Same Day Pre-settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance that our company provides to people with personal injury claims. Those who are part of personal injury lawsuits have to wait for long years for a final settlement.

Injuries can lead to loss of work and eventually leads to no income, but with pre-settlement loans, victims can easily get the grants to pay the bills and use the funds as needed.

If you or your loved one suffers injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you have an ongoing trial against the offender, and need urgent money to pay for an attorney and other legal expenses; ECO pre-settlement funding is here to help.

How does Pre-settlement Funding Works?

Pre-settlement funding is a lawsuit cash advance that recently became a popular choice of plaintiffs involved in personal injury cases because of its non-recourse features. Generally, most people spend months without a clear indication of when the case will get over and a settlement or award finalized. One can become financially strapped during the period because of the increased number of bills and mortgages.

But with the lowest cost pre-settlement loans, plaintiffs get the money in advance against their future settlement. You can use the money right away to settle your bills and repay the amount after winning the personal injury settlement.

The Process:
When you sign up with our lawsuit loan company, we lend you money now, and you will repay with your future settlement. Unlike a traditional loan, if the plaintiff loses their case, they do not need to pay anything back. Making non-recourse features an attractive option for people involved in pending lawsuits but don’t have enough money to live on and need cash now.

Get Pre-settlement Loans in 3 Easy Steps.


Apply For Funding

Those with ongoing litigation against personal injury claims can easily apply for urgent money needed to pay the legal expenses. Just fill in all the information asked in our contact form.


We Review Application

After getting basic case details, we will connect with your attorney to understand the case’s merit. Our executive will keep you informed about the status of your cash advance application.


Get Settlement Loan

Once our legal experts clear your application for lawsuit loans, based on the strength of your case, we will provide upfront money as guaranteed with no obligation on how you use the money.

Our pre-settlement funding rates

It is important to note that our company generally charge a non-refundable fee from 10% to 25%. The amount borrowed is usually the total of the settlement minus this fee.

We provide lowest cost pre-settlement funding, but it not available in all states, so firstly you check the states we fund while applying for lawsuit loans.

For more information about legal funding, contact us today! We can help answer any questions you have regarding lawsuit loans. If you are interested in finding out how we can help you with a lawsuit cash advance, call us today.

Good Reviews

Our presettlement funding company reviews are best among other firms; we help the plaintiff when no other financial institutions are.

Happy Clients

Our business motto is to support people when they need it. We make people happy with quick money for urgent use.


Loan Given

With our numerous city presences, we have offered considerable sums to many litigants so that they get a fair trial and appropriate settlement.


Acceptance Rate

We at ECO have the maximum acceptance rate for legal funding. You got a winnable case; we got the money ready for you.

Lawsuit Funding Can Help You

An ongoing trial can trouble your life, both mentally and financially. And the worst is when you are still recovering from trauma and surgeries caused due to car accident, harassment, or any other personal injury. With presettlement loans you tackle the financial strain on your life. Use it to pay utility bills, medical fees, and other legal expenses. Moreover, we also help lawyers and law firms by offering them low-interest-rate attorney funding for various types of pending trials.

Get Cash Without Delay

In most cases, the process from applying for cash advances for ongoing lawsuits takes minute. And further in couple of days pre-settlement financing company can provide the cash in less that 24 hours for funds up to $50,000 or less.

Pay Your Legal Fees

Some lawsuits are complex enough that you may need to hire an attorney. Other times, it will be in your best interest to settle the case yourself. If so, you can use the funds from your lawsuit to pay for legal expenses, and you’ll still have leftover cash.

Settle Your Case Faster

You’ll be able to settle your case faster if you have cash on hand because it can reduce negotiations time with opposing counsel. Also, if the defendant is aware that you have money, they may be more willing to settle for a higher amount.

Cases We Fund

To qualify for lawsuit financing, you need to have an ongoing claim & an attorney representing your case. There are several types of lawsuits on which you can get cash advances. We can help you with multiple types of lawsuit. Check the most common cases we fund.

Car Accident Loans

Getting injured in car accidents can lead to traumatic injuries and wage loss. Our funds can be life savours during tough times.

Medical Malpractices

We fund your case if you have suffered severe injuries due to wrong diagnosis, no diagnosis, or negligence of the surgeon.

Product Liability Claims

Are you having an ongoing trial against big brands and manufacturers for faulty products? Apply for quick legal funding.

Employment Law Cases

Have you lost your job because of bad practices at the office? Get cash advances and get yourself fair settlement.

Commercial Litigation

Businesses and other private entities also need money for the trials. Take pre-settlement loans for your existing cases.

Construction Accident

We fund all kinds of construction accidents where the plaintiff suffered life-threatening injuries, leading to wage loss.


“Pre-settlement Fundings helped us when we needed the cash most. After a serious injury to my leg, I have to go through a major surgery which required a lot of cash. My savings are not enough to cope with this, so I take a lawsuit loan against my ongoing car accident case. ECO offered me the sum really fast.”

James Davis

“Thank you for providing the lowest cost pre-settlement legal funding for my case. It means a lot; we were in urgent need of money to pay the mortgage of my house. Due to serious injury caused by a faulty product forced me to leave a job. But your finance supports me during settlement.”

Cindy Brown

Risk-Free Legal Funding For Injury Victims

Are you in a lawsuit? You have a lawyer, but you can’t pay the legal costs and bills because the settlement hasn’t come through yet?

We can provide an immediate cash advance of up to 100% of your expected future jury or arbitration award. It is for the plaintiffs who cannot work due to the nature of their injury or illness.

For decades, we are providing the lowest cost pre-settlement loans and helping plaintiffs get fair trial without worrying about cash scarcity during the settlement phase.

We’ll give you the money if we find merit in your claim while you’re still in the midst of your lawsuit; and pay us back a part of the settlement funds if you win.

Is Pre-settlement funding the right choice?

It is the best option for plaintiffs who are in a lengthy trial process and need urgent money. But not every situation is the same, therefore to know if it’s the right option, talk to your attorney.

How to spend my pre-settlement funding?

Mostly, plaintiffs take lawsuit funding during their injury trial and use it for legal fees. Attorney fees and other legal expenses are just one aspect of using a pre-settlement loan. You can use it for different financial needs as well. Because ECO never put financial obligations on clients about their spending of pre-settlement cash advance. You are free to use it for expenses such as

  • Paying Utilities
  • Paying Rent Or Mortgage
  • Repayments toward existing loans
  • Purchasing a car or paying for insurance
  • Child care fees or other family expenses

Because of an injury and ongoing trial, your regular expenses can increase. For people injured or who suffered a wage loss, paying the bills can be daunting. But with legal funding, you can make your life easy by getting the money without the worry of paying it back. Because you are taking money in exchange for your future settlement, and if you lose, you have no onus to repay.

How quickly can I get funding?

We understand the urgency of the plaintiff for cash during the ongoing trial process. It’s not easy to pay rent and other bills in the recovery phase because of injuries. Therefore, we consult with multiple brokers simultaneously and get you same day pre-settlement funding.

But to quickly process the lawsuit funding application, our executives will require complete information regarding the case. We will discuss all the possibilities with your attorney. Depending on the attorney’s response, the review process can take up to 48 hours.

We will approach you as soon as we get the quote. Once you accept the terms of funding and your attorney takes to cooperate, we can get you financing in less than 24 hours. However, we do not restrict ourselves to a specific time because plaintiffs’ situations can vary from one another.