Product Liability Lawsuit Loans

People buy a product with the trust that it will make their lives easy. But in an unfortunate situation, when the product harms the buyer because of the defect, then the buyer has the right to sue the brand. Our company has been helping individuals who suffered injuries because of defective products, by offering them product liability lawsuit loans. It is a cash advance that helps individuals facing financial challenges because of medical bills and product liability lawsuit costs.

Product liability lawsuit takes years to settle because of the deep pockets of big brands and manufacturers. They try the delay tactics so that the litigation keeps on delaying until the plaintiff is left with no money to continue with court proceedings. But with the availability of our product liability lawsuit loans, you can continue to fight the legal battle without any financial worries. Our pre-settlement funding will help you keep afloat while you are awaiting settlement.

product liability lawsuit loans

What Is Defective Product Liability lawsuit Means?

Product liability lawsuits are common in the United States, with many involving recalls of products or companies. They are the claims made against a manufacturer, distributor, or seller of a defective product being sold. People can raise these defective product claims for many kinds of products due to reasons like

  • Manufacturing defects (defective materials/quality),
  • Design problems (defects in the design of the product), and
  • Marketing defects (problems with labeling, instructions, or other warning labels).

These claims can arise in various situations:

  • When you were using a product to do something, it was not intended for,
  • When the product has caused an injury to yourself or another person, or
  • A person sustains damages from using a product because of poor build quality.

Why Get Legal Funding Against Product Liability Lawsuit?

The report shows that number of product liability cases are on the rise in the US. Around 5800 cases alone were filed in the year 2022, confirming that the faulty products are getting supplied and distributed daily. This data emphasized how important it is to understand product liability lawsuits and ways to overcome situations where you suffered injuries because of the use of one.

Legal funding against product liability lawsuits is one financial solution only available for people who suffered injuries because of a defective product. It is not a traditional loan, but a non-recourse structured settlement offer that is given to people with potential lawsuits. It is designed to help the plaintiff continue their court proceeding without gaining any debt in the absence of funds. Further, the cash you get as a pre-settlement loan can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to settle medical bills, pay your attorney, or even pay your rent, etc.

Further, the benefits of getting product liability lawsuit funding is much more than getting a traditional loan. Since these cash advances are non-recourse, you only need to repay if you win the case. In case you lose the product liability claim, and you have taken a pre-settlement against it, you repay nothing.

Who Qualifies For A Product Liability Settlement Funding?

The eligibility criteria for a product liability lawsuit funding are very straightforward. If you have suffered injuries because of a defective product, whether it is a consumer product, medical device, or pharmaceutical drug, you can get a cash advance. But for that, you also need to have an ongoing lawsuit against the offender, in this case, against the brand, manufacturer, or reseller.

Further, to qualify for product liability claim funding you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You or your loved one suffered physical injuries or financial problems because of the use of a defective product.
  • You have filed a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a product liability claim attorney
  • Your case merit will also determine if you will get cash or not, cases with potential proof and strength can get easy product liability funding.

What Type Of Product Liability Cases Can We Fund?

There can be several ways you suffer either financially, or physically because of a defective product. But how to determine whether you are eligible for a lawsuit loan or not, here are a few product liability claims that we can fund at ECO pre-settlement funding:

Defective Medical Devices: If you or your loved one suffered injuries because of the use of defective medical devices we can help you. For defective medical devices, such as a faulty hip implant, hernia mesh, or pacemakers, we can help you secure financial assistance while your case is in court.

Dangerous Pharmaceuticals: If you’ve suffered adverse effects from a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, such as a blood thinner or birth control medication, we can provide you a product liability lawsuit loan to help cover your expenses. Faulty drugs are not just harmful they can be life-threatening, and if you are someone who is fighting against a big brand and has no money to continue with the case. Let us help you.

Defective Auto Parts: For anyone who got injuries because of a car accident caused by a defective auto part, such as faulty brakes or airbags, we can provide product liability legal funding for your case.

Defective Consumer Products: If you get injuries because of the use of a defective consumer product, such as a faulty appliance or toy, our product liability settlement loan is available for you.

Why Choose ECO For Your Product Liability Lawsuit Loan?

At ECO, we pride ourselves on providing fast, easy, and secure product liability lawsuit loans to our clients. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us for your pre-settlement funding needs:

Quick and Easy Application Process: Our application process is simple. You can apply online or over the phone, and we’ll work with your attorney to gather the necessary information about your case.

No Credit Checks or Employment Verification: We understand that your credit score or employment status may have been affected by your injuries. That’s why we don’t require credit checks or employment verification when you apply for a product liability lawsuit loan with us.

Competitive Rates: We offer competitive rates on our product liability lawsuit loans, ensuring that you get the financial assistance you need without breaking the bank.

No Hidden Fees: We believe in transparency, which is why we don’t charge any hidden fees or upfront costs. You’ll know exactly how much you’re borrowing and what the terms of your loan are before you sign anything.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff: Our team of experts has years of experience in the legal funding industry. We understand the complexities of product liability cases and can provide you with the guidance and support you need throughout the process.

How Much Can I Get From Product Liability Legal Funding?

The amount that a plaintiff can expect in the form of a cash advance for the lending company, depends on case strength and expected future settlement value. Our company can offer you lawsuit loans of $500 to $100,000 depending on the case type, case strength, and expected settlement value. But to know the exact amount which you can get for your case, you have to apply with us. Only after case evaluation we can come to the final amount which we can offer you as product liability legal funding. Generally, people can expect to get 10-20% of the expected settlement value as cash advances if they apply with a pre-settlement funding company.

Can I Get Product Liability Cash Advance If I Don’t Have Good Credit Rating?

Yes, people who don’t have good credit ratings can get a cash advance, but they must have a strong product liability case. Since our company never asks for a personal credit rating, we only consider the strength of your case as the determining factor in offering you a lawsuit loan.

Apply Now For Risk-Free Product Liability Lawsuit Loans

If you are a victim of a defective or dangerous product, we are here to help you cover your financial burdens. Our product liability lawsuit loan will help you cover your future finances such as medical bills and litigation costs. Our fast, easy, and secure application process, competitive rates, and experienced staff make us the top choice for plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding.

We are not adding any debt on you, but rather helping you with the money you need to fight for the compensation. We offer risk-free product liability lawsuit funding, which you only repay once you win the case. Further, with our cash advance, you can reject the lowball offer you are getting from the faulty product brand or manufacturer. To apply with us you can call 800-961-8924 or fill out the online application form.

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