Pre Settlement Funding For Ongoing Lawsuit

Do you need cash advance for lawsuit?

Pre-settlement funding offers you a risk-free cash advance, which you can use prior to settlement and repay after winning the settlement. Personal injury lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming at the same time, and if you have a case of an accident where you have lost wages and income, you have to completely rely on the compensation you get. But since the lengthy process of a lawsuit can not only make you wait for a year, it will also force you to exhaust all your savings. But now, with the pre-settlement loan solution from ECO, you have the chance to get money in exchange for surrendering a portion of your future settlement.

Receive Up to $500,000 From ECO Pre-Settlement Funding

Our pre-settlement financing company, “ECO,” has been in the legal funding industry for more than 10 years. We have decades of experience helping tens and thousands of plaintiffs with quick and easy cash advances. From us, you can get up to $500,000 in pre-settlement loans if your case qualifies for them. Further to qualify for a lawsuit loan you have to fulfill some basic criteria like:

  • You suffered injuries because of someone else negligence,
  • You have an ongoing court case through which you are asking for compensation
  • An attorney who is representing you in court agrees for contingency fee

Furthermore, the case strength will play a key role in determining if you will be eligible for pre-settlement lawsuit funding or not. Generally, we fund cases that have a high probability of getting a fair trial and settlement. In case you are not sure if you will qualify, you can contact our executives at the toll-free number +1 800 961 8924 or apply with us online.

Cases We Fund

Car Accident Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Medical Negligence Case

Faulty Drug Case

Slip And Fall Case

Civil Rights Lawsuit

Pre-Settlement Funding Is The Only Risk-Free Method To Get Funds For Lawsuit

While you are in a lawsuit, you have to bear the cost of an attorney, legal bills, and personal expenses. It all becomes very tough if you have no money in savings or you lose your job because of a personal injury. Generally, people who are in a pending lawsuit try to get a cash advance from a bank, friends, or credit lending companies. But all these are very hard to get since none of them will give you money if you have lost your job or have nothing in collateral.

Only ECO pre-settlement funding can offer you a cash advance for your lawsuit, and that too without any risk. Since our pre-settlement is non-recourse, applicants who are taking cash from us only need to pay if they win the case, and if they lose, they will owe us nothing. This is completely true and not some marketing gimmick; since we are funding your case based on its merit, your lawsuit will act as collateral. Therefore, if you lose, you are under no obligation to repay. “RISK FREE WAY TO COVER THE EXPENSES DURING A PENDING LAWSUIT”

Why is pre-settlement funding a better choice?

If you have a pending case in which you are asking for compensation from the other party at fault for the personal injury, then we can help. We can give you a cash advance, which you can use to pay for the legal expenses and reject any lowball offers you are getting. Check some of the advantages of pre-settlement legal funding

Easy To Get Cash For Lawsuit

If you are a plaintiff with an ongoing lawsuit and need money for your case, then ECO pre-settlement is the easiest place from which you can get cash. Since our company has a reputation for processing applications without any hassle, To apply, all you need to do is fill out an online form, after which our team will take care of the application and review the case. Based on its merit, we fund it, and that’s all it takes for you to get the cash advance for your lawsuit.

No Risk Because It Is Not A Loan

Pre settlement funding is not a loan; it is a cash advance solution meant only for people with a pending personal injury lawsuit. It has no characteristics similar to a bank loan. In a bank loan, you have to submit physical collateral or share proof of income, but with a pre-settlement lawsuit loan, there is no requirement for credit checks. Even if you have poor credit history, have suffered injuries, and are currently involved in a pending lawsuit, you can get a cash advance.

No Need To Settle For Less

Generally, in a personal injury lawsuit, the offending party tries delaying tactics so that the victims run out of personal savings and become complacent enough to accept the low-ball offers. Many times, we have seen that when there are cases involving big names or organizations, it becomes tough for the victims to pay for the court proceedings and manage their lives at the same time. But with pre-settlement litigation financing, you will get the advance before you reach the settlement; therefore, you will have enough money in hand to keep the proceedings at length and wait till you receive a fair offer from the court. This helps you reject any lowball settlement offer you are getting.

ECO Pre-Settlement Funding For Accident Victims

ECO is a pre-settlement funding company with headquarters in Florida and New Jersey, but we serve clients all around the United States. We provide quick and easy cash advances to victims of car accidents, personal injuries, workplace-related injuries, medical malpractice, and many more. We fund multiple types of cases in many states and cities that allow settlement funding. People can apply with us if they have a genuine case and an attorney working on it. If you have a case that is capable of getting a fair settlement after the final trial, we can be the best available option to get cash prior to settlement.

Our Pre-Settlement Financing Steps

You Apply With Us

To apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding, fill out an online application or call 800-961-8924. Share information related to the case, the attorney, and the amount required.

We Review Your Case

After we have your attorney’s details, we will connect with them to understand the case’s strengths, and based on its merit, we will finalize the amount we can provide to you.

Accept The Cash Advance

We will send the contract for pre-settlement funding with the terms of financing. After you and your attorney return us the signed copy, we will transfer the funds in 1-2 days.

Pre-settlement Funding FAQs

What is Pre-settlement Funding?

It is a solution that was created specifically for people who have a pending lawsuit and are in need of money to survive the case expenses and other personal bills. Since they are unable to make ends meet or have lost their job because of personal injury. Pre-settlement gives people the option to surrender a portion of their future award in exchange for receiving a lump sum instantly from the pre-settlement funding company.

Are they similar to a loan?

No pre-settlement legal funding is anywhere similar to a traditional loan. In the traditional method of getting a loan, you have to submit some form of collateral, which will be taken away if you are unable to repay the loan. But in pre-settlement, there is no need for physical collateral since money is paid on the merits of the case, and the sole risk of giving money is with the lender. If you lose the case, the pre-settlement funding company will lose the money they gave you as a loan, since you don’t have to repay if you lose the case.

How does pre-settlement lawsuit financing work?

Once you apply for a pre-settlement loan from our company, we will contact your attorney to understand how the case is, how much we can expect from the lawsuit, and what time frame is expected for its settlement. Based on the responses from the attorney and our internal legal experts, we will determine the amount we can provide. After this, we will send you and your attorney the contract of financing, and after receiving the signed copy, we will transfer the money the same day (1-2 business days).

How much will pre-settlement cost?

The interest rate on every pre-settlement varies from case to case and state to state. But we can highlight some of the key factors that can determine the cost and interest rate of pre-settlement funding. If you have a case that is strong and will settle in, let’s say, 2-3 months, the interest rates will probably be lower, but if the case is average and the expected time of settlement is a couple years, then the interest rate will definitely go up. But you don’t have to worry; since we offer low-cost pre-settlement legal funding, you can rest assured we will match industry standards while offering cash advances.

Can I get a second pre-settlement loan?

Yes, you can get a second pre-settlement loan if all the funds you received earlier are exhausted by the litigation expenses. Generally, we can offer multiple pre-settlements, but it is only possible if you have a very strong case and the lender sees potential in your lawsuit. Only then can you expect a cash advance.