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Are you waiting for Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement?

Auto accident claims take ages to settle. But car accident loans can get you funds right now.

Due to an auto accident, a person can suddenly feel a lot of pressure to raise money. In several car accident cases, a person can lose their wage due to the inability to work after a car accident.

But the requirement of cash for their hospital bills, or to take care of mortgages need to be addressed. There can be unlimited reasons for which you need money right now.

If you are trying to get money via the courtroom process, then you may have to wait for months or even years to get a reward from a car accident settlement.

But with a car accident claim cash advance, you can get money right away. Our pre-settlement company can offer you $500-$500,000 in return for your future settlement reward.

No one likes to disturb their retirement funds or savings due to car accident ongoing lawsuits. Right! Therefore, get a car accident pre-settlement loan and control your finances by using future money.

Car Accident Lawsuit Loan Details To Know

There is no doubt that car accidents can be devastating and sometimes it can be fatal leading to loss of life.

Car accident not only results in physical injuries but also causes economic damages.

In the US, traffic accidents are one of the major reasons for serious injuries. The rate of filing car accident claims in court is at an all-time high. But the settlement process is very low leading to numerous pending cases in every court in every state.

Our interaction with several plaintiffs has made us realize that car accident claims can take a while to settle and to be blunt it can take more than a couple of months.

Meanwhile, many plaintiffs find that getting a road accident fund loan is a reasonable option when you know that your car accident claim will take time to settle. You may be wondering;

What is Car Accident Lawsuit Loan?

A car accident loan is a way to resolve the financial crisis raised due to the injuries caused. You can use the money to pay medical and legal bills. Use it as you need, with no obligation of repaying if you lose the case.

It is one of the most common forms of personal injury claim in America. Some of the car accident claims settle outside of the court between the two parties.

But many cases go through the courtroom process before getting settled.

The cases which land up in court usually take times to settle. Plaintiff may have to wait for a couple of months, even years to get the right compensation.

Do I need to apply for auto accident pre-settlement funding?

By this time, you may have understood that even a simple rear-end car accident claim can take years before reaching a judgment in court.

There are a few tactics that insurance companies are mostly doing in the case of personal injury claims such as auto accidents. Here are a few signs that your insurance adjuster is trying to delay, sometimes reduce and minimize the payout.

  • Is your insurance company showing inattention toward your case by delaying response?
  • Are insurance companies giving you low-ball offers?
  • Or do they try to prolong the payment for your damages?

Since insurance companies have the backing of significant financial resources, therefore, they try to leverage the person’s incapability to raise funds for a legal case. They force you to settle for a lower value or unfair quick settlement.

If you find yourself in the above-given conditions, then we at pre-settlement funding can help you with a low-interest cash advance. The money can be used to make your case strong and pay the legal fees.

Rather than spending your saving on the claim, you can use car accident lawsuit loans. Since the money is against your future claim settlement, you only pay when you win. You can read about these features ahead in the article.

What types of Auto Accidents do We Fund?

Not just car accidents, but there are multiple types of road accidents involving other types of vehicles. These accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere in the US.

Some of the most common automobile accidents for which you can get lawsuit funding are:


Similar to any other commercial vehicle, taxis and limousines usually have considerable coverage. May the limits vary from type of vehicle, but the coverage amount is often more than $100K. If you met an accident and have an ongoing lawsuit take taxi accident loans from ECO.


If you have an ongoing settlement against any public (self-insured) or commercial bus operator, we can provide bus accident loans.

Bus accidents in the US fall under liability and can be challenged by the injured. Therefore we provide the lowest rate of bus accident pre-settlement loans.


Most of the commercial vehicles in the US have around $100,000 and more liability coverage.

Eco is one of the few financing companies that can help you with lawsuit advances when any commercial vehicle is involved. We support you financially to fight for a fair settlement against auto insurance companies.


Whether you are equipped with bike safety gear, an accident can be turmoil. Bike accident injured mostly suffers lots of injuries, a broken bone, etc.

It’s more traumatic if there are none of your mistakes. Making it one of the high-value cases in which we have expertise.


Any road accident such as pedestrians hit by a car can make the person suffer through pain and cash shortage. ECO funding is here to help plaintiffs with a pedestrian accident pre-settlement loan. This type of funding can give you enough cash to survive when the claim is under court proceeding.


We fund claims for online Taxi Apps such as UBER and Lyft as they have $1 million coverage for bodily injury and other uninsured motorists (UIM) coverage. This coverage makes the plaintiff eligible for compensation regardless of who is responsible for an accident.

There are a few more auto accident types for which we can provide lawsuit loans.

  • Truck Accidents
  • Tractor Trailer Accident
  • Crash between bus & School Bus
  • Drunk Driving (Dram Shop Lawsuit)

Are you not able to see your lawsuit type listed here? Just fill the form at the end of the article; our executives will reach out to you. You can even call us at toll-free number +1 800.961.8924 to discuss your case.

How to apply for car accident lawsuit funding?

With more than 6 million car accidents every year, its common for people to file lawsuit against the offender. And with increasing number of auto collision, the demand for car accident lawsuit loans also increases. Therefore, we have to most transparent application process for auto accident loans. It’s easy, it’s safe, and most importantly we can give you funds in just 24 hours of loan approval.

To receive your car accident cash advance on the same day, you and your attorney need to work with us as a team.

The process we follow for providing lawsuit loans for people in car accident claims.

Firstly, apply for a lawsuit loan on your car accident.

After you understand the need for a car accident lawsuit loan, you can easily apply with ECO funding.

You can do it by giving the details asked in the contact form or calling our designated number to provide case details.

Next, we evaluate your car accident case.

Once you apply with us, our team will work with your attorney to evaluate the case strength.

Based on the merit of your ongoing car accident claim we offer you an appropriate loan figure.

The evaluation takes less than a day, as our legal experts are well versed in dealing with lawsuits related to car accidents.

Lastly, receive your lawsuit money for a car accident.

Later evaluation, if you are eligible for loans on car accident claims, we propose simple terms & conditions.

After you and your attorney agree to the term and sign the relevant document, we can transfer loan money for your car accident injury claim in less than 24 hours.

Is it possible to get a car accident loan in just 24 hours?

Yes is the answer, we can offer same-day/24-hour lawsuit loans to car accident claim plaintiffs.

Since we are not here to provide a sales pitch, we are here to help. The only key factor which decides the length of the process is the participation of the attorney.

If you have an active car accident case attorney who is willing to support you in getting the funds, you can get it by the next day. The role of attorney becomes crucial as car accident funding companies like us need to fetch case details from them.

After you give us basic case details and contact information of the attorney, our team starts their work right away. We call your attorney, email them, and get in touch with the law firm (if involved) using emails and phone calls to receive relevant case documents.

We discuss with them about the case, and as soon we get all the necessary data, we process your application. The approval phase takes only 24 hours for big loan amounts, if your requirement is less than $ 15,000 we can approve it in just a few hours.

To ease the process of funding furthermore, we always suggest our applicant keep the attorney in the loop. Let them know that you have applied for car accident loans from a pre-settlement funding company.

What are the benefits of settlement loans for car accidents?

The quickest method to raise money for bills

From the moment you have a car accident, your life can become hard. You may suffer life-threatening injuries, loss of limbs, or disability for your whole life.  Other than physical body injuries, there are economic damages too, which can take a toll on your life.

Loss of wage, increasing medical bills, and costly legal advice compels you to find quick funding. We understand your pain.

Therefore, we have a simple loan application process. You can even get a car accident loan on the same day as applying.

The easiest way to get a cash advance without a credit check

Bank mostly gives you loans based on your credit score. But lawsuit funding companies for a car accident claim never bother your bad credit score.

Since we are providing a loan for your future settlement, we consider your ongoing auto accident claim as collateral. Based on the expected future reward we provide your car accident lawsuit money.

And if you apply with a traditional bank for a loan, they will go through your past credit records which will take days. But with us, your lawsuit loan application can get approval in just hours.

Risk-Free money for your case settlement

We provide only non-recourse car accident pre-settlement loans which makes it the safest option available out there which needs no collateral.

Further, this kind of funding is only offered for a potential winnable case, therefore you pay only after winning the claim.

And if you lose the car accident settlement, we will not bother you for repayment. And you keep the money without any risk.

Why select ECO for auto accident lawsuit loans?

First of all our approach is non-invasive. We are genuinely helping people to overcome financial hardship caused by ongoing car accident settlements. Our car accident loans company only provide safe fund at a low-interest rate. Let’s at some more reasons for which people apply with us.

Instant Helping Team

You can get all your queries related to lawsuit loans resolved in minutes after discussion with our team.

Fastest Application Process

With our simple online form, you can apply for pre-settlement funding. In less than an hour, our team will be in contact with your attorney. And by tomorrow we can give you a cash advance.

Ratings That Matter

ECO Pre-settlement loans auto accident is a renowned name in the industry of legal funding. Our online rating and expertise in dealing with urgent money are unmatched.

Repay $0 if you lose

Not everyone can give you urgent money, neither the bank nor credit cards, without the collateral. We consider your lawsuit as collateral and offer a loan easily. You will be under no obligation to repay us if you lose the case.

Get A Pre-settlement Funding Quote

If you are already in a lawsuit, then we can offer you lawsuit funding without any hassle.

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Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans FAQs

What is Car Accident Lawsuit?

People who suffered an injury because of negligence by another car driver can demand compensation by filing a car accident lawsuit. Even you can file a car accident claim against an insurance company if they are not giving appropriate coverage.

How to apply for car accident loans?

When you choose to apply with for your ongoing lawsuit related to a car accident, it commonly takes a few minutes. All you need is to fill the “APPLY FORM”, mention all the relevant information like Plaintiff Name, Contact Information, Case Type, Lawyer Details, Case Descriptions, etc.

How to know whether I qualify for cash advances?

If you are a plaintiff in an auto accident claim, you qualify for applying for a loan.

What kind of cash can I get from Car Accident Funding?

We can give you a cash advance of $5000 to $500K. But there are a few criteria that we use to determine the amount of cash we can offer. Severities of the injury and case potential are some factors that will determine the amount. Those with critical fractures and loss of movement can get more cash advances rather than those having minor injuries.

What is the role of my attorney in this process?

Your attorney is going to be involved in the process of acquiring pre-settlement loans for your car accident. ECO Pre-settlement Funding will work with your attorney to understand the case and make sure that it qualifies for a pre-settlement loan. Your attorney will help you understand the terms of our deal. And if you qualify for the cash advance, you and your attorney will have to sign an agreement with us to avoid any unnecessary risk.

How long it will take to get the cash?

It completely depends on the response of the attorney, as soon as they provide us with case details and relevant documents, we can inform you in less than 24 hours whether you qualify for a loan or not. If you qualify and agree to the terms we can provide cash in less than 24 hours of approval.