driver of the other party. If you were sustained injuries because of driver negligence or recklessness, you can fight for your right to claim for compensation. You can find companies that offer settlement loan in Sterling Heights, Michigan or even in Lansing. Pre-Settlement Funding Loans fund all these cases at a low rate. They are known to be the best lawsuit funding company in the country, famous for giving low interest loans. To know more, visit

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