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Pre Settlement Funding

If you are in need of funds fast from a settlement that has not started paying, then look no further than  With us, you know you are being provided with the highest quality services to ease the stress of your settlement process.  We know getting the funds you need can be difficult and time consuming—not with us.  We greatly help in your traumatic times of need.  Our pre settlement funding gets you cash quickly to help with bills and expenses.  We offer loans as low as $500 and upwards of $500,000 depending on the size of your claim, so you know whatever funding you need, you can easily get it with us.

Why Us

Our lawsuit loans have very competitive interest rates, making it even easier to pay back funds in low installments.  Ease the burden of your expenses with our fantastic settlement funding services.Application is a breeze—simply fill out a simple form for a quick turnaround decision, usually within a few days.  Our lawsuit funding checks can reach your hands in as little as a week.  With a fast decision time and a very short delivery time, PreSettlement Funding is the premier settlement funding company in the market. Settlements can take a very long time to pay out, and often times you can be stretched for cash waiting for the settlement payments.  Why should you have to?  You can get the cash you deserve with PreSettlement Funding.  We don’t require a guarantee of recovering money from your case.  With us, settlement funding is an extremely simple process. Pre settlement funding is one of two lawsuit settlement funding instructions, in which a person who and still have filled out a payment case will get money by way of a non-recourse advance from your pre settlement funding business on the basis of his or her possible case. Whether or not the settlement or verdict amount is lesser as compared to expected, the amount of money to be repaid never exceeds the total amount of the top of the injured person’s share of the verdict.  Pre settlement funding involves financing of on-going a lawsuit, instead of buying attorney’s fees after beginning settlement. The risk is far higher in pre settlement funding than post settlement funding and thus pre settlement firms expect a greater return.

Lawsuit Funding in four easy steps

  • Complete an Online Application or call
  • Our toll free number (800)-961-8924
  • We Contact Your Attorney
  • Case is Reviewed
  • You receive $$$

Settlement Funding

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The term Loan(s) when used to describe , Pre-Settlement Funding and Lawsuit Funding by this website , or any of its agents/ representatives/ ownership/directories/investors and so forth is not an accurate legal or financial definition of the transaction .
It is NOT A LOAN. The transaction is a non -recourse purchase of a portion of the proceeds of a potential future cash award or settlement.
Please note that Pre-Settlement litigation financing advances are not traditional loans . Pre-Settlement Funding advances fall in category of funding known as “NON- Recourse Funding .”
Repayment of Pre- Settlement litigation financing advances is contingent on winning or settling the lawsuit.