Plaintiff’s Pre-Settlement Funding Checklist

Thinking About Getting Cash Before Your Case Settles? Read This Pre-Settlement Funding Checklist

If you’ve been injured and are suing for compensation, you may be interested in getting an advance on any settlement you might receive. Companies that provide lawsuit cash advances make it sound quick and easy – they’ll give you money upfront in exchange for a cut of your settlement down the road. But before you take the bait, there are some big questions you need to ask.

Being a trusted pre-settlement funding provider in the US, we can help you understand a few key things any smart person should consider before taking money from a lawsuit loan company. This pre-settlement funding checklist could save you from a big financial mistake.

Understand the True Cost with Fees and Interest

First off, you need to find out exactly how much getting cash now will end up costing you in fees and interest. Don’t just look at the dollar amount you’ll have to repay – look at the annual percentage rate. Pre-settlement funding can end up being insanely expensive over time. We have seen rates over 100% APR! You need to crunch the numbers to see the true cost.

And keep in mind that legal cases often drag on longer than people expect. All those fees just keep compiling. Imagine owing double or triple what you borrowed over months or years – it happens. Don’t convince yourself your case will settle quickly. That’s risky thinking.

Research the Funding Company Thoroughly

You also need to research any company before doing business with them. There are a ton of pre-settlement funders out there being extremely aggressive in their marketing. Many are shady. Check online for reviews and complaints. Make sure the company is legit and ethical. If they pressure you or promise unrealistic things about your case, run away.

Read the Contract Carefully

Reading the contract is another must-do. Have somebody experienced look it over too. You need to fully understand what you’re agreeing to. Don’t get sucked in by a sales pitch – take your time. Ask questions if anything is unclear before signing. The contract terms matter. You must talk with your attorney without their approval, and never sign any contract. Since attorney’s have ideas of attorney financing through which they can take the cash advance for their law firm. So always consult an attorney for a pre-settlement funding contract.

Consider Alternatives

Now here’s something a lot of people don’t consider – you may have lower-cost alternatives to get cash in a pinch. Can friends or family loan you money? What about a regular bank loan or credit card cash advance? Or calling your doctor and asking for a payment plan? Explore these options first.

Be Realistic About Settlement Estimates

Also, be very cautious about settlement estimates from your lawyer. Those are guesses, not guarantees. Don’t make the mistake of counting on a huge payout down the line and overextending yourself now. Anything can happen in court. Expect setbacks.

Talk to Your Attorney First

Before taking a cash advance, talk to your attorney about whether it could mess up your case. Getting money from a pre-settlement funder might make you look financially motivated. Get your lawyer’s green light first.


Okay, so in a summary of the Pre-Settlement Funding Checklist – getting quick cash can sound really good when you’re hurting for money after an accident. But going the pre-settlement funding route is extremely risky if you don’t look at the fine print and do your homework. Don’t let the need for money today cloud your judgment about what something might end up costing you tomorrow. Slow down, do your research, and make sure you understand what you’re getting into. Your future self will thank you.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Being a reputed name in the segment of pre-settlement financing we are happy to help you better understand pre-settlement funding and figure out the smartest options for your situation.

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