Who Can Take Pre-Settlement Funding?

Recently we have seen a rise in applications for pre-settlement funding. Since pre-settlement funds are risk-free cash advances to people with a pending court case, all want to get their hands on it. Everyone who has a pending court case needs cash to keep up with the cost of court proceedings, and in case the person who has a personal injury case needs funds not just for court fees but for day-to-day expenses as well. All these situations lead people to find viable financing options so that they can fix their finances while fighting for their rightful compensation.

So, can every person with a lawsuit be eligible for a pre-settlement loan? No, not everyone can get pre-settlement funding. Only people with personal injury cases, mass tort claims, and commercial litigations are allowed to take pre-settlement funding. Let us further understand which individuals or groups can take pre-settlement financing from our company.

Pre-Settlement Loans For Attorneys

Attorneys are most prone to get a pre-settlement loan. But to get the funds they must work on cases with a contingency fee structure. Those lawyers who agree to work on the case without taking the legal fees upfront, but to get their fees after the settlement or the jury remarks. The contingency fee agreement permits the lawyer to take a pre-settlement loan for the cases they are handling. In this way, they can recover the cash while the client is not able to pay, especially when they know the plaintiff’s ability (or inability) to pay.

Pre-settlement loan for an attorney is termed as attorney funding or cash advance for an attorney. Our company offers attorney funding to lawyers who are in need of cash to keep their work going and take new clients. Generally, when an individual attorney works on a case with contingency fees, they have to wait for years to get their fees from the client. As an attorney agree to work on the case, until the judgment without taking any cash from the plaintiff.

The financial problems probably arise for the independent lawyer who has many of these personal injury cases getting delayed. In these scenarios, it really becomes difficult for the attorney to keep up with the work and operations, because the attorney needs cash to keep the work ongoing. Because in a lawsuit you have to make your case strong and for that, you need money to get expert advice or some kind of investigation.

Attorney funding allows lawyers to maintain their expenses even if the cases are getting delayed. This cash can be used by the lawyer for multiple things, either they can use the cash to make their cases strong, or they can use it to get new clients and build up their portfolio.

If you are a lawyer who is taking cases of personal injury claims and working on a contingency fee structure, we can provide you with attorney funding. You can use the funds to settle your working bills, get expert reviews, and make strong cases for your clients.

Cash Advance For Law Firms

Most of the personal injury law firms accept cases on a contingency fee structure. This is the way to lure more client into their law firms. But with many of the cases getting delayed in court, creates a financial problem for them. In case a law firm has hundreds of cases with them, where the majority are getting delayed, the law firm may see no incoming money for months or years until the cases start to settle. During that time, they have to pay the salaries to their employees, pay the rent of the office space, and many other expenses.

Law firm loans, or pre-settlement funding for law firms are designed only for law firms who are working on cases on a contingency fee basis.  These cash advances can be used by law firms without any obligation. To take pre-settlement funding a law firm just has to show their case details, the expected settlement from them, and the amount they need. Our cash advance for law firms can definitely help them cover the cost of litigation for their client, also they can use the money to cover the law firm expenses including fees for private investigators, discovery, and expert witnesses.

Pre-settlement funding gives law firms a chance to be able to afford these costs by allowing them to accept several cases and bundle them so that they can get a cash advance against these cases. Through these cash advances law firms can receive the cash immediately, while making sure that justice is rightfully served. If you are a law firm and willing to partner with us on a limited number of cases, apply here for law firm loans.

Commercial Lawsuit Funding For Business Entities

Whenever a business entity gets involved in a lawsuit, where they are the victim, are eligible for commercial lawsuit funding. Commercial lawsuit funding is also a kind of pre-settlement funding that is specifically designed to suit the needs of a commercial entity like businesses, startups, and other small businesses. Commercial litigation is expensive and definitely gets delayed for years, and we understand that no company can have its funds stuck on a lawsuit if it wants to thrive in these challenging conditions.

With the availability of commercial lawsuit loans businesses find relief, if they find themselves tied up in legal issues and facing financial trouble. Businesses may consider litigation financing when they face financial strain due to an ongoing legal battle but believe they have a strong case with a good likelihood of a favorable outcome. The loans are designed to help businesses cover legal expenses and maintain operations while waiting for the resolution of a pending legal case.

While waiting, there is a need for these businesses to keep up, continue their operations, hire employees, and take care of the other costs that are involved in the running of their everyday affairs. We provide commercial lawsuit funding to companies that are currently in this unfortunate position, allowing them to remain open while pursuing their legal claims.

Pre-Settlement Funding For Plaintiffs

Plaintiffs are those people who are in a court case, where they are the victims of the damages. Pre-settlement loans are for the people (plaintiffs) who have an ongoing court case where they have sued the other person to demand compensation for the damages they have faced. Further, their are instances where lenders can offer cash advances to the plaintiff even when their case gets settled, those kinds of money are called post-settlement funding. Our company only provides pre-settlement loans.

Plaintiff generally needs pre-settlement funding to keep up their finance and survive during expensive litigation and delays. When a person is waiting for a settlement, after suffering an injury, they are in need of cash to maintain their lifestyle, or even they can need the money to pay medical expenses. We have seen instances where people needed money for urgent surgery, but they are totally dependent on the expected future settlement award.

But now with settlement funding and lawsuit loans, plaintiffs are taking a sigh of relief, when they receive cash advance prior to the expected settlement. These cash advances they receive quickly, without credit checks or working history. Furthermore, because lawsuit loans are risk-free and non-recourse, they even don’t have to worry about debt accumulation. The future settlement award will cover the loan and the interest on it. And in case, the plaintiff loses the lawsuit they don’t have to pay for anything, making it the most effective way to get cash, while in a lawsuit. If you are a plaintiff with a pending court case and need money for urgent needs, we provide quick and easy lawsuit loans which you can apply for free.

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