How To Get Settlement Money Now?

Get Your Settlement Money Sooner With Pre-Settlement Advance

It can be frustrating if you are waiting for a settlement award, either from an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Because these settlements take months or even years in case of a lawsuit, you have to pay the bills to keep your life going. An injury caused by someone else negligence is not just physical trauma, but can also affect your finances a lot. Being a pre-settlement loan company, we have been offering lawsuit loans for a while to plaintiffs who have a pending lawsuit. This pre-settlement advance is the most effective way to get your settlement money sooner, even before your final offering via lawsuit.

Get Settlement Money Now

You have to apply for a pre-settlement advance, it is a financial solution through which you can get your settlement money now prior to actual settlement. It is kind of a cash advance which only the plaintiff with a pending settlement can get. But to get your settlement money, you have to go through litigation and win it, whereas a pre-settlement loan can be the solution to getting you the money against your lawsuit. To get pre-settlement funding, you have to follow below steps:

Step 1: Apply With A Pre-Settlement Funding Company

To receive money prior to settlement, you have to apply for a pre-settlement loan. For that, you need to fill out our online application. Here you need to share some information related to your case, the kind of money you require and the attorney details working on your case. We never ask for credit rating or work history, we solely give money based on the merit of the case you present.

Step 2: Get Approval For A Pre-Settlement Money

Once you submit all the details given in the application, we will get in touch with your attorney to get case-related documents. We will also need medical records in case of injury. All these documents your attorney will be providing us, making you undisturbed. The approval process is hassle-free, as the case with strong hold and support will get the quick cash.

Step 3: Sign Important Documents & Contracts

After we approve your pre-settlement money application, we will share it with you a contract. The contract will list the condition of the loan, the amount we can offer, the tenure for it, and the rate of interest we will charge. The contract will be between us and you (as well as your attorney). You have to sign the contract to agree to the terms of funding.

Step 4: Get Settlement Money Transferred To You

As soon as we receive the signed contract back from you and your attorney, we will transfer the settlement money right away. The pre-settlement cash advance will be disbursed in less than 48 hours keeping in mind the urgency of the plaintiff. This way you will have your settlement money now, and you can repay us once you get the compensation via lawsuit.

Reasons Many Plaintiffs Need Settlement Money Sooner

The person who went through a personal injury will definitely require cash to keep up with the sudden rise in expenses. These expenses can be anything, whether it’s a medical bill, legal cost, or getting your car fixed in case of car accident claims. Some of the common reasons a person needs settlement money right now:

Medical Bills & Living Costs

The most common need of plaintiffs while they are in a pending lawsuit is to pay for the surgery caused because of a personal injury. The medical expenses or the surgery financing is the most common reason people try to get their settlement money quickly. Further, in case a person who suffered injuries has lost a job, it becomes difficult to keep up with the living cost. Lost wages are difficult in times when every price is on the high, so pre-settlement money will definitely help them to keep up with the living cost.

Pay Off Debts

Many a time a person who is out of a job because of personal injury accumulates debt to pay up the litigation cost or pay the medical bills. Either they exhaust their credit limit or take money from friends and family. Lawsuits generally get delayed because of uncertain conditions, which no plaintiff anticipates earlier. These debts usually create a financial problem for them. But with a quick cash advance in the form of pre-settlement money, they can pay off their debt have peace of mind, and can focus completely on their lawsuit and health.

Tackle Low Ball Offers

We have noticed people who have large pockets try to delay the case so that the plaintiff (injured victim) agrees to settle out of court at lowes\r offers. Those plaintiffs who have weak finances agree to the lower settlement offer, as they don’t know the complete potential of their lawsuit or they are left with no other option. But now with the presence of pre-settlement money, they can easily tackle the litigation fees and keep them ongoing until they receive a fair settlement value. In this scenario, even they don’t have to add on any debt, instead, they use the lawsuit and leverage from it. In pre-settlement advance, you don’t have to pay anything if you lose the case.

How Much You Can Get From Pre-Settlement Money?

The amount that a plaintiff can expect from a pre-settlement loan depends on a few factors. Generally, our company provides pre-settlement money up to $100,000 depending on case type and situation. Let’s check the reasons which can affect the amount you can expect from your pre-settlement.

  • The strength of your cases will surely be the most important factor which will determine the amount you can get. Since the lending company will be taking a risk here by offering money to you in return for the settlement offer (if) you will get. So, if you have a strong case, you are eligible for a higher settlement money.
  • Expected settlement value will be another factor that plays an important role in determining the pre-settlement loan amount you will get. The higher the expected value larger the loan amount size will be.
  • Now the last thing that will determine the value of settlement money you can get from us will be the expected settlement time. Litigation is a lengthy process and no one wants to stuck their money into something which is uncertain for a longer duration. Therefore, if your expected time of settlement is low, the amount of pre-settlement money will be higher, and vice versa.

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