Quick Pre settlement Funding

If you are in need of urgent cash advances to pay off the legal and medical bill prior to settlement. Then we can provide quick funding services to ease the stress of your settlement process. We know getting pre-settlement funds can be difficult and time-consuming, therefore we offer easy pre-settlement funding to help with bills and expenses. We offer loans as low as $500 and upwards of $500,000 depending on the strength of your litigation.

Presettlement funding

Customized Lawsuit Loans & Funding

Our lawsuit loans have very competitive interest rates, making it even easier to pay back funds in low installments. Ease the burden of your expenses with our fantastic settlement funding services. Our loan application is a breeze—simply fill out the form, and our executives will connect with you. After approval of funding our checks can reach your hands in as little as a week. With a fast decision time and a very short delivery time, make us a premier settlement funding company in the market.


Apply For Funding

Plaintiff having an ongoing lawsuit against personal injury claims can easily apply for urgent money needed for funding the legal expenses. All you need is to fill our contact form.


We Review Application

After we receive your contact details, an executive will be assigned to you, who will collect all the relevant information from you as well as your attorney regarding the ongoing claim.


Get Lawsuit Funding

Further reviewing your application for pre-settlement loan, a team of lawyer will understand the case strength. Based on the merit of your case we can offer requested amount in 24 hours.

No Risk Funding

PAY Only If You WIN The Settlement

ECO only provides risk-free presettlement loan which is given against your claim. Because of its non-recourse feature, plaintiff only needs to repay a certain portion of the settlement, if they win.

Good Reviews

ECO Pre-settlement loan company is one of the trusted name in industry of lawsuit financing with good reviews from many plaintiffs.

Happy Clients

Our business motto is to support people when they need. We make plaintiff happy with urgent money for the use.

Loan Given

With our numerous city presences, we have offered huge sums to many plaintiffs so that they get a fair trial and settlement.


Acceptance Rate

Our lawsuit funding company accept all those cash advance application which are genuine and have merit in claim.

How We Help Many Plaintiffs?

Being a part of ongoing trial, takes a toll on person’s life. Mostly when they are seriously injured because of someone else negligence. We help plaintiff by providing them urgent cash that they can use for paying up medical bills. And use for attorney fees and make their claim settlement more strong and get higher compensation amount.

Personal Injury Claims

Not everyone can wait till their personal injury case settle. Therefore we help you with easy cash advances for piling bills.

Car Accident Funding

Getting injured in car accident can lead to traumatic injuries and loss of wage. Our funds can be life savour during tough times.

Medical Malpractices

We fund your case, if you have suffered serious injuries due to wrong diagnosis, no diagnosis, or negligence of surgeon.

Product Liability Claims 

Having an on-going trial against big brands and manufacturers for faulty products? Apply with us for quick legal funding.

Employment Law Cases

Lost your job because of bad practices at office? Get cash advances and get yourself fair settlement for Employment claims.

Commercial Litigation

Lawyers and law firms also need money to keep the trials on-going take. Take pre-settlement loans from us for existing cases.

Construction Accident 

We fund all kind of construction accident where the plaintiff suffered life threatening injuries leading to loss of wage.

"ECO Pre-settlement Funding helped us when we needed the cash most. After a serious injury to my leg, I have to go through a major surgery which required a lot of cash. My savings are not enough to cope this, so I take lawsuit loan against my ongoing car accident case. They offered me the sum really fast."

James Davis

Pre Settlement Loans Know How

How Pre-Settlement Funding Works?

You’re in a lawsuit? Do you have a lawyer? But you can’t pay your court costs and bills because the settlement hasn’t come through yet?

You don’t have to worry, though. Lawsuit funding is an immediate cash advance of up to 100% of your expected future jury award or arbitration award. It’s designed for plaintiffs who are unable to work due to the nature of their injury or illness. The money you receive from ECO Pre-settlement isn’t really a loan at all. We’ll give you the money if we find merit in your claim — while you’re still in the midst of your lawsuit — and pay us back a part of settlement funds if you win.


Financial Resources and News

We not only fund cases, but we also help people understand their claims. Read the best available information & news on pre-settlement loans.

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