Arizona Lawsuit Loans

Require urgent money for your ongoing lawsuit in Arizona?

There is no secret that litigation takes time to settle. And if you are waiting for a reward from your settlement of personal injury, you may have to wait.

But in the period between, you have to go through financial hardship due to rising medical bills and legal fees.

Taking Arizona Lawsuit Loans is the right thing to do if you need urgent cash for your personal injury case. The funds can help you with solving financial crises caused by injuries and court cases.

What is a personal injury lawsuit loan?

If you suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else in the state of Arizona, then you must ask for reparation. But to get the reward you have to file a personal injury claim and wait for settlement.

The settlement process is often lengthy and requires lots of funds. Personal injury attorney fees are costly and to make the lawsuit successful you need a proper cash flow.

The personal injury lawsuit loan helps the plaintiff to have a proper cash flow during the litigation process.

These funds are for the use of the plaintiff. They can use it to pay attorney fees and other medical care bills which was the result of personal injury.

Why should I take Arizona Lawsuit Loans and not a bank loan?

Taking a loan is not easy when you don’t have any collateral to provide. And if your credit score is not up to the mark, the bank will reject your loan application.

But our pre-settlement funding company is not interested in the credit score of the plaintiff, we are more interested in the merit of the case.

Since we are funding your case in exchange for the future reward your settlement can get. Your credit score doesn’t matter, all it matter is the strength of your lawsuit.

Furthermore, the funding is a non-recourse structured settlement, which means that you have to repay only after winning the case. And in case, you lose the settlement, we will not bother for any payback.

You keep the money if you lose, and pay us back only after a successful trial making it a win-win situation for you. Now it’s up to you whether you want lawsuit loans or some kind of bank credit that will make you go through lots of processes, and even deny the loan.

Are pre-settlement funding permissible in Arizona?

Either you are a plaintiff or a funding company, it’s good to know that lawsuit loans are completely legal in Arizona, with exception of any case type.

Even the state of Arizona has regulations that make sure that lending agencies abide by certain rules and complete protection can be given to the consumer. To know more about lawsuit loans regulation in Arizona you can go through the Arizona Senate Bill 1403.

Our pre-settlement funding company completely abides by the rules. We provide full licensure as legal funding providers, as well as we give the best possible interest rate to the customer.

What type of cases do we fund in Arizona?

There are several cases in which we can provide funds. Below is the list of lawsuits for which our company can offer cash advances.

Some special category cases which we also fund in Arizona are:


Having a settlement loan in Arizona can greatly help you with your lawsuit involving medical malpractice.

This kind of legal case is a very complicated one. Many of the people specializing in the legal field are not very much familiar with the medical field.

It takes a really long time before this kind of case can be settled because there needs to be strong evidence that you were injured solely because of the negligence of a medical professional or a health care provider.


If the plaintiff wins the lawsuit, there is a huge chance that the defendant will want to appeal the legal case. As you may already know, it takes a lot of time and money before a legal case can be settled.

It is only understandable that the plaintiffs and their lawyers will seek financial support for their legal cases, as well as their personal expenses. If you get proper case funding in Arizona, you can surely get the right financial help to cover all of your expenses.


premises liability happens when a person meets an accident on someone else’s property. The owner of the property will be held liable for the accident if it’s clear that they could have done something to prevent the accident.

A very common accident is a slip and fall. If you met an accident on another person’s property, you can file a lawsuit to compensate for the injuries and damages. For your financial troubles, you should get really good and cheap AZ lawsuit loans.


Because of the increasing prices of gas and the roads being too overpopulated, the preferred mode of transportation for many people in the subway. Because of this, it is only expected that the subway system provides very safe travel.

Even if the accident was never intentional, the company managing the transportation will be held liable. Even if your injuries are not too severe, you still have the right to a personal injury claim.


The ship captain and the crew will be held liable if the ship meets an accident and the passengers suffer injuries and damages. A maritime accident can be minor, but can also be grave, resulting in a near-death experience.

You should file a lawsuit if you are a victim of a maritime accident. The funds and expenses won’t be a problem if you are going to apply with pre-settlement funding. We provide the most competitive rates of lawsuit loans & funding in Arizona.

Is there any limitation on using the funds?

Mainly people in Arizona take lawsuit loans whenever they need money to pay legal fees and medical treatment. These bills are all related to your personal injury lawsuit, directly or indirectly.

However, our company puts no obligation on your usage of the pre-settlement loan you take against the lawsuit.

We understand there are several forms of expenses that plaintiffs have to go through during the tenure of settlement. Take pre-settlement loans from us and use them as you like.

Can I get same-day lawsuit loans in Arizona?

Yes, you can get the funding in less than 24 hours if you apply with us. But there is one rule for it, your attorney needs to cooperate with us and provide all the relevant documents which we ask for.

The document related to the case needs to be shared with our experts so that they can understand the merit of the case. Keep your attorney in confidence while applying with us, tell them about the need for a lawsuit loan.

Once we have a proposal, we ask you and your attorney to sign an agreement to reduce any future risk of misperception. After the contract, you will get pre-settlement funding in no time.

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