Virginia Pre-Settlement Funding

In every state of the US, personal injury lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming. Similarly, in Virginia, people with pending settlements may have to wait for years to get a fair result. Offending parties may use delay tactics to force the person who suffered injuries to spend all of their money on court proceedings and settle for a lower compensation value. It is common for insurance companies to try to delay the case so that they can approach the plaintiff with a lowball offer if the plaintiff does not have enough money to keep the lawsuit going. But now, with the presence of lawsuit loans in Virginia, you can get a cash advance against your ongoing lawsuit in exchange for a portion of your future reward value.

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Pre-Settlement Funding Is Safe In Virginia

Since pre-settlement is only allowed for people who are in a pending lawsuit and need money to fund their expenses during court proceedings, the cash advance that you get in the form of Virginia lawsuit loans is non-recourse structured funding, which makes it the safest way to get funds without putting anything at risk. Non-recourse funding stands for risk-free cash against your lawsuit; here, you don’t have to repay the loan if you lose the settlement offer, and the lender will only get the money if the plaintiff wins the case and receives settlement money. Further, an applicant is free to use the fund for all genuine reasons, like medical bills, attorney fees, court charges, expert advice, home rent, mortgage, car fixes, personal care, medical care, child support, and many others.

Much Better Than Traditions Funding

Pre-settlement funding is not a new concept, but many are still unaware since they are often in a hurry to get funds urgently while they are in a court case, either to cover the medical expenses or car repairs if they suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Obtaining funds these days is difficult; there are numerous restrictions and paperwork requirements if you approach traditional lending institutions such as a bank or credit card companies. Further, if you have a bad credit rating and no proof of income, it is most probable that you will be denied a cash advance. Even if you don’t have physical collateral, you will not be able to get a loan from the bank, but now with ECO pre-settlement, you can submit your lawsuit as collateral and raise the money you need to cover medical and legal expenses while your lawsuit is a pending settlement. We can quickly evaluate your case because there isn’t much paperwork and we don’t check your credit. Based on how strong your case is, our lending partner can offer you a cash advance with clear terms.

Cases That Are Allowed To Get Cash Advance in Virginia

  • Car Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Mass Tort
  • Labor Law
  • Commercial Lawsuit
  • Premises Liability Claims

Need Urgent Funds During A Pending Lawsuit? Apply Now For a Quick Pre-Settlement Loan

In Virginia, being involved in a personal injury claim is not easy. You must pay for your medical expenses, surgeries, and personal care while also paying for attorney fees and other unexpected legal expenses. These immediate needs can tamper with your financial situation, leading you to get a cash advance. It’s better to work with a trusted partner when you need pre-settlement funding in Virginia, and there is no better company than ECO. We have a decade of experience in providing pre-settlement funding and helping plaintiffs when they need it most. Our quick response time and high acceptance rate are far better than those of other institutes. If you are in need of a cash advance and your case has a higher probability of getting a fair settlement, our lenders can offer you low-cost lawsuit loans. All you have to do is fill out the online application below and our executive will contact you and your attorney.

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