Massachusetts Pre-Settlement Funding

Quick & Easy Pre-Settlement Cash Advance in Massachusetts

Anyone who has a pending personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts can now take advantage of pre-settlement funding if they need urgent funds while waiting for settlement. Our cash advances are easy to get and have very simple terms. Generally, if you suffer injuries and trauma from a personal injury, recovery takes time. They not only affect you physically but also harm your finances. Because of an injury, you may lose your job or even get a permanent disability, which will make you dependent on the compensation you receive from the offender.

Massachusetts Pre-Settlement Funding

The court experience can be tough if you don’t have much in savings, because legal costs and attorney fees can take up all your savings, and you still have to wait for months or even years to actually receive compensation. Therefore, in the meantime, you may want to find ways to raise money for your situation. Either you can approach a bank, credit card company, or pre-settlement funding company. Bank loans are not easy to get, whereas credit card companies can only lend you if you have a good credit history. But not everyone has that perfect rating, so pre-settlement funding in Massachusetts is the solution you can go with.

Benefits Of Taking Pre-Settlement Loans In Massachusetts

Easy To Get

Our lawsuit funding process is quite simple; all you need to submit an application is that you have a pending lawsuit in the courts of Massachusetts. Just fill out the online application with the necessary details, like name, contact number, attorney details, and case-relevant details. If we find your case merits being considered for a lawsuit loan, you can get the money in the next couple of days.

No Credit Checks

Since we are funding your lawsuit based on its merit, we consider your lawsuit as a collateral. Therefore, we never ask for credit checks or any proof of income. Once you submit your case details to us, our team will work with your attorney to understand the value of your lawsuit, and based on that, we will offer you a lump sum amount.

Risk Free Money

No other lending option like pre-settlement funding can offer a risk-free cash advance. Our lawsuit funding in Massachusetts is non-recourse, which means if you win the case, you only need to pay the loan; if you lose the case, there is no need for repayment. This gives you peace of mind since you will not be adding any debt to yourself, and your cash advance will be taken care of if you win the case.

Cases Allowed for Pre-Settlement Funding in Massachusetts Are

Since there are limited lawsuits which are allowed for cash advance in Massachusetts, please check the list below, if your case qualifies for the same

  • Car Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Medical Negligence
  • Nursing Abuse
  • Mass Tort
  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial Lawsuit
  • Slip and Fall Accidents

Eligibility Criteria For A Successful Pre-Settlement Loan

Anyone with a personal injury lawsuit can apply for a lawsuit loan, but they will only qualify for the cash advance, if they fulfill the below criteria

  • Applicant age is 18 and above
  • Applicant is the injurer, or the family member of the person died because of negligence
  • Attorney working on the case is allowed for pre-settlement funding
  • Attorney agrees to sign the contract for pre-settlement loan
  • Plaintiff case is worth for a lawsuit loan
  • Plaintiff is no way responsible for the damages and injuries
  • You do not have any settlement offer yet

Take Pre-Settlement Funds Now And Pay For Pending Bills

Generally, people who have a pending court case have to take care of the legal expenses as well as their personal expenses. But because of the situations—like loss of wage or permanent disability—everything becomes difficult, especially the finances. Now, with the availability of pre-settlement funding services in Massachusetts, you have the option to take money prior to receiving any settlement and pay once you win the case. So stop worrying about the medical bills, legal fees, car repairs, mortgage payments, home rent, etc., and take a pre-settlement loan to cover all now by call us at 800-961-8924 or fill below given form.

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