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Pre-settlement funding for plaintiff having ongoing Essure lawsuit

Claimants in the lawsuits against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals over their Essure birth control device have the option of applying for pre-settlement loans while they wait to be compensated.

These essure lawsuit loans are typically the best option for claimants who need money now. Because essure cases can take years before a settlement is reached.

Claimants can get cash to pay their bills or make up for lost wages during this time. The cash also allows them to fight the claim without having to worry about mounting debt.

What is an Essure Lawsuit?

Essure is a permanent birth control device that was implanted in thousands of women between 2002 and 2015. Bayer withdrew Essure sales earlier in 2018, but not before many women filed lawsuits. These lawsuits claim that the device caused pain, perforated organs, and other serious side effects. Most claimants say they were not adequately warned about these risks before seeking treatment.

Essure lawsuits claim Bayer had more than enough reason to know Essure was causing injuries and failed to warn patients and doctors properly. They also claim the company tried to cover up this information in what plaintiffs’ lawyers call “fraudulent secrecy orders”.

Many claimants are seeking compensation for pain and suffering, surgery to remove the device, and other medical expenses. Although some cases may result in large jury verdicts or multibillion-dollar settlements, it is common for Bayer to try to delay every step of the way to wear claimants down and reduce the value of claims. By applying for pre-settlement loans, claimants can get cash quickly while they wait to be compensated.

If you are facing massive medical bills related to an injury caused by Essure, talk to a lawyer familiar with these kinds of cases. If you are interested in pre-settlement loans, it is best to get advice from your attorney before moving forward with any application.

Why should you take essure lawsuit funding if you are a plaintiff?

Lawyers working on essure lawsuits will tell you that the process takes time and involves many ups and downs, but claimants can take comfort in knowing they have options for getting the money they need.

You may have to wait for years to receive compensation through a settlement. But a pre-settlement loan lets you get cash quickly, so you can pay your bills or make up for lost wages while still fighting the claim against Bayer.

Since essure lawsuits are in their early stages and will likely take years to resolve. So claimants are encouraged to take essure lawsuit loans if they need money now.

Pre-settlement financing companies typically require that you sign over your settlement check as collateral, but only take out a small portion of the expected award amount. This way, if it takes years for the case to resolve and there is not enough money in the final settlement to pay the full amount, you’re not left owing more than your original loan.

To learn more about how the process works for essure pre-settlement loans and whether it’s right for you. You can speak to an attorney familiar with Essure injury claims. Further, you can apply with the best pre settlement loan company by filling out the application below.

Faulty Essure Device Turned Out To Be Deadly

The Essure contraceptive device is produced by Bayer and has been used to prevent pregnancies since the early 2000s. The device consists of two flexible coils that are inserted into a woman’s fallopian tubes through her uterus. They spur the growth of scar tissue, thus creating a barrier against fertilization.

As a contraceptive device, Essure was found to have an eighteen times higher risk of resulting in emergency room visits or hospitalization. Many more serious complications resulted from the device’s use as well, including autoimmune reactions that led to chronic pain and required surgeries.

In recent months, there have been more than one thousand reports of patient injury involving Essure, including allergic reactions to nickel in the device. Thousands of women who believe they were injured by Essure have filed lawsuits against Bayer Pharmaceuticals, although lawyers for the company maintain that Essure is safe and that many of these injuries could not be attributed to the device because the patient had preexisting conditions.

Complications caused because of Faulty Essure Device

Although the product was marketed as safe for use in both women who had no children and those who already had several children, many women have reported experiencing serious complications shortly after having it implanted. Many of these problems were attributed to nickel allergies or autoimmune reactions caused by the device’s metal coils.

Some common complication includes:

  • sharp pelvic pain
  • fatigue
  • weight gain
  • hair loss
  • depression
  • hysterectomy
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • autoimmune disorders
  • additional surgery to remove the device

A study published in 2012 found that Essure was no more dangerous than birth control pills, but the number of emergency room visits due to complications; attributed to the device is almost eighteen times greater compared to those using other contraceptive methods or surgery.

Mass Tort Litigation Against Bayer (Manufacturer of Essure)

Thousands of women have come forward and filed lawsuits over injuries sustained as a result of the Essure contraceptive device. Lawsuits allege that Bayer failed to adequately warn patients about serious side effects including autoimmune reactions, perforation of the uterus, and other complications.”

Lawyers for women who have been injured by Essure maintain that the manufacturer should not have marketed a potentially dangerous device to women who had not already given birth, as many of the injuries associated with the device are caused by nickel allergies or autoimmune reactions.

Because there is no nickel in most contraceptive devices, doctors assume that Essure was safe for women with no medical history of nickel allergies; however, thousands of lawsuits have been filed alleging otherwise.

Bayer, the maker of Essure, continues to maintain that Essure is safe and has not issued any recalls or warnings for patients.


FDA Notices & Warns Female From Using Essure Medical Device

Essure a female sterilization device that was approved for use in the United States by the FDA in November 2002. The product’s manufacturer, Bayer AG, announced it will stop selling its Essure contraceptive implant in the United States at the end of 2018.

The company decided to pull the product off-market due to lower than expected sales. However, many doctors are unhappy about the company’s products quality.

Several women claim that they have suffered serious complications including pain, bleeding, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and depression because of the permanent birth control device. Afterward, FDA updated their safety warning regarding Essure following reports of deaths linked to the device.

After conducting a review of the data on Essure, the FDA concluded that menstrual irregularities and abdominal pain occurred in up to 40 percent of women who used the device. The side effects often lead to additional surgeries for patients.

Less than one year after Essure get approval from FDA; more than 700 adverse event reports were filed with the federal agency. In 2015, the FDA updated its safety warning on Essure after receiving nearly 4,000 reports of complications from device users.

In 2016, a study conducted by researchers at Boston University School of Public Health found that women who used Essure; were 30 percent more likely to have an adverse reaction compared with women who underwent tubal ligation.

Essure Lawsuit Loans Helping Plaintiff & Lawyer

In total, approximately 750,000 American women have been implanted with Essure.

Many law firms have filed individual and class action lawsuits on behalf of patients who had a bad reaction to the device. On July 26, 2017, three Philadelphia-area law firms announced that they were filing a lawsuit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals for injuries caused by Essure. The lawsuit claims that the device manufacturer failed to warn patients about the serious risks associated with using Essure.

Earlier this year, a woman filed a lawsuit against Bayer after suffering severe complications due to the implant. She had to go through three surgeries after the implantation of faulty Essure. She experienced side effects including abdominal pain, hair loss, and fatigue. The lawsuit further alleges that the device maker engaged in unfair and deceptive practices by failing to warn patients about the severe risks associated with using Essure.

Law firms across the country are filing lawsuits on behalf of women having injuries because of Essure implants.

Lawsuits are expensive and everyone needs money to keep them going and wait till final settlement.

Lawsuit loans for essure claims help plaintiffs as well as lawyers to have some cash. The funds help them make a strong case against big companies like Bayer. And further, make them get the expected reward rather than falling for low ball offers.

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