Pre-settlement Funding A Way Of Instant Cash Against Lawsuit

Let’s be honest – being part of a lawsuit sucks. From the legal jargon to the endless motions and filings, it’s enough to make your head spin. And if you’re the plaintiff – the little guy going up against a massive company or organization – it can feel like you’re all alone on a tiny raft in the middle of the ocean.

But what makes it even harder is trying to keep your financial life from falling apart while you wait for a settlement that could take months or years. The legal wheels turn notoriously slowly. Meanwhile, your bills aren’t patiently waiting around.

This is where pre-settlement funding comes in. Think of it like a life preserver to help keep plaintiffs afloat financially until they reach the resolution shore. With pre-settlement funding, plaintiffs can access cash advances before their case settles to pay the real-world costs that keep coming.

Now let’s dive into the nitty gritty of how pre-settlement funding works, its upside, potential risks, eligibility requirements, and everything else you need to know about this financial lifeline.

Benefits – Your Financial Life Raft

Pre-settlement cash advances throw plaintiffs a much-needed financial lifeline in the midst of turbulent legal waters. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

Keeping The Lights On

Trying to keep up with regular monthly expenses like rent, groceries, utility bills and car payments can feel impossible when your income has taken a hit or stopped entirely. The flexibility of pre-settlement funding lets plaintiffs pay their basic costs of living while focusing their energy on healing and getting justice.

Covering Medical Costs

In personal injury cases especially, massive medical bills can pile up fast. Whether it’s surgery, hospital bills, physical therapy or daily medications, health care costs add up quick. Even good insurance rarely covers everything. Pre-settlement cash can help plaintiffs get the treatment they desperately need without drowning in debt.

Paying Their Legal Eagle

Top-notch lawyers are expensive for a reason – their skills and experience are invaluable. But they don’t come cheap, and legal bills can quickly skyrocket out of control. Pre-settlement funding lets plaintiffs honor their fee agreements so they don’t lose attorneys due to non-payment.

Avoiding Financial Ruin

Between lost jobs, growing debt, bankruptcy fears and harassing collector calls, lawsuits can destroy plaintiffs financially. Pre-settlement advances are often the only thing keeping plaintiffs’ heads above water, helping them avoid utter financial devastation.

It’s Risk-Free

Plaintiffs don’t pay a cent back if they lose their case. So there’s no need to worry about crushing debt if things go south. Plaintiffs get to keep their heads above water, and the pre-settlement companies assume all monetary risk.

Potential Downsides – Know What You’re Getting Into

While pre-settlement funding has many upsides, it also comes with some risks and drawbacks to think through:

Smaller Final Settlement

The main catch is that plaintiffs will receive less from their final settlement after deducting the advanced amount plus fees and interest. For some plaintiffs, reduced compensation is worth it for immediate financial relief. Others may decide it eats up too much of their potential reward.

Risk of Low Settlements

If plaintiffs receive a settlement offer that’s very low compared to the pre-settlement amount, they may end up having to hand over their entire settlement just to repay the advance. It’s a good worst-case scenario backup, but bad news if plaintiffs expected more compensation.

Shady Lenders

Like any industry, the pre-settlement space has some shady actors who prey on vulnerable plaintiffs. Conducting due diligence on lenders is crucial to avoid getting gouged with astronomical fees and sky-high interest rates that defeat the purpose.

Impacts on Legal Strategy

There’s also a chance having a cash advance could push plaintiffs’ attorneys to settle faster for less just to quickly repay the pre-settlement loan, even if holding out could earn the plaintiff more. Most legal professionals put clients first, but the loan’s presence can insert some tough dynamics.

Applying – Who, How and What to Know

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and feel pre-settlement funding makes sense for your situation, here are some tips for eligibility and the application process:

Case Eligibility

Pre-settlement loans generally only apply to personal injury, workers compensation, malpractice, harassment, wrongful termination, and similar lawsuits where liability is clear. Lenders want to see strong evidence of fault and damages.

Plaintiff Eligibility

To qualify, plaintiffs typically must demonstrate financial hardship from loss of income, steep medical costs or other lawsuit-related struggles. Those with maxed out credit cards and pressing bills have the best chance of approval.


Many lenders allow online applications, while some require submissions through attorneys. After providing info on their situation and case status, applicants generally get a decision within days or weeks. Once approved, funds can be sent very quickly.

Conclusion – A Lifeline, but Not a Free Ride

When used strategically, pre-settlement funding can throw drowning plaintiffs a real financial lifeline while their case winds through the slow legal system. The cash helps plaintiffs stay afloat by covering costs of living, medical bills, legal fees and other critical expenses during the interim period.

That being said, pre-settlement loans aren’t a perfect solution. Plaintiffs should carefully assess their options, consult trusted advisors, research lenders, and read the fine print to make the best decision for their unique situation.

While risky, tapping pre-settlement resources can help diligent plaintiffs avoid complete financial devastation and come out on the other side ready to rebuild. If you are in a dire need for the cash right while you await settlement in any personal injury case, you can apply now for pre-settlement funding.

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