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We provide attorneys and law firms with quick and easy financing while they have pending settlements and need funds for operations. Mostly, a law firm’s or attorney’s primary source of income relies on the firm’s clients, and sometimes those clients can take longer than expected to pay their legal fees. But all this can leave a firm waiting longer than it needs to for cash flow, which can be detrimental to your firm’s success and even its future.

Attorney funding, also known as lawyer loans or litigation funding, can help you manage cash flow, improve profitability, and build your business even if you don’t feel like you have great credit.

With attorney financing, you can easily get the funds you need to pay for the operations and marketing of your law firm. Further, these finances can be used to make the case stronger by getting expert advice and consulting witnesses. These funds come with very little or no obligation. To get the money you need for your law firm, call us at (800) 961-8924.

Law firm financing at low cost

An attorney or law firm loan is a type of business financing that is available only to lawyers for their ongoing cases or portfolio of cases. Law firm financing comes with favorable interest rates, making it an attractive option when your cash flow needs a boost but your profit margins aren’t strong enough to get a normal cash advance.

attorney funding

Attorney financing are non-recourse

Since our pre-settlement funding company provides financing to attorneys and law firms based on the strength of their case portfolio, we give non-recourse funds, which means you only pay if you win the case.

Quickest method to get funds

Not every bank can offer loans to law firms and attorneys to expand their business, but in case you have cases that have high merits and chances of winning, you can get quick funds from our company.

Attorney funding to make the case strong

Winning cases and getting higher rewards for clients is the motto of every law firm and attorney, but lawsuits are expensive. Therefore, you may need extra funds to make your case stronger by taking expert advice. With attorney funding, you can easily have the extra funds you need.

Law firm funding makes things easy.

Some attorneys are confused about how law firm loans work and whether or not they’re suitable for their firm. Law firm loans can be used to keep your firm running while cases are being resolved. These funds allow you to cover staff salaries, office bills, and other expenses associated with keeping your practice up and running. At the same time, your cases wind their way through litigation or arbitration. Attorney funding is fast and easy because there is no complicated application process; most attorneys qualify with very little paperwork.

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