Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Loans

Legal Funding for Sexual Abuse Victims

When you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse, it can seem like the weight of the world has come crashing down on your shoulders.

From personal injuries to medical bills to missed work, you’re now facing one of the most difficult situations you’ve ever experienced.

If you pursue a civil case against your abuser and want to find out how sexual abuse lawsuit loans can help;

We are a pre-settlement loan provider that can help you with the financials option and how it can be applied in your situation.

sexual abuse lawsuit loans

How Does Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Loan Works?

The basic idea behind lawsuit funding is that a lender provides a plaintiff with cash in exchange for a percentage of any future settlement or judgment (you don’t pay back what you borrow unless and until you receive compensation).

It sounds great, but there are some caveats.

For one thing, in most states, plaintiffs must have experienced an injury—they can’t simply file suit to get into court.

Plus, most types of funding carry hefty interest rates—between 18 and 25 percent.

On top of that, many lenders require borrowers to put up collateral, such as real estate or stocks.

Sexual abuse victims who don’t have collateral at their disposal may still secure litigation funding through sexual abuse legal funding programs.

But not with ECO presettlement; our process and policy are more customer-friendly.

We offer loans based on the case strength.

Basics of Lawsuits Loans For Sexual Abuse Victims

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil suit brought by one party against another, alleging that one or more persons caused harm to that individual or their property.

Sexual abuse settlement loans are designed to help sexual abuse victims with financial aid after such a traumatic event.

The types of cases that typically qualify for sexual abuse lawsuit loans include those where there have been

  • allegations of rape,
  • assault,
  • molestation and
  • domestic violence.

How much will I get from sexual abuse loans?

The best thing about lawsuit funding is that you don’t have to wait until your sexual abuse lawsuit settles to get access to your money.

Most victims can get funded within 24 hours after filing their case.

Sexual abuse legal funding will help you put a safe financial cushion between you and your abuser.

It’s another way we take away some of that power abusers are trying to exert over us with their actions.

Sexual abuse lawsuit loans also help us avoid predatory lenders who prey on victims and use scare tactics, high-interest rates, or impossible-to-pay back monthly payments to keep them in a cycle of debt.

The amount of loan depends on the probability of winning and the strength of your claim.

We can offer a loan amount of $500 to $50000 to the sexual abuse victims for their ongoing settlement.

What happens if I lose my sexual abuse case?

When victims of sexual abuse suffer financial damages and have a case against their abuser, they may wonder what will happen if they lose their case.

Banks won’t care whether or not you win or lose your case; they’ll expect you to repay them regardless of your outcome.

But with our lawsuit loans, you can rest assured if you win, then only you have to pay.

Sexual abuse legal funding is unique in that it’s made available after a sexual abuse victim has suffered damages but before any lawsuit has been filed.

So, even if you decide not to file a suit against your abuser, legal funding can still help you recover from sexual abuse at no additional cost to you!

What Do I Need To Qualify?

Just like there are different types of loans and credit cards, legal funding companies also have specific criteria for sexual abuse lawsuit loans.

There is a huge difference between sexual abuse settlement loans and sexual abuse lawsuit loans, so let’s clear that up before going on.

Sexual abuse settlement loans are when you borrow money now to receive an agreed-upon amount later on.

Sexual abuse lawsuit loans are for cases that have already been settled and paid out; therefore, these funds come directly from your case.

What Types Of Cases Are Eligible?

What is the statute of limitation for sexual abuse lawsuit?

In most states, sexual abuse victims have until their twenty-first birthday to file a civil lawsuit.

After they turn twenty-one, their time is up, and they no longer have a case against their attacker(s).

Because of these strict time limitations, victims must take legal action as soon as possible after being attacked or molested.

A victim can sue for damages to cover physical injuries, psychological trauma, and lost wages.

Sexual abuse settlement loans can help cover some of these expenses until your court date arrives.

As soon as you realize that you need money to pay legal bills, file an official police report, see a doctor about any physical injuries, and discuss your situation with experienced personal injury attorneys.

Who Is Eligible For Sexual abuse lawsuit Loan?

Any victim who has been sexually abused wrongfully and negligently can apply for a sexual abuse settlement loan.

To qualify, there are a few qualifications you must meet:

  • you must have medical records that show the physical and mental effects of your abuse,
  • proof that legal action is currently underway,
  • your current financial situation and
  • proof of good character.

You will be asked to provide documents as well as submit a criminal background check.

Make sure that all forms are completed correctly before you begin working with any legal funding company.

Many people who want to sue do not realize how long it can take or just how much money they need to get started on their case.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Money?

Personal injury lawsuit loans typically take around two days to finalize.

However, you can take steps that will help speed up your lawsuit funding approval.

When you submit a funding request, your potential lender will look at four main factors:

  • proof of income,
  • credit score,
  • legal history and
  • collateral.

Each area is equally important because it shows how well-qualified you are for a lawsuit loan.

If you have poor credit or no proof of income, it could negatively impact your ability to obtain a cash advance immediately because lenders want to be sure their money is safe if things don’t go as planned with your case.

Unfortunately, applying with little or no information can cause your loan request to be put on hold until more information is provided.

Are you worried about poor credit scores?

We may ask for a credit score, but it is the least to determine the eligibility for your cash advance.

Since we offer loans based on the strength of the case, you can relax!

Get the money now for your sexual abuse claim.

People who have been sexually abused deserve to be compensated, and the people who abuse them should pay up!

Most people don’t have access to legal funding when they need it, so let’s help change that by learning more about sexual abuse lawsuit loans and how they can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Legal funding comes in many forms, so make sure you know what to look for and how to apply if you think this type of financial assistance could help with your situation.

A sexual abuse lawsuit can seem like the last thing you’d ever want to go through, and while there are plenty of emotional hurdles, it also has financial aspects that need to be taken care of.

If you have been sexually abused and are planning on filing a lawsuit, one way to deal with the financial aspects of litigation is to apply for legal funding.

Call us at (800) 961 8924 to know how we can help you go through your lawsuit without worrying about your finances so much.

How Much You Need?