How Many Pre-Settlement Loans Can I Get?

In general, there is no limit on the number of times you receive a pre-settlement loan, but sometimes this can vary from state to state. So it will be better to also confirm with your attorney how many times you can get a pre-settlement loan in your state. You can get multiple pre-settlement loans from the same company, or you can get them from other companies too.

At ECO, we can offer you a cash advance if you already have a pre-settlement loan from elsewhere, but your case must be in court and still waiting for settlement. Here, you can get up to $500,000 in cash advances for multiple types of lawsuits. To see the complete list, check out the cases we fund.

Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funding If Some Other Company Rejects My Application?

Yes, you can still get a pre-settlement loan if one lender has rejected your application. There are many reasons why a particular company rejects an application. They are either unable to fund your case at this time or do not operate in the state where you live. There could be numerous reasons for this. But if you think your case has merit, you can still apply with us if some other lawsuit loan company is not funding your case.

Can I Apply For A Lawsuit Funding In Multiple Companies At Once?

It’s up to you where you want to apply for a cash advance. Everyone tries to get a pre-settlement loan at the lowest rate; for this, they apply with multiple companies at once and wait till they receive an offer where they find suitable rates. If you have applied to another company, you can also apply for ECO pre-settlement funding. We are here to help you out with quick and risk-free pre-settlement loans.

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