Texas Lawsuit Loans

If you are having trouble paying off your regular bills while you have a pending lawsuit in Texas, then pre-settlement funding is for you. Texas lawsuit loans are only for people who are waiting for a settlement and require money to pay for medical surgeries, legal fees, and expenses caused by lost wages.

texas lawsuit loans

An injury caused by the negligence of another person is always painful; not only do they cause physical pain, but they can also cause financial harm. A person’s job and only source of income may be lost due to the severity of the injury. It’s better not to exhaust your savings by spending them on lawsuits; instead, taking a lawsuit loan is a smart option.

It’s a non-recourse plaintiff funding arrangement where your lawsuit acts as collateral; even if you lose the case; you don’t have to repay the lender.

Texas Lawsuit Loans Process: What You Need To Know

Before you apply for a lawsuit cash advance, you need to know what to expect in terms of the application and approval processes. Here is an overview of the steps you need to take to get the cash advance you need.

Get An Attorney’s Opinion

You can apply for a lawsuit loan in Texas on your own if you know the value of your lawsuit. If not, contact an attorney and ask them for their opinion of your case. They will give you an idea of how much your claim is worth and how much you should be able to get in a cash advance.

Apply For Cash Advance Loans

It doesn’t matter what type of case you are filing; you can benefit from this funding option. Make sure to give all the information needed for approval when filling out the application. You will also be asked to sign a contract that will detail the repayment circumstances.

Receive Your Lawsuit Loans

The money will be sent electronically, so you don’t have to wait for a check in the mail. You must keep your agreement with the pre-settlement funding company. If you win the case, pay back the loan according to what was agreed upon. If you lose the case, you keep the money.

Cases We Fund In Texas

If you have been in a car accident or suffered other types of injuries caused by someone else’s negligence and you need funds for your ongoing lawsuit, you can apply with us. We fund almost any common type of personal injury case in Texas; the list is given below.


If you are filing a lawsuit involving labor law, you must know now that it takes a long time for this case to be resolved. There is a huge chance that you are no longer receiving any salary. To pay your legal costs and personal expenses, a lawsuit loan can help you.


There are many complaints regarding transvaginal mesh or faulty hernia mesh. It is usually because the mesh is defective and they are suffering from complications. Even if the legal case is already resolved, it will still take a long time before the plaintiffs receive their monetary settlement. If you had to undergo another surgery, your medical bills would surely be expensive. You may be having difficulties keeping up with your expenses. Stop your problems from getting worse by taking hernia mesh pre-settlement loans in Texas.


A tractor-trailer accident can change the lives of the victims. Injuries and property damage can be severe. The victim can suffer from serious personal injuries and will need enhanced medical attention. The victim may require surgeries and physical therapy. It will take months before the victim can recover. This will have a huge negative effect on the funds of the victim. If you are a victim, you can file a personal injury claim to recover damages. However, it will take years before you can receive your settlement.


Auto accidents happen every day. The injuries caused by these accidents can only be minor, but there are times when they can get really serious. While there is insurance, it’s not always enough to cover everything, especially if the injuries and damages are severe and will require expensive repairs and medications. Many people worry that they won’t have enough money if they are going to file a lawsuit. But pre-settlement funding companies can give you the right financial back up for your expenses.


If you suffered slip and fall injuries because of someone else’s negligence and have a pending case against the offender, we can offer you a lump sum. We can fund your lawsuit if you suffered injuries due to a slip and fall in a restaurant or a shopping mall in Texas.

If you are not seeing your type of case, check out this complete list of cases we fund at ECO pre-settlement funding.

Benefits Of Getting Lawsuit Funding In Texas

Fastest Method To Get Cash

Texas lawsuit loans are a great way to get the money you need for your personal injury case. If you have filed the claim, an attorney will be able to tell you how much it is worth and if you qualify for this type of funding. The entire process takes only a couple of days, making lawsuit loans the quickest option to get urgent money.

Risk-Free Funding Option

Since our pre-settlement loans company offers cash advances in exchange for future settlements, we consider your ongoing lawsuit as collateral. We only provide a non-recourse form of funding. Hence, if you lose the case, we will never bother you for repayment. But if you win, most likely you will get the settlement, and it will be easy for you to pay the loan back with some interest.

Don’t Wait Until Settlement; Get The Money You Need Now!

It is definitely worth your time and effort to apply for a lawsuit loan. You will find that it can be very helpful in making sure that you meet all of your expenses while waiting for your settlement to come through. If your attorney says you have a good case and you have the money to pay for it, consider getting a lawsuit loan.

We try to make pre-settlement funding services as easy to understand as possible. To keep you from making a costly mistake, we also wanted to provide some information on what can happen if you lose the case. You keep the money with no obligation. If you are interested in getting a lawsuit cash advance, please call us at 800.961.8924! We make the process easy, fast, and confidential.

If you have any questions, our executives will guide you. We will be glad to answer any concerns that you might have about Texas lawsuit loans.

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