About Us

ECO Presettlement Funding Company is a decade-old cash advance provider to the plaintiff for various types of cases i.e personal injury, car accident, medical malpractices, and many other kinds.

We are among industry leaders when it comes to helping plaintiffs with quick and easy pre-settlement fundings for their ongoing trial.

Our Story

What We Do & How We Help

Our Litigation funding is the act of providing money to plaintiffs during the course of pending lawsuits. While there are different types of litigation funding, all involve paying for legal costs in return for a share of the proceeding award when the case reaches settlement or judgment. Litigation funders may provide pre-settlement, post-settlement, and post-judgment funding. Pre-settlement funding is the most common form of litigation funding and involves giving money to plaintiffs during the course of pending lawsuits. The funds which we offer are completely based on the merit of the plaintiff case, making it risk-free cash.

There are many reasons why a party chooses us to acquire pre-settlement funding for pending lawsuits, such as paying off delinquent personal debts; paying for living expenses; providing medical support; or covering the cost of ongoing living expenses. A lawsuit, especially one that has dragged on for an extended period of time, is likely to entail significant legal fees and costs that can “bankrupt” even a successful party. With ECO pre-settlement funding in place, plaintiffs are able to effectively manage the risks associated with ongoing litigation without having to worry about personal debts, daily expenses, or living costs.

ECO Pre-Settlement Funding Value & Importance

There are many benefits to the plaintiff if they decide to acquire pre-settlement funding for pending lawsuits from ECO.

Fulfil Need Of Urgent Cash

First of all, it allows plaintiffs the opportunity to continue with their lives normally instead of having to worry about how to pay off personal debts and bills. Also, if a plaintiff were to lose their case, they will not have incurred any debt because the litigation funder covers all legal fees.

Risk Free Cash Advance

Secondly, if a plaintiff were to win their case, there is no risk for litigation financing companies. If there is no settlement or judgment reached in the plaintiff’s favor, then the plaintiff owes nothing and the only result is that the plaintiff’s legal fees have been covered.

Lowest Rate Legal Funding

In addition, if a plaintiff were to acquire pre-settlement funding from ECO and then lose their case, we will not receive much in return; therefore, we typically charge lower rates. Most litigation funders do not require collateral and the process of acquiring pre-settlement funding is much faster than acquiring traditional bank loans. On average, the process takes less than 24 hours for approval.

No Win No Pay

Overall, pre-settlement funding is beneficial to plaintiffs because it allows them to maintain their normal lives while their cases are pending; it also allows them to manage risks associated with litigation while avoiding bankruptcy. Instead of having to worry about how to pay off debts and bills, plaintiffs can focus on the lawsuit at hand.