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Georgia lawsuit loans are a form of financial help meant only for plaintiffs.

Our lawsuit funding company provides a cash advance to plaintiffs involved in personal injury, property damage, or other types of civil lawsuits against large insurance companies or self-insured entities.

It’s especially beneficial to people who don’t have the money upfront to finance their lawsuit through a standard lending institution.

Lawsuit Loans are Risk Free

The plaintiff has to promise that they are going to win their case.

If they lose, they don’t have to pay anything.

However, if they win, then there are financial obligations of repayment.

It’s a win-win situation.

Are lawsuit loans acceptable in Georgia?

Like any other state, Georgia has its own regulation and law for legal funding. But it is totally fine to deal with lawsuit loans, either you are a plaintiff, business entity, or law firm.

Plaintiffs have to file a personal injury lawsuit within 2 years from the date of the accident. If they are going to claim the damages, Georgia’s statute of limitation is just two years. And after that neither you can file a case, nor we can offer any lawsuit funding.

What’s the typical total cost of a Georgia Lawsuit Loan?

The non-recourse rates vary from 36% (for loans with a repayment schedule of up to 18 months) to 42% (for loans with a repayment schedule of up to 36 months).

What kind of cases do we fund in Georgia?

Any personal injury lawsuit filed in Georgia is accepted for presettlement funding. Here is the list of common cases we fund.

and many more… To see the complete list of cases eligible for lawsuit loans, click here.

Further, we not only offer to fund a common type of lawsuit, here are some unique cases for which we recently provide pre-settlement loans in Georgia.

Plavix Cases

Being approved for pre-settlement funding in Georgia can greatly help you with your lawsuit case against Plavix. If you have been using Plavix for quite a while now and you have suffered from severe adverse effects such as chest pain, edema, hemorrhage, severe rash, and recurrent ulcers, you should be checked immediately. This drug is a blood-thinning medication to prevent strokes and heart attacks. However, there have been numerous incidents that this drug is more harmful than it can actually help.

Effects of Tylenol

Tylenol is a common drug used to relieve pain. However, there have been many complaints that it can cause liver damage. If you are among the victims, you can file a lawsuit case for compensation. If the company you are suing is big, it may be a challenge for you since they possess millions of dollars and a strong legal team. This should not be a reason for you not to pursue the case or settle with anything less rewarding. You can handle your case properly if you are going to get pre-settlement funding in Georgia.

Da Vinci Surgery Robot Lawsuit

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA has removed countless reports of serious adverse effects due to the Da Vinci Surgery Robot. Among the serious side effects include nerve damage, excessive bleeding, vaginal injuries, perforated uterus and blood vessels, and in some cases, death. You have the right to a personal injury claim if you have suffered the same thing. Medical bills are very expensive and it’s not easy to be suffering from these adverse effects. File a lawsuit case and get Georgia Lawsuit Funding.

Defective Knee Replacements Claims

There have been numerous cases of defective knee replacements. A lot of patients complained that their knee replacements are causing them intense pain and difficulties in walking. Many of the knee replacements were detached, dislocated, or loosened. You can file a lawsuit case if it’s proven that you had a defective knee replacement. Get the proper financial help by applying for settlement loans in Georgia.

Lawsuit for Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft

Many patients suffered from extreme side effects due to the Medtronic infuse bone graft. Some of the complications include difficulties in breathing, as well as swallowing and speaking. You should file a claim if you are among the patients who suffered due to this kind of surgery. Medical bills and medications are very expensive today and if you have suffered further, instead of getting treatment, it’s only proper to recover those damages. If you want to get the best and most affordable lawsuit loans in Georgia, you should only apply with ECO Pre-settlement funding.

Are there any limitations as to what type of case I can apply for a lawsuit loan on?

The plaintiff must be involved in a civil lawsuit against a business or individual with at least $10,000 from which the proceeds will go to the plaintiff.

It is also preferable if you have retained an attorney to handle your claim.

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