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California Lawsuit Loans are cash advances taken against the cash value of an expected lawsuit settlement.

They are used by plaintiffs who need money to pay bills, cover lost income, or meet other pressing financial demands while awaiting a settlement decision.

The advantage of these loans is they typically do not require credit checks so they can be useful for people who may have poor credit scores.

How to get lawsuit loan in California?

As you might expect, lawsuit lenders are naturally picky about whom they lend to, but there are still some things you can do to improve your chances of being approved for a California lawsuit loan.

Below are five tips that will help you get the cash advances that can help lighten the financial burden during long legal proceedings.

Steps to Follow For Quick Lawsuit Funding

Have Verifiable Income

One of the first things a lawsuit lender like pre-settlement funding will want is proof that you have any kind of income coming in, so we know you can repay your loan.

This means submitting tax returns for the past two years to prove your earnings are consistent enough to meet settlement payment obligations.

Along with this, it can also be helpful to have a history of submitting tax returns for any self-employed income, if that is the case.

Be Honest About Your Case

You can secure your lawsuit loan faster if you are honest about what kind of case you have. If it sounds sketchy or unlikely, the

California lawsuit lender may ask for more details to determine its legitimacy. So be honest from the beginning, and chances are you will get your cash advance much faster.

Keep Your Finances Simple

The easier it is to document your income and financial history, the more likely it is that a California lawsuit lender will approve your loan request. This means keeping bank accounts open and clear of large balances or debt. It also means not having too many expensive cars, boats or big houses. These will only make it harder to prove your ability to repay the lawsuit loan.

Be Patient and Persistent

The best thing you can do is be patient and persistent with your lawsuit lender of choice. Go with a company like ECO pre-settlement funding that specializes in lawsuit loans and has a good reputation in the industry. Ask about what documentation they typically require and keep all of your records up to date.

Don’t give up if you are rejected the first time or even the second or third time. It can take some persistence to get approved for this type of loan, but it is worth it when you need money to live on while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

Have Your Case Settled Quickly

The sooner you can get a cash settlement, the better it will be for your lawsuit lender. This means doing everything possible to expedite the legal proceedings so you don’t have to wait too long before receiving funds. If the company you are working with expects you to pay for court costs or other expenses upfront, make sure you come up with the money as fast as possible.

Lawsuit type that is eligible for pre-settlement loans in California

ECO pre-settlement funding is a decade-old lawsuit funding provider in California. We have been funding multiple types of lawsuits, here is the list of commonly asked cash advances:

There, are many more cases which we fund. To check the complete list, click on Cases We Fund.

Further, we have recently provided lawsuit loans to multiple applicants from California, check out some of the recent cases.

Worker’s Compensation Cases

If your legal case involves worker’s compensation, you should start looking for the best pre-settlement funding companies in California. Being approved for a settlement loan can greatly help you with your legal case because as you may already know, a worker’s compensation covers a lot of ground and it will take years before it can be resolved. You can get a portion of your whole settlement in advance if you get a settlement loan.

Assault Cases

There are different assault legal cases that the court handles each day. They include sexual assault, police assault, and wrongful imprisonment. It is difficult to prove you are a victim because, with these legal cases, the only witnesses present are the people responsible and the victim. These legal cases can affect the personal lives of the victims. It won’t be long they start having financial problems. Avoid your financial troubles from getting worse by taking police brutality legal funding.

Antitrust Lawsuit

For an antitrust dispute, you are going to need the help of pre-settlement loans in California. Antitrust law was made to protect the rights of consumers. This law also enables small businesses to be able to compete in the market. If you find out there was any conspiracy, it is only fair to file an antitrust dispute. This could take a while before the court will reach a verdict, so you need to be ready, especially your finances.

Patent Infringement

A patent infringement is when a company or person steals the invention of another. This is a common problem in the United States, and countless plaintiffs are filing this kind of lawsuit case. It’s illegal and certainly just plain wrong to steal the hard work of another person. With patent infringement litigation funding, you can be assured that you can handle your legal case better through their financial support.

Class Action

When it’s decided that it’s necessary to file a class-action lawsuit against a company, it should be expected that it will cost a lot of money and time due to the complications of the legal case. A class-action lawsuit is when a person is a victim due to the failure of a certain product. A certain company has a lot of money and a good legal staff to back them up. This is where we enter. We help plaintiffs with their legal cases to financially back them up. What makes us better among the pre-settlement funding companies in Fresno, California is that we provide the lowest rate of lawsuit loans.

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Lawsuits in California can take years to settle, but the plaintiff needs the money right now. The best way to get the urgent money is to take lawsuit funding in exchange for your future settlement money.

In this way, you will have a non-risk loan, where your ongoing lawsuit will act as collateral. And if you lose the case, you keep the money. But if you win the case, repay the loan amount in addition to the interest accumulated.

Applying for pre-settlement loans is easy, all you need to start is to fill the application below. Once you provide us with all the related information, our executive will connect with you. They will let you know details such as loan amount we can offer, interest rate, or any other queries you have regarding lawsuit loans.

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