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Same Day Pre-settlement Loans in Florida

Florida is the 4th largest state in the United State, and being so big in population the number of personal injuries is also high. Getting involved in a personal injury lawsuit can be time taking. And those waiting for money via an ongoing settlement may have to wait for years.

Getting Florida lawsuit loans can support the plaintiff during their ongoing trials. The funds are easy to get with no risk involved.

And the best part of taking pre-settlement funding is, we can offer you the cash advance in less than 24 hours. All you need is a strong case, and we have the money ready for you.

Want to learn more about lawsuit funding in Florida, read below.

What is lawsuit funding in Florida?

Florida is not just a sunshine city, but also a state with a maximum number of the pending case.

Plaintiff of personal injury pending lawsuit often faces tough time during an ongoing trial because of cash shortage.

Florida lawsuit loan is a facility created by lenders where they offer loans to the plaintiff based on their future settlement. In other terms, it can be defined as a cash advance made only for the plaintiff with an ongoing trial having a winnable case.

The biggest reason behind Florida’s plaintiff opting for a lawsuit loan is the length and expensive trials. Mostly during the trial plaintiff end up draining on their savings to continue the lawsuit, but still, it may demand more money.

Therefore to overcome scenarios when people are left with no money to keep on trial they may agree to settle for lower compensation value.

But if they get quick legal funding from a reputable agency like ECO Pre-settlement, they can continue with the trial and have enough money in hand to wait for a fair settlement.

Lawsuit Loans are totally acceptable in Florida

The best part of the legal facility in Florida is they are friendly toward personal injury laws.

For funding companies like us, it becomes easier to offer loans for your personal injury cases in Florida.

We are currently funding multiple cases in Florida, and making the life of the plaintiff during trial easy.

What is our funding process in Florida?

If you are applying for lawsuit loans in Florida from our company, you will see instant follow-ups.

Our application form is easy to fill, with quick processing. As soon as you apply with us, our team will start to work.

First, we approach the customer, to ask for details like case type, attorney information, and the amount needed.

Then we connect with your lawyer to understand the merit of the case. We recommend the plaintiff of Florida keep their attorney informed once you apply for settlement funding.

After we get all the documents from the attorney, our legal team with convey the strength. Once we have the final offer amount, we request the attorney and customer to sign a contract.

This contract is for safety measures, making our pre-settlement financing more legal. After we receive the signed contract we will provide the money right away.

What lawsuit type are we funding in Florida?

We are well experienced in funding every lawsuit type related to personal injury.

Find the list of cases we fund in Florida, even if your case is not on the list, then also we are able to provide you with lawsuit funding.

All you need is to contact us via the form or call the toll-free number 800.961.8924.

List of cases we fund:

Check the complete list of LAWSUIT WE FUND.

Here are a few cases, which currently have been added to our list for lawsuit funding in Florida.


Older people approach nursing homes so they can get the care and attention they need. While health care providers do the best they can, there are still times that they become negligent, resulting in harming the patients. Even if it was not intentional, they are liable and should cover the damages done. It can make a huge difference if you are going to get pre-settlement funding while you are waiting for the settlement


A product liability case is when a company, that can either be the manufacturer, retailer, supplier, or distributor, is held accountable for their products that have caused serious health harms to the consumers. This type of case usually takes a lot of time to be settled, especially when the party you are suing is a huge company or corporation. Don’t let them force you into agreeing to a settlement you less deserve. If you are having financial troubles, we are offering pre-settlement loans.


Actos is a medication that is prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes. However, it has been found out that this medication can cause bladder cancer if used for more than a year. Other serious effects of Actos include kidney failure and congestive heart failure. If you are having health problems because of Actos, you need to do the necessary action so you can recover the damages and problems you went through.


Fosamax is prescribed to treat osteoporosis in women caused by menopause. It is also used by men to improve bone mass. It works by slowing down bone loss and by increasing bone mass, which will greatly help in preventing bone fractures. However, patients have been complaining of suffering from osteonecrosis of the jaw. If you are suffering the same you can file a lawsuit case to repay your injuries and damages.


There were already a growing number of legal cases involving hip replacement. This happens when the patient needs to undergo surgery again due to a hip replacement defect. Undergoing surgery and filing a lawsuit case will surely exhaust your funds. To prevent from getting bad credits and declaring bankruptcy, you should apply for Florida Lawsuit Loans.

Check out Florida personal injury law, which you must know as a victim of “no fault” cases.

Why apply for Florida Lawsuit Funding with us?

People apply with us because they find our funding process quick, with an easy approach.

Our lawsuit loans application acceptance is highest in Florida, whatever your case type is if it’s winnable we are ready to offer cash advances.

Further, we only give risk-free loans, since we are paying you a loan in exchange for future settlement. Therefore, if you win, pay us back, if you don’t, you keep the money.

With the least paperwork and no credit check, you will receive funding based on the merit of the case. If you have a strong case, and an attorney representing you, we are here to offer low-interest pre-settlement funding.

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