Best Pre-Settlement Funding Companies in New Jersey

Need Cash While You Wait for Your Settlement? Check Out These Top New Jersey Funders

Involved in a lawsuit but short on money during this long legal process? Pre-settlement funding – also called lawsuit loans or settlement loans – allow plaintiffs like you to get an advance on possible settlement funds or court awards from your case. This cash can be a lifesaver to cover bills and urgent needs if your case is taking years to resolve.

But how do you find a reliable pre-settlement funding company to work with in New Jersey? Don’t worry, I did the research for you! Here are 5 of the best lawsuit loan companies serving New Jersey plaintiffs right now:

Oasis Legal Finance

Founded in 2003 near you in Cherry Hill, NJ. Oasis gives cash advances focused on personal injury lawsuits. Do you have an excellent case but need money while you wait for your compensation? Tell them all about your specific lawsuit and treatment. Oasis looks at case details, treatment status, and your lawyer’s skills to decide on pre-settlement loan eligibility and terms. Many approve fast – you could have cash in hand in just 1-2 days!


In business since 1998, this company was started by a group of attorneys in NY. But LawCash lends in NJ and across the USA. They give lawsuit loans for many civil cases like personal injuries, malpractice, employment and contract disputes too. What makes LawCash stand out? They offer some of the most competitive pre-settlement cash advance rates nationwide. This means maximum cash benefit to you as their client during your case.

Mayfield Settlement Funding

A former lawyer began this funding firm in Red Bank, NJ – so they really understand legal cases well. Mayfield gives customized lawsuit loans by examining every funding application separately. How so? They work directly with your attorney on the nitty gritty details of your pending personal injury claim. This helps them give you a competitive cash advance rate and terms during your legal proceedings.

Legal Finance Services (LFS)

Opened in 2010, Legal Finance Services lends to NJ and NY residents with lawsuits of all types – IP, contracts, malpractice, labor law, and yes personal injuries. The LFS pros have 8+ years successfully reviewing plaintiffs’ case materials to advance settlement sums before their verdict or resolution. Your loan from LFS means earlier cash freedom to pay those overdue bills while awaiting your settlement.

Nova Legal Funding

While founded in Buffalo, NY, Nova lends across NJ working direct with injury victims tied up in lengthy legal fights. What do they offer? Nova promises super efficient application processing, clear explanations of all pre-settlement loan terms/fees, and competitive interest rates, so you understand how much cash you can get now versus later from any settlement. Nova always aims to give straightforward cash help to plaintiffs when they require it most.

How Do These Lawsuit Loan Companies Compare?

  • Oasis, Mayfield and Nova are your best bets for personal injury cases like car accidents or slip and falls leading to major bills.
  • LawCash and Legal Finance Services also fund employment, contract and other civil case types. So they cater to more lawsuit situations.
  • All 5 firms have online tools to check rates and apply quickly for your cash advance. Approvals can come in 1 day up to 2 weeks depending on how in depth they analyze your case materials.
  • Nova and LawCash promote some of the most competitive pre-settlement rates industry-wide to benefit plaintiffs short on cash. But each company offers customized rate and fee explanations specific to your case.
  • While not based in NJ, all 5 companies have funded here many times and understand this state’s local lawsuit and settlement laws for your protection.

Should You Get Lawsuit Funding in New Jersey?

If you’re struggling financially during a long legal fight, a pre-settlement cash advance could really help you out. Just imagine being able to access cash from your future settlement today so you can:

  • Catch up on important bills like medical debts or car loans
  • Avoid losing your house, car or other assets
  • Pay living costs if you lost wages from an injury
  • Focus on healing physically and financially while your attorney fights your legal case

Just make sure to ask lots of questions upfront and read all terms sent to you carefully before signing anything. Get clear on how much total fees apply and when repayment from your later settlement is due. That way this financial tool works best for your situation.

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