Oregon Pre-Settlement Funding

Lawsuit Funding In Oregon A Solution For Quick Cash For Plaintiff

Anyone who is a part of a no-fault accident or personal injury with a pending lawsuit in Oregon court can apply for quick and easy Oregon lawsuit loans. Our cash advances allow plaintiffs to finance their medical treatment, surgeries, legal advice, and day-to-day living expenses. Lawsuits are time-consuming and costly, which can force people to spend all their savings on court cases. However, with lawsuit loans, you can use the settlement money right away rather than waiting for it to be paid out. You borrow funds against your ongoing settlement and agree to pay the lender a portion of your future settlement.

oregon lawsuit loans

Plaintiff With Pending Must Opt For Pre-settlement Funding

After an accident or personal injury, you may suffer wage loss, which will lead to definitive financial troubles. While dealing with a physical injury, you may have to take care of your expenses, such as child care, loan payments, etc. You are hoping to get it covered with the settlement amount but are not sure when the case will settle. While you wait for settlement, you can solve your problems with pre-settlement funding. Banks and other lending institutions may reject your loan application if you have a low credit score, but if you have a winnable case, our pre-settlement funding company can provide quick cash advances. Some of the key highlights of pre-settlement funding in Oregon are:

  • Easiest method to get cash advance
  • No-risk attached with the funding
  • No obligations on how you use the amount
  • Very less paperwork required
  • No credit check or bank statement is needed.

Oregon Lawsuit Loans Benefits

Lawsuit loans are designed specifically for litigants who need a loan before they get their money from a lawsuit settlement. Unlike traditional bank loans, you only repay the lawsuit settlement after it’s already been paid out. This type of loan is incredibly useful when your lawsuit isn’t expected to settle for months or years and you need cash now. Lawsuit loans are also great because they don’t require much up-front paperwork or collateral and will typically be processed within 24 hours of your application.

Cases We Fund In Oregon

We can provide legal funding for any type of personal injury claim that is allowed by state law. Check out the list of cases that are eligible for lawsuit loans in Oregon.

There are more on the list, which you can check on the page detailing the cases we fund. Even if you are not sure whether your case type qualifies for a cash advance, give us a call at 800.961.8924 so that we can confirm your eligibility.

Lawsuit Loans Rate Of Interest In Oregon

Every lawsuit is unique, as are the requirements of the applicant. Therefore, there is no fixed rate of interest on lawsuit funding in Oregon. It completely depends on the case type as well as few more parameters such as

  • Type Of Case
  • Probability Of Winning
  • Severity Of Injury
  • Expected Time Of Settlement to
  • Amount Expected From Lawsuit
  • Required Amount From Applicant
  • Attorney Responses and History

Use Cash Advance With No Obligation

The best part of receiving lawsuit loans is that you are free to use them however you want. Our pre-settlement company places no restrictions on the applicant’s use of the funds. Some of the common use of lawsuit funding are

  • Surgery financing
  • Cover medical bills
  • Pay attorney and legal advisor
  • Fix you car or buy a new one
  • Pay any loan or mortgage
  • Use it for home rent
  • Use it for day-to-day expenses.

Get Risk Free (OR) Lawsuit Loans And Have Peace Of Mind

When you need money fast, especially if you’re dealing with unexpected legal bills or an emergency hospital expense that wasn’t budgeted for in the first place, you will definitely get stressed. While banks and traditional loans are generally the best way to get loans, they also come with their own set of downsides, especially if you have bad credit and no savings to back you up. Thankfully, the lawsuit loan is the only risk-free option to raise cash when you need it fast. Since Oregon pre-settlement loans are non-recourse, you only need to pay us back if you win the case. A risk-free loan gives financial confidence to the plaintiff without having them worry about the debt repayment and focusing completely on winning the lawsuit.

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