Talcum Powder Lawsuit Loans

Johnson & Johnson is reportedly going to pay $100 million to settle more than 1,000 talcum-based baby powder lawsuits without taking responsibility or changing its stance on product safety. But the company still has a lot of legal problems.

It is still facing thousands of lawsuits that say its talcum powder products caused certain types of cancer and lung disease.

Because Talcum Powder has side effects that cause its users a lot of trouble, victims have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

But big manufacturers have lots of resources, which makes the process of settling a lawsuit lengthy.

ECO can provide pre-settlement funding for your talcum powder lawsuit before the settlement is made. You can use the funds to pay for medical and legal fees without agreeing to any lowball offers from talc manufacturers.

Who qualifies for talcum powder lawsuit funding?

We look at the severity of your injuries and where your case is being tried to decide if you are eligible for a pre-settlement loan.

Also, the applicant must fulfill the below criteria:

  • You must have used talcum powder,
  • You have experienced one of the listed side effects of talcum powder,
  • An attorney is working on a contingency basis.

Several studies show that if you use talcum powder for a long time, you are more likely to get ovarian cancer. If you suffered injuries because of its use, you may qualify.

How can ECO Pre-settlement funding help you pay your bills?

Talc, which is a mineral made of hydrated magnesium silicate, is used to make talcum powder. Talcum powder can be used for many things.

Some of the most common uses are to treat diaper rash, heat rash, and body odor.

Because of how clean it is, most people who use talcum powder are women. But manufacturers hide the side effects that lead to severe injuries.

Plaintiff who have suffered injuries from the usage of talcum powder, and have an ongoing case against the manufacturer for hiding the side effects can take pre-settlement funding and use it for multiple purposes such as

  • Payment of Medical bills
  • Pay for lost wages
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utility bill payment
  • Loan repayments
  • Surgeries

When will the talcum powder case reach settlement?

There have been a lot of lawsuits filed against talcum powder brands like Johnson & Johnson because their products contain small amounts of asbestos that can cause dangerous side effects.

Litigation has been going on for years, which means that victims have to wait even longer for financial help.

The time it takes to get a settlement for talcum powder will vary. Most cases take more than a year, and some take more than a decade. There is no set rule about when a case will end.

Your personal injury lawyer will be able to give you a better idea of when you can expect to get your settlement check.

Apply with us to get easy talcum lawsuit pre-settlement funding

If you want a lawsuit loan against the Talcum claim, all you have to do is fill out an application online or call our office.

We’ll just ask you a few easy questions related to the lawsuit and the law firm you are working with.

Furthermore, our executives will also connect to your lawyer about your claim to learn more about your case and any possible settlement.

Based on the case strength and expected future settlement, we will determine the amount we can offer.

Approval mostly takes a couple of days, but once approved, you will receive pre-settlement funding on the same day.

How Much You Need?