California Pre-settlement Funding

People who have a pending lawsuit in California and need funds to cover medical and legal expenses in the meantime can apply with us to get low-cost pre-settlement funding in California. We can provide you with a risk-free cash advance in exchange for a portion of your future settlement award. Further, we provide non-recourse funds, so you don’t have to worry about repayment in case you lose the case.

CA pre-settlement funding

Reject Any Lowball Offers You Are Getting By Taking CA Pre-Settlement Funding

Personal injury lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming. People need urgent money to cover their expenses. An injury can lead to lost wages, and if you have a pending lawsuit, you may want to settle it as quickly as possible. But the other party tries to delay the process. They wait till you exhaust your savings and agree to settle for lower compensation. But now, with a pre-settlement loan in California, you have the option to use the money for personal expenses and wait until you receive a fair amount in settlement.

We provide you cash advance which you can use on

  • Medical bills
  • Attorney fees
  • Car fixes
  • Any surgery
  • Personal care
  • Child care

In fact, you can use the cash advance on anything you like; our ECO pre-settlement funding company puts no limitations on how the applicant approved for a loan uses it. So if you have a pending lawsuit and you are fed up with the lowball offers but still want to fight for a fair reward, take pre-settlement funding now by calling us at 800-961-8924.

Cases Eligible For Pre-Settlement Funding in California

We can give lawsuit loans on many types of cases in California, but the only criteria are that your case is pending in court and you haven’t received any settlement offers. The list of common cases we can help with are

  • Car Accident Lawsuit
  • Lawsuit for Medical Malpractice
  • Personal injury lawsuit
  • Employment Rights Lawsuit
  • Premises Liability Lawsuit
  • Slip And Fall Accident Cases
  • Lawsuit of Patent Infringement

Further, if you don’t find your case type here, you can still apply with us. Once our executives understand your situation, we may be able to assist you with an offer of the lowest-interest pre-settlement loan.

Pre-Settlement Funding Process in California

Since lawsuit funding is legal in California, people with a pending lawsuit can apply for a cash advance for many types of cases. Our process is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is fill out an online application with information like your contact details, the amount needed, the type of lawsuit, and the details of your attorney.

Once we receive the application, we will talk to a lawyer to understand the merits of the case. Based on the insights we receive from our team of experts, we will decide the amount we can offer to you. Further, we will provide you with a contract with all the details mentioned, like T&C, amount funded, etc. After you and your attorney sign the contract with us, we can send the money in a few days.

Get Money With No Risk Involved

Pre-settlement funding in California is the only risk-free option to get money against your lawsuit. No bank or lending institute can offer you money if you don’t have a strong credit rating and collateral to submit. Our company needs none because we consider your lawsuit as collateral; therefore, even if you lose the case, you won’t have to repay anything.

Since a lot of risks are involved on our end because there is no guarantee of the outcome of the lawsuit, we fund only limited cases that have a higher probability of getting fair compensation. For this, we have our own team of expert attorneys who analyze your case, talk to your attorney, and based on that, decide the amount.

Further, the interest rate on our lawsuit loan is completely dependent on the case at hand. We can provide you with a final interest rate only after analyzing the case, but we try to keep our interest rate to industry standards and offer the lowest possible.

If you have a lawsuit on which you have an active attorney working and representing your case, you can apply with us. Take pre-settlement lawsuit money now for urgent needs and repay us once you win the settlement.

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