New York Pre-settlement Funding

New York by far is one of the most active states in the United States, with a big population the rate of accidents and personal injuries is also high. It’s common for people to file a lawsuit to get desired compensation for the damages they suffer. Injuries are itself a very serious trouble for the one who is facing it, but there is one more issue that most of the plaintiffs face during pending lawsuits is shortage of money. Now with the availability of pre-settlement funding in New York, you can get the cash advance which you can use and repay after winning the settlement.

new york lawsuit loans

Our company provides the lowest cost and risk-free pre-settlement loan which can solve your problem of depleting savings due to rigorous payment of medical bills and legal costs. We are a decade old company with thousands of already funded cases in New York. To apply for a lawsuit funding, please call us at 800-961-8924 or you can apply online by filling out the form with asked details.

Who Can Apply For Pre-Settlement Funding In NY?

We at ECO, only provide cash advance to people with a pending lawsuit, there are some more criteria to get eligible for a NY lawsuit loan which are

  • Your age is 18 and more
  • You suffered serious injuries because of someone else negligence
  • People with a pending lawsuit should only apply
  • You have an attorney who works on a contingency fee and agrees for pre-settlement

Other than the criteria, your lawsuit type plays a significant role in whether it’s allowed for a cash advance or not. Therefore, check the list below

Cases That Are Eligible For NY Lawsuit Loan

  • Auto Accident
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Faulty Device
  • Defective Drug
  • Slip Fall Accident
  • Mass Tort Claims

Strength Of Lawsuit Matters A Lot For Approval

Because pre-settlement funding only requires a pending lawsuit, you must have a compelling case to be approved. As we are offering a risk-free cash advance to the plaintiff, the complete risk is on us; therefore, we do a deep analysis of the lawsuit prior to approval. We only fund cases that are strong and have a high chance of getting a fair settlement. If you think your case is strong in every way and you are in urgent need of money to settle expenses, then our lawsuit loans are the best option available in New York.

Further, the interest rate on our lawsuit funding is comparatively low in terms of industry standards. The interest rate varies from case to case and injuries involved, but the common factor that plays a key role in determining the interest rate on New York settlement loans are

  • Lawsuit Type
  • Injuries Involved
  • Severity of injury
  • Expected value of the settlement
  • Expected time of settlement

All of the above must be considered before we can provide a reasonable interest rate on the lawsuit loan. So if you want to determine the interest rate on your lawsuit, apply with us. Our executives will connect with you and help you understand everything about pre-settlement funding

Our Pre-Settlement Process Is Most Simple

We understand how troubled a person can be after a personal injury, and if you are facing financial difficulties during a pending trial, it just gets more devastating. Therefore we have kept our pre-settlement funding in New York, very easy and simple.

The very first thing you need to do to get a cash advance is to apply with us. You can do it either by submitting the application form given in the website or call us at 800-961-8924. Our executives will ask for a few case-related details and even connect with your attorney to learn more about the lawsuit.

Based on the conversation and our in-house experts’ opinions about the lawsuit, we will decide the amount we can fund; it may or may not match your requirement, but we will try our best to offer the appropriate amount. Once you and your attorney agree on the pre-settlement term, we will send you the money in a couple of days.

Don’t Regret Settling For Lowball Offers! Get Pre-Settlement Funding Now And Wait Till Fair Settlement

Lawsuit are expensive and time-consuming, it can take even years to get a fair settlement offer. Many people who are suffering from injuries and dependent on the money they will receive from the settlement, find themselves in the dilemma of settling at a lower value. The party at fault always tries to delay the case so that you end up exhausting all your amount on court proceedings. Once you get to the point where you find no financial option, they will force you to settle at a lower compensation value.

But now with the use of a pre-settlement loan you can easily wait till the final offer you receive via court judgment. Our pre-settlement cash advance will act as a buffer while you need money during a pending settlement. You can use the money to pay for medical expenses, legal costs, cover child’s care, pay your rent, repay loans, and even cover personal expenses. Get a risk-free cash advance now and repay after winning the settlement.

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