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Those who have recently been injured and cannot work might be eligible for lawsuit funding. We provide lawsuit loans with low-interest rates that can help people obtain money, sometimes within 24 hours of applying.

People often seek out lawsuit funding hoping to obtain quick relief from mounting debt or medical bills.

However, anyone considering one of these lawsuits’ financial advances should be aware of the lawsuit loan interest rates they’ll be charged.

What are lawsuit loan interest rates?

Legal funding companies or legal finance companies – another term for a lawsuit funding company – charge plaintiffs a fee in exchange for providing immediate cash after their case settles, wins, or loses.

To determine how much this cost will be, defendants must inquire about the specific company’s lawsuit loan interest rates.

These loans are typically paid back within three months with the money obtained through the litigation funding.

A survey conducted by our team found that 60% of people who had previously received legal funding were satisfied with the services and would recommend them to others. People should also be aware; however, of the lawsuit loan interest rates other companies’ charges.

Getting pre-approved for lawsuit loans with low interest rates is easy

The application process involves submitting your basic information like your name, address, and phone number along with some financial documents like proof of income or employment (pay stubs) and that’s it.

Even if you have poor credit, the law firm will use the case’s future reward value to determine how much they can loan you without worrying about loaning you too much.

The only time the firm will care about your credit score is when deciding what lawsuit loan interest rate to give you. The better your credit, the lower your interest rate will be on your lawsuit cash advance.

Keep in mind that everybody’s situation is different and results may vary between individuals or firms. Therefore, no company has a fixed lawsuit loan interest rate for all type of cases.

What influences the lawsuit loan interest rate?

As a person who’s been injured in an accident and is fighting the responsible party for damages, you’re probably wondering about lawsuit loans and how to get one.

Well, here we go! Many factors affect your rate, so let’s get into them:

Location of loan application

The location where you apply affects your lawsuit loan interest rate.

Accident and injury severity

If there is more damage, the rate for lawsuit financing will be higher.

Temporary or permanent disability

If you are unable to work after your accident, then it takes longer for you to get compensated and the rate will be higher.

Whether or not you are released from the treatment facility

If you’ve just had surgery on your arm, it will take time to heal properly. If you’re still being treated when the lawsuit is ready for settlement, then your lawsuit loan rate will be higher.

Loan amount requested

This one’s obvious! The more money, the higher the rate for pre-settlement funding.

Lawyer referral

The Lawyer referral doesn’t affect your personal lawsuit loan rate, but it affects the bank’s rate. If your lawyer is not reputable, then the banks will charge a higher rate for you for that reason alone.

Negotiation status with the responsible party for settlement

If there are still negotiations going on during the settlement of your case, then your settlement loan rate will go up because it takes longer for settlement.

Period of the ongoing negotiations

Similarly, if it’s taking longer for settlement due to more negotiation and back and forth with the other party, then your rate will go up because of the delay.

Personal credit score

This one is obvious too. If you have a low credit score, then the banks will be hesitant to give you a loan. If your credit score is good, then you have a better chance of getting a lower rate depending on other factors mentioned above.

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The best thing about lawsuit cash advances is the simplicity of how they work. There are no credit checks or complicated lending terms.

You get the cash you need as soon as the attorney finalizes your case and sends a demand letter to the defendant. If you have a pending lawsuit, get lawsuit loans with low interest rates today!

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