Alaska Pre-Settlement Funding

Anyone who has a pending personal injury lawsuit or commercial litigation can apply for pre-settlement funding in Alaska. Pre-settlement funds are cash advances given to people who agree to share a portion of their future reward. The eligibility criteria for a cash advance on a pending lawsuit are very simple; all you need is a pending lawsuit with a good chance of success and an attorney representing your case.

alaska lawsuit loans

Getting into an accident that is not your fault is not only painful, but it can also lead to bad financial situations since personal injury is one of the biggest reasons people lose their wages. Furthermore, if you become disabled, you may never be able to work again, which will harm not only your current financial situation but also your future. Therefore, the court says that if you suffer injuries, you can demand compensation from the offender, and you must file a lawsuit against the offender for the damages they caused you. Based on the severity of the injuries and trauma, the court will decide on a fair settlement value.

Our pre-settlement funding in Alaska can help you with your pending lawsuit. We provide you with a cash advance, which you can use to cover medical and legal expenses while you wait for settlement. Since we offer a no-risk cash advance, you will be under no obligation for repayment if you lose the case. You can trust our firm, as we have been in the lending industry for more than a decade.

Cases That Are Eligible For Alaska Pre-settlement Loans Are

  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
  • Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
  • Car Accident Lawsuit
  • Product Liability Lawsuit
  • Mass Tort Lawsuit
  • Commercial Litigations

In Alaska, How Do I Get A Cash Advance Against A Pending Settlement?

To obtain a cash advance for a pending settlement in Alaska, simply complete an application form or call us at 800-961-8924. Further to qualify for a pre-settlement loan, you must fulfill some criteria given below

  • Your age is more than 18
  • You have a pending lawsuit in Alaska.
  • An attorney is working on your case.
  • Attorney whom you have hired must be taking a contingency fee

The process of getting a pre-settlement loan is very simple in Alaska; once you fill out the online form, someone from our company will contact you as well as your attorney. We will ask your lawyer to send us information about your case so that our internal team can evaluate it. Based on how strong the case is, we can make you a loan offer. Further, we will provide you with an agreement, which you and your attorney must sign. After we get the signed copy of the document, we will transfer the funds.

How much will pre-settlement funding cost you?

The interest rate for Alaska pre-settlement funding varies according to the severity of the injuries involved. Since no two case types are similar and the injuries can also vary from accident to accident, the deciding factor is not constant. But here are a few things that decide the interest rate is

  • Expected time for settlement
  • Value of expected settlement
  • Asked amount
  • Condition of the plaintiff’s health
  • The seriousness of injuries
  • The merit of your case

Take Cash Advance Now And Pay For Anything

Undoubtedly, lawsuits are expensive, and people in the middle of them mostly suffer financial crises. Rising medical and legal costs can deplete all of your savings, leaving you with no choice but to take out a loan. But now with pre-settlement funding, you have the risk-free option of getting money without putting anything at risk.

Since pre-settlement funding is non-recourse, you only need to settle the loan if you get a successful settlement. Furthermore, you can use the cash advance to pay for anything; we have no restrictions on how you use the funds. Pay for medical bills, legal costs, child care, car repair, surgeries, mortgage, etc.

Even if you are being forced to settle for a lowball offer while you have no money for court proceedings, pre-settlement funding in Alaska is the solution. Get the funds now and wait until the final, fair settlement award.

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