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If you are an employee who suffered any kind of discrimination at your workplace, or you have been forced to leave the company. Then you can seek justice. Employees have their right and it needs to be addressed properly. There are laws in place to treat these unfair practices. But justice is costly. We at ECO pre-settlement funding, provide victims of discrimination with employment lawsuit loans so that they can get a fair trial; and regain their sense of dignity and compensation for the damages like emotional and traumas you have to go through because of discrimination at the workplace.

In the era where we are talking about equal pay and all life matters, it’s very disheartening to see people facing discrimination in the workplace because of their color, gender, or religion. Many times we see people getting denied a well-deserved promotion due to race or gender, or getting pushed out due to a hostile work environment, the consequences are brutal. You’re suddenly without a steady income, staring down bills, and left wondering how to put food on the table.

But now with the availability of employment lawsuit loans, you can fight back. Further, under The Civil Rights Act of 1964, you can take any legal action if you suffer discrimination in the workplace. And our cash advance will be the best to cover your financial costs of litigation. In exchange, you have to provide us with a certain portion of your future settlement award, only after you win the case.

employment discrimination lawsuit loans

Why Getting Employment Lawsuit Loans Is Important?

Losing your job can hit hard – like someone pulled the rug out from under you. Suddenly the bills are piling up, but your paychecks stopped coming in. It’s enough to skyrocket anyone’s stress levels. That’s where employment discrimination lawsuit loans can be a total lifesaver. These loans are made to support people financially while their case is in progress. They help bridge the gap until there’s a settlement. The beauty part? You only repay if you actually win.

With ECO’s pre-settlement funding, you’re not taking a big risk. You only pay back the loan if your case succeeds. If not, you’re off the hook – no crushing debt to worry about. And don’t think these loans go to just anyone. They target folks who truly need the cash and can manage repayment either way.

As you battle employment discrimination, let us be your trusty ally. If you win in court, you can cover the loan repayment and still have settlement money left over. And if you don’t win, at least you aren’t stuck with debt on top of it. Beyond employment discrimination, we also provide cash advances for:

These loans are for people who genuinely need the money now to pay for expenses related to employment lawsuits.

Who Can Get Employment Lawsuit Loans?

People who are in a pending court case, in which they are the victim of discrimination inside a workplace are eligible for employment pre-settlement loans.

Different forms of employment discrimination cases for which we offer cash advances are:

Age discrimination lawsuit

Treating employees differently or denying opportunities based on age, such as favoring younger workers over older ones. This can include forced retirement, denial of training, or making derogatory comments about age.

Disability discrimination lawsuit

Not providing reasonable accommodations, harassing, or denying employment to qualified individuals with disabilities. Examples include not making a workplace accessible, not allowing time off for treatment or disallowing service animals.

Racial discrimination lawsuit

Treating employees differently based on race when it comes to hiring, job assignments, promotions, or enrollment in training programs. This also includes harassment, derogatory comments, or denying opportunities because of race.

Religious discrimination lawsuit

Not reasonably accommodating religious practices of employees in areas such as flexible scheduling, dress code exceptions, or leave for religious observances. It also includes harassment or denying opportunities because of religion.

Sex discrimination lawsuit

Treating employees differently in any aspect of employment because of their biological sex, such as in hiring, promotions, job duties, or enrollment in training programs. This includes sexual harassment, pay discrimination and discriminatory policies.

Pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

Treating pregnant employees differently from non-pregnant employees. For example, not providing reasonable accommodations related to pregnancy, denying leave, or excluding pregnant workers from certain positions.

Sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit

Treating employees differently in any aspect of employment because of their sexual orientation, such as harassment, denying benefits to same-sex partners, or limiting opportunities.

Gender identity discrimination lawsuit

Not allowing transgender employees to dress according to their gender identity or denying them the use of facilities matching their identity. Also includes intentional misgendering or harassment.

Further, a few more things are required by you before you get eligible for a lawsuit loan against your employment case.

  • You must have an active case to get a lawsuit loan from us.
  • An attorney is representing you in court and works on a contingency fee basis.
  • Your attorney agrees to share your employment case details with our team for internal review
  • You and your attorney are on the same page to get a lawsuit loan to continue with the court proceedings.

Apply For Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Loans

If you are awaiting settlement of your discrimination case in which you were the victim of discrimination inside the workplace, and you need cash now for the expenses. You can get quick and easy employment lawsuit loans from us. We are a decade-old company helping plaintiffs of employment discrimination seek legal justice without the worry of finances.

If you want to get an employment lawsuit loan, fill out our contact form. Our team will get back to you ASAP with everything you need to know. Or call us anytime at 1-800-961-8924 if you want to chat right now. We are listening and ready to help you seek justice against the offenses you suffered at your office or workplace.

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