How Do I Know If I Qualify For The Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

Wondering If You Qualify For A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit? Here’s What To Know

If you or someone you love suffered complications after hernia repair surgery involving mesh, you may be wondering – can I file a lawsuit?

It’s a fair question. Hernia mesh products seemed like a miracle solution for repairing hernias when they first arrived on the market. But for many patients, the mesh turned out to cause more harm than good.

In this article, we’ll walk through the basics of hernia mesh issues and lawsuits in simple terms. My goal is to help you understand if you have a case, what compensation you might recover, and how to get the process started.

A Quick Hernia Mesh Primer

First – what is hernia mesh exactly? It’s a medical implant used to provide support and reinforce weakened or damaged tissue during hernia repair surgeries. The mesh patches the hole in the muscle wall and lets surrounding tissue grow into it for added strength.

At first, hernia mesh seemed far superior to just stitching the muscle closed. But major brands like Ethicon and Atrium face thousands of lawsuits now due to complications.

The Range Of Hernia Mesh Injuries

We wish we could say hernia mesh problems are rare. Unfortunately, the risks are real. Some potential complications include:

  • Infections – mesh is prone to bacteria. Infections may show up soon after surgery or years later.
  • Chronic pain – for some patients, pain continues long after surgery sites have healed. Nerve issues or scar tissue may be to blame.
  • Erosion – mesh edges can wear through tissue over time and wander through the body. This can damage organs.
  • Adhesions – scar tissue can form in and around the mesh, sometimes distorting organs or causing obstruction.
  • Recurrence – hernias may return if the mesh shrinks, folds over, or surrounding tissue tears. More surgery is needed.
  • Bowel obstructions – a possible complication of adhesions. Can cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, and severe pain.
  • Revision surgeries – to remove problematic mesh, doctors often must perform complex additional procedures.

As you can see, hernia mesh can cause lasting and life-altering harm in some patients.

Do You Qualify To Sue For Compensation?

If you dealt with complications after hernia mesh surgery, you may wonder – can I sue for financial compensation? There’s no guaranteed win, but certain factors help your case.

Here are key criteria that may qualify you to file a hernia mesh lawsuit:

  • You were implanted with a recognized defective mesh product like Ethicon Physiomesh.
  • You suffered complications associated with mesh implants, especially requiring hospitalization or revision surgery.
  • You experienced financial damages – medical bills, lost income, reduced quality of life.
  • You are still within the statute of limitations (typically 2 – 4 years from implant or discovery of complications).

The more evidence you have like medical records, the stronger your potential claim will be. An experienced attorney can assess if your case merits moving forward with a lawsuit.

Consulting A Hernia Mesh Attorney

Trying to sue a giant medical device company alone is intimidating. Having a knowledgeable hernia mesh attorney on your side helps even the playing field.

An attorney can handle tasks like:

  • Reviewing your medical history to evaluate your claim.
  • Determining all liable parties – the mesh maker, a surgical device company, or hospital.
  • Managing communication and negotiation with manufacturers.
  • Calculating fair financial compensation for your suffering.
  • Navigating the legal process smoothly on your behalf.

Many attorneys offer free consultations and only collect fees if they successfully win compensation for you. They will give you an honest assessment of your legal options.

Don’t Delay – Take Action Now

Time limits apply, so don’t put off exploring your legal rights if hernia mesh harmed you. Connect with an attorney promptly to begin evaluating your case while options are open.

We know lawsuits seem daunting. But an experienced lawyer can help maximize your compensation and hold mesh makers accountable. You deserve justice. But lawsuits are expensive affairs and we understand that people who are fighting against big brands need lot of cash in hand to pay for the litigation expenses. Therefore, we offer hernia mesh lawsuit loans to the plaintiff who already filed a court case for the damages they suffered because of faulty mesh and awaiting outcome.

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