Whistleblower (Qui Tam) Lawsuit Loans

Loans to Help You Win Your Qui Tam, Whistleblower & False Claim Lawsuit

When you file a Qui Tam lawsuit, also known as a False Claims Act case, the government has 60 days to take over your case, assuming they don’t step in first and conduct their own investigations.

Meanwhile, you need to be able to cover your legal fees since being awarded an attorney fee from the federal government doesn’t happen until after you win your case. That’s where plaintiff lawsuit loans come in.

Pre-settlement funding is specifically designed to help individuals with pending lawsuits by providing them with funding that can be used to pay for litigation costs, including expert witness fees and deposition costs.

What is Whistleblower (Qui Tam) Lawsuit?

A whistleblower lawsuit is a claim for damages brought by a private party acting on behalf of an agency that has been defrauded.

A qui tam lawsuit also allows for an award of up to 30% of any recoveries made by the government. However, in order to pursue a qui tam lawsuit, you must act quickly.

Every state sets its own time limits on qui tam lawsuits, and they do not get more time if they wait to file their claim (or ignore it).

The statute of limitations can run as little as one year or as long as six years.

This means you must know how much time you have before filing your case.

How Do Qui Tam Lawyers Get Paid?

Qui tam lawsuits are filed on behalf of public entities, like state governments or federal agencies.

If you file a qui tam suit, you may receive between 15 and 30 percent of any recovery that your lawyer negotiates with a defendant (up to a cap of $10 million).

However, if no settlement is reached with a company accused of defrauding taxpayers, your lawyer will likely settle for less than half.

In most cases, whistleblowers must share their awards with lawyers who handled the case for them.

It’s also common for plaintiffs to hire contingency-fee lawyers who work on contingency-they only get paid if they win their case.

How Can Qui Tam Lawsuit Loans Help You?

If you need money for a qui tam lawsuit, you may be wondering how these loans can help.

Here are some reasons why a loan could be beneficial for your case:

Legal fees: With a loan from a company like ours, legal fees will no longer hold you back from suing large corporations that have stolen from you or your community.

In fact, our lawsuit funding often covers up to 100% of your legal costs!

Cash flow issues: If your business is experiencing cash flow problems because of another company’s wrongdoing, lawsuits can take several years to wind their way through the court system.

This could put your small business out of business before any damages are awarded.

How Much Can I Expect To Receive From Whistle Blower Pre-settlement loans?

By law, all qui tam lawsuits are confidential until a settlement is reached or a verdict is reached.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for you to find out how much your case might be worth.

To get an idea of your case’s worth in awards and/or settlements, you can request an award chart from your state’s Attorney General’s Office.

These charts will let you know just how much money has been awarded in past cases related to similar violations of state or federal law and what legal fees were reimbursed.

By using these charts as guidelines, you can figure out approximately how much your case might be worth if it goes before a jury or judge.

How Can ECO Pre-settlement Funding Help With False Claim?

A number of people aren’t aware that they have legal rights against large corporations.

The legal process can be confusing, intimidating, and frustrating.

Legal funding providers are here to help you get through your lawsuit by ensuring you have all your funds available when you need them.

If a third party is responsible for causing harm or injuries, we can help bring justice on your behalf.

Suppose you’ve discovered that your employer has been involved in fraud or illegal activity. In that case, you may be able to receive a monetary reward for coming forward with information about their wrongdoing.

This is known as a qui tam lawsuit, and it can result in massive settlements—much more than any single person could afford on their own.

That’s why we offer legal funding; our company has provided cash advances ranging from $5,000-$500,000 so far in 2022.

We won’t take ownership of your settlement amount; when your case is over and you receive your settlement payment, you keep all of it!

Apply With Us Today For Legal Funding For Qui Tam Claims

If you’re in the process of filing or have filed a qui tam lawsuit, you might need to be able to file your lawsuit under seal and keep the fact that you’re suing under wraps until you get the go-ahead from the court, or until your case goes public.

Qui tam lawsuit loans are available to anyone who has a qui tam case against any government agency or private business.

These lawsuits involve whistleblowers and can be very lucrative if you win, but they can also be expensive to pursue and require lawyers and other experts.

A qui tam lawsuit loan will help you pay the costs associated with your case while keeping your equity in the case so that you get it all back if you win.

How Much You Need?