Slip And Fall Accident Loans

Did you get yourself injured in a slip and fall accident?

Slip and fall accidents are minor, but people in their old age can get serious injuries. It is not restricted to old age, even young people can suffer from slip and fall accidents. Moreover, it can be frustrating to fall at a place just because of poor maintenance and cleaning. Small accidents of slip and fall can have negative impacts such as unexpected injuries or broken bones.

slip and fall lawsuit loans

If you have a slip and fall claim, then you must have been waiting for months to reach a settlement. Slip and fall lawsuits tend to drag on for months or even years. But with the help of slip and fall accident loans, you can cover your everyday expenses while waiting for compensation.

What are Slip & Fall Injury Claims?

A slip and fall injury claim is a type of dispute that occurs on another person’s property.

Slip and fall claims, it isn’t always easy to prove who was actually at fault for the accident.

In many slip and falls cases, the mishap occurs due to slippery substances or negligent maintenance.

The property owner is liable to pay the reparation for the damage caused to the person due to poor maintenance of their property like restaurants, malls, etc.

Let’s now understand the slip and fall accident claim with an example:

In case you slip and fall on a wet floor at places like a restaurant or retail store. It becomes difficult to prove that the property owner actually knew about this hazardous spill on the floor.

Therefore, lawyers often need to perform a thorough investigation and make strong and valid arguments for the plea.

These kinds of investigative attorneys charge heavy fees, and that is where we come into the picture.

We provide slip and fall lawsuit loans.

You can use the funds to pay your attorney fees for ongoing slip and fall claims.

Use it to pay the medical bills and for expensive surgery which you need to go through because of the accident.

Let’s now understand

What basically slip and fall lawsuit loans are?

Slip and fall lawsuit loans refer to a cash advance that can only be given to the claimant of a slip and fall case. The fund helps the plaintiff with their ongoing settlement and other expenses.

Since the funds are given against your slip and fall claim, you only need to pay after a victorious settlement. If you lose the case, no repayment is required.

The amount we offer to the plaintiff of slip and fall cases ranges from $1000 to $50,000 (or higher). These funds are usually repaid with the final settlement amount; however, they may be repaid even before that, if there is an opportunity for early settlement.

Sometimes, the injured party might not need to use the full sum right away, so they can repay when necessary.

There are no restrictions on how you use these funds-you can spend them as you deem fit.

What kind of slip and fall injuries are eligible to get cash advance?

Those having injuries like broken bones, head traumas, dislocations or sprains, concussions or even paralysis due to slip and fall accidents needs money for their expenses.

Anyone can be a victim of a slip and fall incident. Slip and falls are the leading cause of major injuries in the US. Apart from accidents, slip and falls can also be caused by poor lighting or defective sidewalks, staircases, or roads.

If we believe it has merit then we will give you an upfront lump sum in exchange for a percentage of the final settlement check for your slip and fall claim.

You can use these funds however you need to, even though most people choose to have them sent directly to their attorney who will charge a fee every time they step up their efforts on your behalf.

What kind of slip and fall cases are eligible for a lawsuit loan?


When slippery ice or snow causes someone to slip and fall down, the owner of the property is typically responsible for making sure their sidewalks remain safe during the winter months.

For example, when people slip on black ice or snow after a blizzard then it is easy to show that the owner of this property was negligent in keeping the slip and fall accident-causing sidewalk clear of these black ice conditions.


A slip and fall case can occur when someone has slipped on a liquid substance (such as water, oil, or soda) somewhere in a retail store or restaurant. Or slip and fall accidents may happen if someone trips over an object that is not properly placed by another person, such as boxes at work.

In slip and fall cases where the accident occurred due to negligence of another person, slip & fall lawyers typically investigate who actually owns/maintains the location where this slip and fall accident occurred. Our provided slip and fall pre-settlement funding can be used by attorneys to do more deep research.


Slip and fall cases can also happen in public buildings due to wet bathroom floors in a restaurant or retail store, broken steps in a stairway, uneven floor surfaces where someone falls down because they trip over an area rug, or slip on an area of carpet that is bunched up due to improper placement.

Why do I need slip and fall lawsuit loans?

There are a few reasons which can compel you to take a lawsuit loan. Reasons such as cash shortage during ongoing medical treatment, or you need money to pay the attorney fees of an ongoing slip and trial case. Some more common reasons are:


A slip and fall injury can occur when you least expect it, causing a great deal of pain and difficulty in the future.

For example, take the case of Brian Dennison who slipped on ice at a retail store. He landed hard on his right shoulder which left him unable to work for weeks due to the injury he sustained from that slip and fall incident at Costco.


Slip and fall can also occur in private homes. Home slip and fall accidents can be just as dangerous as slip and fall at a workplace or outside any building.

For example, one slip and fall case involved a woman who slipped and fell on her friend’s new tile floor. She ended up breaking her wrist due to the fall and suffered lots of pain. And she has to go through expensive surgeries to get her wrist fixed.


So whether slip and fall occur inside or outside of a building, it is always best to get assistance from an experienced slip & fall lawyer. Because getting injured due to someone else fault needs to be compensated.

But to make your slip and fall case winnable, attorneys need to hire expert investigators, go through the property’s previous case history. All this will take a huge sum of money.

And if you are short on funds, it’s always reasonable to take the help of pre-settlement funding companies like ours.

What process do we follow to offer slip & fall legal funding?

First, you apply for a loan against slip and fall lawsuit

Once you part of a slip and fall claim and require urgent money, you apply. Just fill up the contact form for the details asked i.e case detail, the amount needed and contact details of an attorney representing you.

Then we evaluate the potential of your slip and fall claim

After you apply for a loan with us, our legal experts will get in touch with your attorney to understand the potential of the case. Cases with high reward value easily get acceptance.

Even if your case is not high value and you need urgent funds. You can rest assured that you will get approval after evaluation if your case is strong enough to win.

Get your slip and fall claim cash advance

The final step is to receive the pre-settlement loan for your slip and fall injury claim. After the approval, we transfer the fund to the plaintiff in less than 24 hours.

More queries about slip and fall accident loans

How to get slip and fall lawsuit funding?

You have to fill the form of slip and fall lawsuit application with details like contact information, attorney details, case detail, etc.

Who qualifies for slip and fall cash advances?

People who are having an ongoing lawsuit of Slip and Fall can only apply for the cash advances. You must have a slip and fall attorney representing your case in the court and works on a contingency fee basis.

What kind of amount I can get for my slip and fall claim?

Seeing the increasing number of cases, our pre-settlement funding company has decided to provide cash advances between the range of $1000 to $50,000 depending on the strength of the claim.

How long it will take to get the cash?

ECO is the fastest pre-settlement loans provider for your Slip and Fall claims. As soon as we receive the complete documents and detail for your case, we take just 24 hours to review. Once your case gets approval we will provide cash in the next 24 hours.

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