Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Loans for Civil Rights Claims

If you or anyone who have filed a civil right lawsuit, but facing financial troubles because of the litigation costs, now have an option of taking civil rights lawsuit loans. Our company is a well-known name in the litigation financing industry. We provide pre-settlement loans on several kinds of lawsuits including civil rights claims.

Civil rights cases often take years to resolve, but our lawsuit loans put cash in your hands quickly so you can cover expenses while your case proceeds. At ECO Pre-Settlement Funding, we provide funding for a wide range of civil rights claims. Whether you have a pending case of racial discrimination, or you have been wrongfully terminated, we can fund your lawsuit if it is strong. Not only you get a cash advance for your civil rights lawsuit, but it will also be completely risk-free. Since our lawsuit loans are entirely non-recourse, meaning you owe nothing if your case is unsuccessful.

So if you are worried about the attorney costs or the loss of wage, or you need money for ends meet while you await settlement. Get the much-needed cash advance now by just filling out an online application.

Types of Civil Rights Claims We Fund

ECO Pre-Settlement Funding provides lawsuit loans for plaintiffs in many types of civil rights cases, including:

Discrimination Cases

Discrimination cases involving discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation often take years to settle. We understand the financial toll this can take. Our lawsuit loans allow victims of discrimination to pay their bills while seeking justice. We fund cases involving:

  • Workplace discrimination, such as failure to hire, wrongful termination, pay inequality, harassment, and discrimination in promotions or benefits.
  • Housing discrimination, including discriminatory rental policies, steering minorities to certain neighborhoods, and predatory lending targeting protected groups.
  • Discrimination in public facilities like hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues failing to serve people of certain races, religions, or sexual orientations.
  • Discrimination in education, such as admission quotas, enrollment caps, and scholarship policies disadvantaging minorities.

Excessive Force

Excessive force claims against police officers and law enforcement agencies can involve lengthy investigations and disputes over evidence. Our lawsuit loans allow victims of excessive force and police brutality to meet their basic needs while demanding accountability. We provide funding for cases involving:

  • Wrongful shootings, beatings, tasings, and killings by police officers.
  • Excessive use of restraints or vehicles as weapons against civilians.
  • Abuse of suspects in custody, including injuries and sexual assault.
  • Intimidation tactics like harassment, threats, destruction of property, and unwarranted stops and searches.

Wrongful Arrest

False arrest claims involve complex evidence and testimony that can prolong the legal process for years. ECO Pre-Settlement Funding allows victims of false arrest or false imprisonment to pay their bills while fighting for justice and freedom. We fund cases involving:

  • Arrests without probable cause or valid warrants.
  • Detaining suspects for prolonged periods without formal charges.
  • Coerced confessions leading to wrongful convictions.
  • Withholding exculpatory evidence that proves innocence.
  • Misidentifying suspects based on faulty eyewitness testimony or procedures.

Other Civil Rights Violations

In addition to discrimination, excessive force, and false arrest, we provide lawsuit loans for other violations of constitutional and civil rights. These include:

  • Freedom of speech and religion violations.
  • Unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • Denial of counsel and due process violations.
  • Cruel and unusual punishments in the justice system.
  • Right to privacy and liberty infringements.
  • Voting rights violations.

If your civil rights have been violated, ECO Pre-Settlement Funding can help stabilize your finances as you pursue justice. Our experienced team understands these cases take time and is here to help.

Benefits of Taking Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

A lawsuit loan offers several valuable benefits for plaintiffs in civil rights cases, including:

Meeting Essential Expenses

Civil rights lawsuits often drag on for years before reaching a settlement or judgment. During this challenging waiting period, it can be very difficult for plaintiffs to make ends meet and pay for basic necessities.

Our lawsuit loans provide fast access to funds that can be used to pay rent or mortgage, keep the lights on, put food on the table, retain transportation to work or meetings with attorneys, purchase medications and healthcare, and otherwise meet essential living expenses while your case proceeds.

No Risks If You Lose

ECO Pre-Settlement Funding offers lawsuit loans on a non-recourse basis. This means if your civil rights case ultimately loses in court or fails to reach a monetary settlement, you have absolutely no obligation to repay the lawsuit loan.

The funds from our lawsuit loans are essentially an advance on a portion of your expected settlement. But if no settlement materializes, you owe nothing further. We take on all the risk that your case may not succeed. This gives plaintiffs greater security in using lawsuit loans to meet their present needs.

Avoiding Predatory Lenders

Facing years without settlement income, some desperate plaintiffs turn to predatory lenders with exorbitant interest rates, eventually owing far more than they received. ECO Pre-Settlement Funding is committed to fair, ethical practices.

Our lawsuit loans never affect your settlement amounts. We work on a contingency basis, collecting repayment only from settlement proceeds, at reasonable rates clearly disclosed upfront. We will never pressure you into accepting a lower settlement to pay us back. Our goal is providing a reasonable short-term solution to enable you to hold out for the full settlement you deserve.

Supporting Your Case

Financial pressures often force plaintiffs to accept inadequate early settlements just to obtain needed cash quickly. Our lawsuit loans allow you to endure the legal process fully and maximize your rightful compensation. The funds help you stay the course until your attorney can advocate for the strongest possible settlement or court award. Put simply: our lawsuit loan can strengthen your case and your life simultaneously.

Eligibility and Approval Process Of Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

Suppose you need immediate financial assistance for a civil rights case but want to avoid risky options. In that case, the approval process for our lawsuit loans is designed for quick, convenient access to funds. Here is an overview of our eligibility and application process:

Case Eligibility

We offer lawsuit loans for a wide range of civil rights cases, but you must satisfy certain basic eligibility conditions, including:

  • Your case must be filed in court with an attorney representing you. We do not provide funding prior to official filing.
  • Your attorney must consent to the lawsuit loan and agree to our repayment terms from settlement proceeds.
  • You must have a strong likelihood of settlement or judgment, based on our assessment of case details.
  • We offer funding for individual or class action cases. Governmental or EEOC cases are ineligible.

Application Process

Our application process is designed to be simple, fast, and secure:

  • Apply conveniently online, providing basic contact information, case details, and the amount requested.
  • E-sign our agreement so we can access documents and communicate with your attorney.
  • We verify details with your attorney and use our own methods to analyze your case’s merits within 1 business day.
  • If approved, we will prepare your lawsuit loan agreement immediately for e-signature and wiring of funds.

Help for Your Civil Rights Case With A Pre-Settlement Loan

Fighting for your rights can be really tough, especially when you don’t have the money to take legal action. Class action lawsuits are a great way for a group of people to come together and sue a company. There’s strength in numbers! But those cases take time and money. Now with our civil rights pre-settlement loans, you can easily get the required funds to keep the lawsuit proceedings ongoing. Further, you don’t have to worry about the repayment, since our cash advance uses your potential lawsuit winnings as collateral. So you can get money now to pay for lawyers, court fees, and your living expenses while the case goes on. The best part? You only repay the loan if you get a settlement or win the case.

These loans aren’t for everyone. But if an injustice or discrimination has happened to you, a civil rights lawsuit loan could make seeking justice possible.  Our civil rights lawsuit loan takes the money stress out of fighting for your rights. You can focus on getting justice. If money’s holding you back from legal action, let ECO Pre-Settlement Funding help you. Apply online or call us to learn more about pre-settlement loans for your civil rights claim.

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