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Patent Litigation Funding: What You Need to Know

For many businesses, patent litigation can be an expensive process that requires funding to defend your patent rights or protect your intellectual property from infringement.

Luckily, patent litigation funding is an option that allows you to proceed with confidence; knowing that you will have the financial resources necessary to protect your interests.

Here’s what you need to know about patent infringement litigation funding.

Patent litigation funding basics

Patent litigation funding may be a viable option for those who want to pursue patent infringement cases but lack funds to do so.

IP infringement case financing, also known as patent infringement lawsuit loans, refers to lending against intellectual property (IP) assets or rights.

When a company seeks patent litigation funds; an investor will receive an interest in that company’s patents in exchange for providing financial support.

The benefits of patent & IP legal financing solutions are twofold.

For one, it allows inventors and other IP holders access to much-needed capital. Further, it enables them to focus on building their business instead of managing financial and operational details like accounting, billing, and collection procedures.

How do IP infringement litigation funding work?

If you want to patent your idea and believe it has a great chance of being brought to market. Still, you can’t afford patent litigation, finding a company that offers patent litigation funding may be a good solution.

Patent litigation funders are private investors who purchase equity in your case before going through all of its phases (including discovery and trial) in exchange for providing financial backing.

If your case does well, they get a return on their investment; they walk away with nothing if it doesn’t.

The downside is that these companies will likely only consider cases where success is highly probable. That certainty is an essential factor when it comes to protecting intellectual property. 

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The upside?

The benefits of patent litigation financing

Infringement litigation funds can help bring about better resolution.

Perhaps you have been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit and need help paying for your legal costs.

The best way to do that is through intellectual property financing. It helps bring about a better resolution when an individual or company needs money to fight back against a patent infringement lawsuit.

Our top patent litigation funding company can provide you with information and money to help you defend against a costly civil suit.

IP Case funding gives the claimants steady access to capital when they need it.

Patent litigation funding is a new alternative financing model that gives claimants access to steady capital.

Enabling them to prosecute complex and large patent cases without having to go broke or take on large amounts of debt.

It’s no secret that patent litigation is expensive; many millions of dollars are spent by both sides fighting over intellectual property rights.

Because most law firms don’t want clients with high-stakes claims but no money. They turn away potential clients with promising cases, resulting in long wait times for their claims to be heard in court.

IP case funding gives a proper resource to come out from those long waits and continue with your case any trouble.

IP case financing gives businesses retain capital for several everyday business needs and continue with the legal claims without trouble.

Patent litigation is complex and expensive; funding may be a good option for patent holders who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquid assets to pay for litigation costs.

Patent infringement lawsuit loan is another form of legal financing; it allows businesses to retain capital for ordinary business purposes while still pursuing solid legal claims.

When patent litigation involves high-stakes issues such as invalidity; it can take several years and millions of dollars before final resolution.

Patents often expire during these lengthy proceedings, primarily if held up in court.

To manage their risks during an expensive lawsuit, patent owners may work with a company that can provide loans or other types of financing on contingency.

During unpredictable patent litigation, a lawsuit loan can be a real savior.

patent infringement litigation funding is an effective tool for companies that are being sued for patent infringement, especially smaller companies that don’t have a strong legal team on hand.

Patent litigation funding works by paying a portion of any potential future damages or settlements directly to you.

You give up a portion of your ownership rights in your intellectual property in exchange. This way, if your business loses its case, you can still get some of your money back; if it wins (or settles), however, you keep more of what belongs to you.

In patent ligation case funding, the fund provider shares the risk & rewards too.

It’s no secret that patent litigation is an expensive undertaking.

Even with financing options available, filing a lawsuit is never cheap. But what if there was another way for you to fund your patent litigation?

If you’re one of the many small businesses that a large corporation has sued, or if you have reason to believe that you’ll be sued. You may be interested in patent infringement litigation funding.

This can offer an alternative to borrowing money from your bank & settling out of court, further keeping your finances separate from those of your investor (if applicable).

Risk factors involved in IP infringement cases

Patent infringement litigation funding faces several risk factors that must be considered when planning for a potential patent lawsuit.

First, there’s a considerable upfront cost associated with patent litigation.

An inventor needs between $30,000 and $100,000 to pursue a patent infringement case in federal court; similar costs apply in state courts.

It’s also possible for patent litigation cases to drag on for years before resolving—and that can put a strain on an entrepreneur’s budget.

Inventors or business owners must understand how funding works during any legal battle and what types of risks are involved with each method.

Is patent litigation funding suitable for you?

A patent litigation funding agreement can be a valuable asset no matter who you are.

Whether you’re an individual inventor with a single patent or an entity that owns thousands of patents and needs someone else to help them enforce their rights; litigation funding can help you achieve your goal.

In short, whether you’re an inventor looking for financial support in protecting your hard work or a corporation seeking help suing infringers; it makes sense to learn more about how litigation funding works and who offers it.

Patent litigation funding company will give you complete details so that when (not if) it comes time for your company or brand to sue infringers. You’ll have all of your questions answered before signing on with our company.

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