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Michigan pre-settlement loans for personal injury claims

There is no question about it, life can be unexpected. No matter how well you plan for the future, some events come up and change lives in an instant. If your car was totaled by a careless driver or did you suffer life-threatening problems due to the use of some faulty products? No one knows which personal injury can happen without your fault. But the relaxing part is you can get compensation for injury and harm caused. All you need is to have a good attorney representing your case in court. Our Michigan lawsuit loans are determined to assist you financially during an ongoing personal injury case.

What is a personal injury lawsuit in Michigan?

According to the American Academy of Neurology, the average cost of hospitalization for traumatic brain injury costs $162,523. This figure doesn’t take into account necessary home care or the price of long-term rehabilitation. Some injuries come with lifelong consequences that impact everything from your personal relationships to your ability to earn a living. These events can be truly devastating to you and your family, but the good news is that there are legal options available if someone else was at fault. A personal injury lawsuit can help you recover compensation for lost income, medical expenses, expensive rehabilitation costs, pain, and suffering, or even punitive damages. However many people don’t realize that it doesn’t matter how big or small your case is, you may qualify for a lawsuit loan through a legal finance company.

How Michigan Lawsuit Loans Works?

A lawsuit cash advance works much like any other kind of cash advance. You sign over the rights to your potential settlement and in return receive a lump sum payment that can be used for anything you like. With most lawsuit cash advances, there is no credit check, no employment verification and the majority of people with pending lawsuits qualify. You can even start your lawsuit loan application online in less than ten minutes at our pre-settlement funding company.

What type of cases is eligible for a lawsuit loan in Michigan?

Our legal funding company in Michigan can offer you pre-settlement loans on various types of personal injury cases such as:

And many other types of cases. Below are some more cases which are common in Michigan, and we offer lawsuit funding to the plaintiff who requires urgent money.


A lot of burn injuries are commonly caused by negligence.  If you feel like you sustained injuries in a workplace that failed to follow proper safety protocols or you were burned intentionally, you have a pretty good case. If you want to file a case but are on a low budget, be sure to get a settlement loan in Michigan after hiring a lawyer.


If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an aviation accident, you can sue the company for damages. Those who can be held responsible are the pilot, airline or owner of the aircraft, the manufacturer, and the maintenance provider. Aside from the person directly involved in the accident, the victim can also bring their spouse to claim compensation for the loss of support.


For as simple as not being able to turn a patient in bed that could result in bedsores can be considered as nursing home neglect. Medical malpractice also happens a lot in nursing homes, including verbal, mental, and sexual abuse. If your loved one has experienced these in a nursing home, chances are you have a very good case in court. You can also find pre-lawsuit loans in Michigan that can help you with the finances you need in pursuing a case.


Pedestrians who have been in accidents due to the inattentiveness of drivers or the failure to follow proper instructions, laws, and protocols in driving can have a big chance of winning in court. Getting good compensation is almost a guarantee if proven that the driver is negligent. To get enough cash support during the trial you can apply for pedestrian accident loans.


Bicycle accidents can be blamed on either the rider of the bicycle or the driver of the other party. If you were sustained injuries because of driver negligence or recklessness, you can fight for your right to claim compensation. You can approach us for financial assistance as we offer bicycle accident settlement loans at a very low-interest rate.

Further, if you are not seeing your case type here, check the complete list of Cases We Fund, and get the urgent money you need.

Apply for Michigan lawsuit loans and pay all your dues

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s actions, don’t let your pending settlement put your future in jeopardy. A lawsuit cash advance can help you cover expenses such as medical bills and lost wages while you wait for the final outcome of your case. For more information or to get started today, call Eco Pre-settlement funding at 800.961.8924. Contacting the company via phone is easy and operators are available to answer your questions. You can also start the process online by filling out a short application given below for low-interest rate lawsuit funding. The entire process is fast and simple, requiring only basic information plus your case number to get started!

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