IVC Filter Lawsuit Loans

We provide quick and easy pre-settlement funding to people who suffered injuries because of a faulty IVC filter and already have a pending lawsuit in court against the manufacturers. Generally, IVC is used by surgeons to prevent blood clots, but many people who get IVC filters implanted complain that they suffer serious health issues after a while.

ivc filter lawsuit loans

People started filing lawsuits against the manufacturers, demanding compensation. But we all know how expensive lawsuits are these days, and while you are dealing with a personal injury, you also need money to cover medical expenses. Our IVC filter lawsuit loan will help you cover the litigation expenses, pay for medical bills, get expert advice, or pay for any relevant surgeries that are needed at the time.

IVC filters, which stand for inferior vena cava filters, are medical devices that surgeons put in the body to stop blood clots from going to the heart or lungs. These filters have been linked to many serious health complications, including death. If you got injured in the past because of the use of an IVC filter, then you may also be eligible for a lawsuit loan. Lawsuit loans are not available to every plaintiff, but if you are eligible, they can be beneficial. Before you can get legal funding, the court must first decide that your lawsuit is a class action.

Eligibility Criteria To Get IVC Filter Lawsuit Loans

If you are considering applying for an IVC filter lawsuit loan, it is important to get approval from an attorney. We only fund people who have a pending lawsuit and are represented in court by an attorney. Following are the few qualification criteria for a pre-settlement loan on an IVC filter claim:

  • You got injuries because of the IVC filter implantation
  • You were unaware of the side effects of IVC and neither doctor mentioned it before the surgery
  • With the help of an attorney you have filed a lawsuit, and its pending settlement
  • Your hired attorney works on a contingency fee basis and agrees to a pre-settlement agreement.

Further, if you have been injured by a faulty IVC filter manufactured by the below-listed brands, you may be eligible for a lawsuit loan.

  • G2 Express filter
  • Bard G2 filter
  • Recovery filter
  • Cook Select filter
  • Boston Scientific Greenfield filter

Side Effects Of IVC Filters That Are Allowed While Settlement Loan

Inferior vena cava filters are used to stop blood clots from reaching the heart or lungs by diverting blood flow. Earlier, the FDA gave approval for the use of IVC filters. Soon it will become a widely used device in clinical practices to prevent serious conditions like pulmonary embolism. However, studies reveal that certain patients experience serious health complications after receiving IVC filters. The following are the complications associated with these devices:

  • Death: More than 10,000 reports of bad things happening because of IVC filters had been sent to the FDA. Out of these reports, hundreds and thousands of deaths were linked to the use of IVC filters.
  • Device Migration: There are several cases in which the IVC filters migrate from their original position to a different part of the body. This can result in serious health complications, which include heart attacks and organ punctures.
  • Organ Perforation: In some cases, medical devices have been found to perforate vital organs like the liver, kidneys, or intestines. The patient may even require emergency surgery to treat such conditions successfully.
  • Clotting: Some people who have used IVC filters have also said that they got blood clots. This can further aggravate the health condition and even lead to death.

Because the problems caused by faulty IVC filters are so serious, many people who have been hurt by them have sued the companies that made them. It’s completely within your legal rights to sue the manufacturer of the defective IVC filter.

IVC Filter Case Funding Protects You From Financial Trouble During Pending Lawsuit

Mainly, people who have suffered injuries because of a faulty IVC have to go through some more surgeries to reduce pain or completely remove the IVC filter from the body; these medical bills can take a huge toll on your savings. Further personal injury is one of the biggest reasons behind loss of wages; if you are unable to go to work or have suffered life-threatening issues because of IVC, you have limited options to secure yourself financially. You can either take a bank loan or have a lot of savings. Banks generally do not give cash advances to people who have lost their jobs or have poor credit ratings.

Whereas, pre-settlement funding against pending IVC cases is a one-of-a-kind solution, where you get an opportunity to take a loan against your expected future settlement award. These are risk-free loans, which means you need to pay only if you win. Further, you can use the money without any restriction. It can be used to pay for medical bills, surgeries, legal fees, and even personal expenses. Our pre-settlement funding company never put any restrictions on the use of cash advances.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Loans Are More Convenient Than Traditional Methods of Lending

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is only given to people with a pending case; therefore, people who have a pending case against an IVC filter manufacturer get an easy cash advance. It is very simple to get a cash advance against a pending settlement if your case has a higher chance of winning.

The non-recourse, risk-free nature of pre-settlement loans on IVC filter cases makes them the only unique option that puts no extra pressure on the applicant since it is not a debt but a loan against future settlement. Therefore, if you lose the case, you will owe nothing to the lender.

No proof of income or physical collateral is required while taking an IVC filter lawsuit loan; your pending settlement itself will act as collateral. Here, you are surrendering a portion of your future settlement award.

When getting a pre-settlement loan, your credit score and history are not important. This means that people with bad credit who have a pending IVC filter lawsuit can easily get the money they need right away. The only condition is that your case has merit and deserves a fair settlement.

Your Case Strength Will Determine The Loan Amount

Generally, people who need cash advances are not sure what amount they can take. Here,  while applying for pre-settlement funding against your IVC filter case, we only offer an amount after analyzing your case.

Few key points that we consider while offering a cash advance are

  • Your case strength
  • The severity of the injury
  • Anticipated time for the settlement
  • The expected value of the settlement

Further, the interest rate on the IVC filter lawsuit loans is dependent on the above-given keys. In general, we can provide anywhere from $1000 to $100,000 depending on your case’s strengths and needs.

Simple Procedure for Obtaining a Cash Advance on Your IVC Filter Claim

Our pre-settlement funding process for IVC filter claims is simple and easy. It is a three-step process.

  • First Step: You apply for a lawsuit loan by either filling out an online form given on the website or calling us at 800-961-8924. You must provide all requested information, such as your contact information, attorney contact information, case details, and the required amount.
  • Second Step: Once we get all the relevant case information from your attorney, our internal team will assess your case, and based on its merit, we will offer you a lump sum. Further, we will share an agreement document with you.
  • Third Step: After you and your attorney understand the terms and send us back the signed document, we will transfer the funds within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Take IVC Filter Lawsuit Loan And Stop Worrying About Pending Bills

Suppose you get injured because of the use of a faulty IVC filter and are considering filing a lawsuit. In that case, our IVC pre-settlement lawsuit funding will definitely help you financially with your legal proceedings. Several other costs, like medical bills, attorney fees, utility bills, etc., can add up quickly while you wait for a settlement. Legal fees, expert witness fees, filing costs, and deposition transcripts can all add to the financial burden.

But now, with the availability of an IVC filter pre-settlement loan, you can have peace of mind with enough funds to pay for pending bills. Since we offer the lowest interest pre-settlement loans, which you only need to pay after successful settlement, use the funds now as required and pay only after winning.

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