Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Funding

What is Racial Discrimination?

Courts and national and international bodies have set out the definition of racial discrimination in the US.

Racial discrimination can be defined as:

  • Treatment of an individual or group based on their skin color, their ethnic origin, whether they are a member of a minority or not results in the degradation of their status and treatment.
  • Mistreating someone because they are married to (or associated with) someone of a particular ethnic background or because of their connection with a particular country.
  • Harassing behavior – such as name-calling, mocking, offensive graffiti, and threatening behavior targeted at an individual or group because of their color, race, or ethnic origin.
  • Refusing to serve someone because they are black or Asian.
  • Discrimination when applying for housing, education, or work when an individual is treated less favorably than others because of their color or ethnic background.

Get Racial Discrimination Settlement Funding For Your Ongoing Claim Of Civil Right

Pre-settlement funding typically offers cash advances to victims of racial discrimination for their ongoing trial so that they don’t have to suffer due to lack of funds while waiting for a judgment. Our funds can give a financial cushion during a loss of wage.

First, understand what a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit is

A racial discrimination lawsuit is a legal action filed by an individual who believes discriminated against based on race. The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments prohibit this type of discrimination in the United States Constitution.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866, also known as the Ku Klux Klan Act, was passed in the wake of the Civil War and nullified racial discrimination in elections and court cases.

This act was passed to protect the rights of African Americans following the end of slavery. Still, it ended up being unsuccessful because there was no enforcement provision for this law.

As a result, many states continued to discriminate against people based on race with no legal consequences. This act is considered the first of many acts that served as precursors to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Secondly, apply for Pre-settlement Funding.

With ECO, you can apply for lawsuit loans against your ongoing trial of racial discrimination and pay us once you get the settlement in your favor.

We help with funds to make your trial process smooth.

Then we evaluate your Racial Discrimination Claim.

A team of expert lawyers and executives will evaluate your racial discrimination lawsuit. We try to determine the future settlement amount you can receive, and against that, we offer a lumpsum amount.

Finally, get approved racial discrimination lawsuit funding from us

After your application gets approval for funding, we will deliver the cash advance granted against your racial discrimination case in less than 24 hours.

Why take Racial Discrimination Loans?

If you have ever dealt with a lawsuit, you know the stress and heartache of being involved. The financial strain of waiting on a settlement can be just as bad.

Fortunately, you do not have to wait for the money of a settlement to get out of trouble. Lawsuit loans exist to provide a person with a financial boost after a personal injury or employment discrimination. You can get loans for suing, even if you have no collateral to use as security.

Why do you need racial discrimination legal funding?

Racial discrimination and police brutality lawsuits can be costly. Even if a victim is successful in court, the defendant may not have the money to pay for damages right away; in those times, legal funding can help.

Discrimination in the 21 st century is wrong. Racial discrimination is one of the many types that people are still subject to, even in today’s “I’m colorblind” society.

Racism may be defined by law enforcement officers who can detain individuals based on race.

Contractors can refuse to service particular neighborhoods based on race. At work, a business can continue to pay employees of certain ethnicities less than others even if their duties are equal.

If an individual is fired because of their race, they may have a legitimate claim against the employer.

However, many people cannot afford legal representation in these matters and find themselves unable to defend their civil rights.

This is where lawsuit funding comes in.

Lawsuit funding is a cash lawsuit advance that helps people pay for lawsuits while they are pending. This allows the individual to have legal representation during the case while requiring no upfront payment. It also allows them to keep 100% of whatever amount they receive at the end of the lawsuit.

Many legal funding companies also allow a claimant to keep 100% of whatever is recovered as damages during or after trial, even if they lose their case.

This means that an individual who is denied their civil rights but cannot afford legal representation now has a chance at justice.

Those who have been unlawfully treated now have equal footing with perpetrators.

However, these loans are not provided without proper research and consideration beforehand.

Types of Racial Discrimination on which you can take lawsuit funding

When it comes to race discrimination lawsuits, two main types of cases come into play: disparate treatment and disparate impact.

Disparate treatment is when an employee is treated differently than other employees of a different race. In contrast, disparate impact addresses policies that may appear fair but still disproportionately affect people of different races.


Disparate treatment cases are proven when the employee can demonstrate that similarly situated employees of a different race or color were treated more favorably.

These types of cases typically rely heavily on information from witnesses and documents such as emails and memos.


Disparate impact cases are proven when the employee shows that a specific employment practice or policy has more adverse effects on employees of a particular race than other races.

These cases often require statistical data to prove the existence and extent of any discriminatory effects, usually through information obtained from industrial psychologists or human resource professionals with expertise in this area.

Who are eligible for Racial Discrimination Funding?

Those who are in an ongoing trial for racial discrimination and demanding compensation for the trauma they have to suffer at an office or public place due to discriminatory behavior of someone else can take cash advances.

When can I get cash advances for Racial Discrimination?

Once our team decides that your case has merit and is winnable in court, we will provide a lump sum for your trial. Once you and your lawyer agree to our terms, this amount can transfer to your account in less than 24 hours.

Can I apply multiple times for cash advances?

Yes, you can apply multiple times for cash advances against your racial discrimination case. But the application can only be approved if your case has the merit and funding company finds it appropriate to fund again.

How Much You Need?