Pre-settlement Funding A Way Of Instant Cash Against Lawsuit

Are you someone who has an ongoing lawsuit?

Are you someone who is a victim of a personal injury?

Are you having trouble meeting your financial obligations?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes,” then you might want to find out what a settlement loan is.

This article will give you the best option to get cash instantly when it seems to be a dead-end for you in terms of acquiring cash.

The Strategy Used by Complainants

A settlement loan or settlement funding is the strategy that is used by the complainants to acquire the sum of money that they need while their lawsuit is still going on. We all know that for an individual to get the settlement money, they still need to go through all the hassles of filing a legal case, pursuing it, and, of course, winning it.

It might take many months, or worse, many years, to close the case. The period of time from waiting until the final verdict of the case might put the complainant in financial trouble. Fortunately, there is what we call “settlement funding” that gives the complainants the opportunity to receive cash advances for their future settlement money or funds to pursue their ongoing lawsuit.

A Non-Recourse Arrangement

Though it is called a settlement loan, it is not counted as a loan. It is not even within the scope of lending laws. The reason why it is not considered to be a loan is due to the fact that it comes as a non-recourse arrangement.

A non-recourse arrangement is a deal that does not require the plaintiff to pay the sum of money that they owe from the lawsuit loan company if ever they lose the lawsuit. However, if they win, then they are obliged to pay the lawsuit loan company a portion of what they will receive as settlement money. Always remember that the amount they owe from the lawsuit loan company is always lower to the amount of money that they will receive from the final settlement of the case.

Personal Injury: The Predominant Case for Which Lawsuit Loans Are Made

Cases that involve personal injuries are the most prevalent type of case for which lawsuit loans are designed. Some of the cases that are considered to be predominant for which a settlement loan is made are the following:

The cases stated above are just a few of the many for which a settlement loan is made. There are still many cases that can qualify as a lawsuit for lawsuit loans.

If you do not know whether a case qualifies for it or not, then it is best to contact our pre-settlement funding company to seek litigation funding advice and apply to get the lowest rate possible.


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