Truvada Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Funding For Plaintiff Of Truvada Claim

Lawsuit loans against Truvada claims are only provided to plaintiffs with a pending mass tort claim against manufacturers. It is meant to help people who suffered side effects due to use of HIV drug Truvada. If you need urgent money to cover medical bills while you are waiting for your Truvada settlement, our lawsuit funding is the best choice.

truvada lawsuit loans

Our cash advance can be used to cover legal fees and travel expenses as you pursue your case against Gilead Sciences as a mass tort claim. These cash advances can be used for personal reasons like day to day expenses, rent payment, etc. that can make your life easier in the long term.

Truvada Side Effects That Lead To Mass Tort Claim

While Truvada is generally safe, you should be aware of a few potential side effects. These include

  • kidney problems,
  • bone density loss, and
  • lactic acidosis.

If you experience any of these side effects, it’s important to speak with your doctor immediately. These side effects are the biggest reasons why manufacturers of Truvada drugs are facing so many lawsuits.

Lawsuit Loans For Plaintiff In Truvada Claims

If you’re considering taking out a loan to help cover the costs of your Truvada lawsuit, you should know a few things. Truvada lawsuit loans are not traditional loans such as bank loans or credit cards. They are non-recourse funding options, which means that you only have to repay the loan if you win your case.

Since they are a risk free funding option for plaintiffs, they typically have higher interest rates than traditional loans. We do not perform any credit check, since we offer cash advance based on the strength of your case, not your credit score. Making it a viable option if you have bad credit, and you need funds quickly.

Use Truvada Case Funding With No Obligation

Our pre-settlement funding not only offers risk free cash advances to plaintiffs of Truvada lawsuits but we offer funds with no obligation. Litigants are free to use the money they find suitable. Generally, people uses pre-settlement loans to pay for certain things such as

  • Medical bills
  • Pending surgeries
  • Home rent and mortgages
  • Cover expenses caused by lost wages
  • Pay legal and attorney fees
  • Settle utility and energy bills

Process of Truvada Lawsuit Funding

People who have been diagnosed with HIV and have taken Truvada, are eligible for pre-settlement funding. Further there are a few criteria that you need to cover to become eligible

  • You have a pending lawsuit
  • An attorney is representing your case in court
  • Your attorney agrees to work with our agency
  • You agree to funds in exchange for your future compensation.

If you fulfill all the criteria to apply you just need to call 800.961.8924 or apply online. After reviewing your case strength we can come to agree on the loan amount. Further, if you and your attorney agree to the funding terms, we will transfer the money to your given account.

Interest rate on Truvada lawsuit

Lawsuits are time-consuming and uncertain, therefore lenders have to take a lot of risk while offering Truvada lawsuit loans. Interest rate for Truvada lawsuit loans depends on few instances like

  • Expected amount of settlement
  • Anticipated time of settlement
  • Severity of the side effects
  • Response of attorney
  • Your case strength

Only Risk-Free Cash Advance Option For Truvada Plaintiff

As more and more people become aware of this class action lawsuit against Gilead Sciences and Truvada Lawsuit Loans continue to be granted, more cases are being brought against the company by victims across the country. This type of funding can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to your diagnosis.

Further, these are risk-free pre-settlement loans that put no extra burden on the plaintiff. If you have been diagnosed with the side effects of Truvada and need money for medical care, apply for risk free Truvada lawsuit loans and continue with your claim and wait till you receive expected settlement.

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