Pre-Settlement Funding

Need money to settle bills after an accident?

We provide quick and easy pre-settlement loans that can help you settle pending bills. Whether it’s a medical bill or a cost related to a pending lawsuit, you can use our cash advance to just pay for anything.

We Can Provide Funds Up To $500,000 Based On Case Strengths

During ongoing litigation, one can face a financial burden because of bills if they don’t have a lot in savings. People spend months without knowing when the case will get over and when they will get the settlement.

But with the lowest cost pre-settlement funding, you can get the money in advance in exchange for future settlement.

We can offer you a lump sum amount of anywhere between $500 to $500,000 based on metrics like case strength, expected time of settlement, and final rewards expected from the lawsuit.

Use the money now and pay once you win the case

pre-settlement funding

Cases We Fund

Car Accident Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Medical Negligence Case

Faulty Drug Case

Slip And Fall Case

Civil Rights Lawsuit

Only Risk-Free Option To Get Money For Your Lawsuit

Our company can provide you with pre-settlement lawsuit funding only after analyzing your case. Based on its strengths and merits, we offer the cash advance, which is non-recourse, making it the safest method to get money against your lawsuit. Since we are taking your pending lawsuit into consideration for an exchange of money, if you lose the case, you will owe us nothing. Some major benefits of working with our company are:

  • Get money quickly and easily
  • Your past credit score will not affect your current rate of interest
  • No hassle for you as we will reach your attorney for case details
  • You pay only if you win the case.

Quick Funding Process

Our company usually takes 24-48 hours to approve a case for funding. However, depending on attorney’s and applicant’s responses, approval time can vary from case to case.

Easiest Way To Get Cash

We have a very simple application process. With no unnecessary paperwork and credit checks, we make things easy for you. You only need to provide a few details.

No Risk Funding

We have a non-recourse funding policy, which makes our cash advance the only risk-free option. You pay only if you win the case, and if you lose, you owe us nothing.

Lowest Interest Rate

We offer low-cost cash advances for lawsuit, the rate depends on the merit of the case and varies by lawsuit type and state. To know the exact rate apply online.

Fight From A Place Of Strength To Reject Lowball Offer

If you are in a personal injury lawsuit, the defense will use all its tactics to delay the settlement so that you can no longer afford the legal expenses. They will even try to settle the case by giving lowball offers “very low from the deserved compensation”. But now with the use of pre-settlement funding services you can secure yourself financially and further maximize the settlement opportunities from your lawsuit.

Follow Simple Steps

You Apply With Us

Fill online form and provide us details of the lawsuit, attorney representing you, and the amount required.

We Review Your Case

Our team will reach out to your attorney to understand the merits of case, based on the review we will offer a lumpsum.

Get Your Money Quickly

We provide you with terms of funding; once you and your attorney agree, we will transfer the funds after you sign the contract.

Pre-settlement Funding FAQs

What is Pre-settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding is a financial solution created only for people with a pending lawsuit. Here the lender will provide the plaintiff a lump sum in exchange for their future settlement award.

Are they similar to a loan?

No, a pre-settlement cash advance is not anything like a traditional loan, where the lender will ask for collateral. 

What happens if I lose the case?

Since pre-settlement loans are non-recourse funding, you don’t have to pay anything if you lose the case.

What will be the interest rate?

The interest rate on pre-settlement advances depends on a few factors:

  • Strength of case
  • Injuries severity and effects
  • Amount required
  • Medical expenses
  • Expected time of settlement
  • Expected value of settlement

About ECO Pre-Settlement 

We are a decade-old company that is helping plaintiffs with their litigation expenses, we provide a pre-settlement loan that can help people with a pending lawsuit to tackle medical and legal fees. Our cash advance is risk-free and easy to get, anyone with a personal injury, car accident, or commercial litigation is allowed to apply for pre-settlement funding. Based on the case strength, its merits, and expected settlement time, we offer a lump sum which you can use to pay for many things such as

  • Utility bill payments
  • Use it for home rent
  • Paying EMI of existing loans.
  • Getting your car fixed
  • Childcare fees or other family expenses
  • Taking expert advice
  • Strengthening your lawsuit, or
  • Even for urgent surgeries.

Because of an ongoing trial and wage loss, your regular expenses may increase, which makes it tough for you to survive. But now with ECO services, you can make your life easy by getting the cash advance you need.