Workers Compensation Lawsuit Loans

Workers Compensation Lawsuit Funding

If you are having trouble paying your bills due to an injury caused while working. Or afraid of losing your home or have premiums to pay, then you should consider applying for a pre-settlement cash advance through ECO pre-settlement funding.

UNDERSTAND Worker Compensation Lawsuit Loans

No one plans to be injured on the job. However, sometimes these injuries can cause immense pain and suffering that last long after you return home from the hospital or doctor’s office.

A workers compensation lawsuit funding company will provide financial assistance to those individuals who are unable to work due to a workplace injury or met with wrongful death.

Accidents happen all the time, but what happens when the accident at work leaves you unable to pay your bills?

That is where a lawsuit cash advance can help.

Lawsuit funding, or pre-settlement funding as some call it, requires no credit checks and has no impact on your current financial situation. However, there are certain qualifications one must meet before being approved for this type of financing.

Anyone can apply for a lawsuit cash advance, but there are certain factors that will affect the final amount of money you receive from a pre-settlement cash advance company.

Before applying with any funding agency, make sure you read our ten tips to be aware of when it comes to taking out a loan against your potential future settlement.

APPLY FOR Pre-settlement Funding

At ECO Presettlement Fundings we take racial discrimination lawsuits very seriously and fund the eligible plaintiff with cash advances. Apply with us your cash requirements by providing case details.

WE EVALUATE YOUR Worker Compensation Claim

It is important to note that these types of loans are not for everyone. You have to have a strong case that will win at trial. In those conditions only you can get easy funding from us for your trial.

RECEIVE Worker Compensation Loan

Once the team ECO pre-settlement funding performs the case evaluation, we present the sum we can offer. After agreeing to the terms, you can get the funds.

WHY YOU NEED Worker Compensation Legal Funding?

The cost of not having worker compensation pre-settlement funding can be overwhelming. If your injury is very severe, you will still have medical expenses to pay for during your recovery time.

It may sound like an odd thing to ask, but it is entirely possible that you are out of work and do not have enough savings to pay your daily expenses.

Even if you are not, the insurance company might be paying for your medical bills with cheap, generic drugs and doctors who do not specialize in the type of injury that you sustained.

As a result, you may find yourself back at work earlier than expected as soon as any possibility of long-term health effects is gone. You may even find yourself working overtime because the insurance company paid the bills, not you.

That is certainly not what you had in mind after already thinking that you were going to make up for the lost time by spending your fleeting years with your loved ones.

That is why you should never go into a settlement without first having your injuries evaluated by an experienced worker compensation attorney.

When you are hurt on the job, the law requires that the negligent party take care of all your expenses.

Unfortunately, there are many who do not comply with this rule, and you should fight tooth and nail to get what is rightfully yours.

Without an experienced worker compensation attorney, you may find yourself signing your settlement away before you receive all that is coming to you.

Good attorney cost money which you can cover using worker compensation lawsuit funds.

Factors that can affect your worker compensation pre-settlement loans

There are several factors that go into determining how much you qualify for before you apply for lawsuit cash. These factors include:


Settlement amounts are not guaranteed and may be less depending on the strength of your case, injuries, and other unforeseen circumstances.


This might affect how much the lawsuit funding company is willing to lend you. Some companies only offer a percentage of your expected settlement while some will give you up to 100% of the value.


This is usually the deciding factor in how much money you are given instantly. Generally speaking, more time on average equals less cash advance amount offered.


This is another factor that some companies use to determine how much they are willing to offer you. If your credit score is not great, or if it is nonexistent, some companies might deny your request for cash advance funding.


This is another important factor when it comes to pre-settlement cash advance amounts.

Each company might have different standards for what states they lend within. Before applying to any lawsuit funding agency, be sure you understand the company’s underwriting guidelines and where they lend.


Can affect how much you receive before your case settles. If you live in a state that has stricter lending guidelines, then you might have less access to quick cash.

Worker Compensation Lawsuit Funding FAQs


Worker compensation is a form of insurance through which employers or other parties pay for all or part of the medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost income, and survivor benefits due to employees harmed while performing their job duties.

Workers’ compensation was first passed in the United States around 1910.

It requires employers to carry insurance against employee accidents and illnesses that occur during the course of employment.


When an employee is injured on the job, worker’s compensation pays for medical costs and part of their lost wages while they are unable to work.

For any permanent disability suffered as a result of the injury, supplemental benefits are paid for life according to state regulations.

Worker’s compensation also provides death benefits to surviving family members when a worker is killed on the job.

Worker’s compensation provides protection for employers in the event of work-related injuries, but it does not protect employees from being fired or otherwise discriminated against by their employer for filing a claim.

Employers are not required to carry workplace liability insurance for damages that might result outside of an employee’s scope of employment.

Preexisting conditions are not covered, nor are those arising from intoxication by drugs or alcohol. The employee must also file a claim as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Many states require a written report detailing the incident to be filed within a short number of days.


Those who are injured during work are eligible for worker compensation benefits. Worker compensation Lawsuit Loans are designed to provide you with the money for the case.

The lawsuit will help you get lost wages for injuries that occur during the course of employment.

For the recovery system to function, it requires that employers carry worker’s compensation insurance, and employees are covered by their employer and beneficiaries under the Workers’ Compensation act who do not have coverage under other forms of insurance.


We fund most of the cases of worker compensation in less than 24 hours. Depending on your attorney’s response and the strength of your case, we take time for approval.


Plaintiff of worker compensation lawsuit can easily apply for multiple times for cash advances. But the approval solely depends on the merit of the case.

How Much You Need?