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Lawsuit can be an extremely lengthy process. It is common for legal proceedings to take years to conclude, especially if the defendant involved denies any culpability in the situation. Most people do not have enough savings on hand to handle several years of financial hardship while they wait for their case to conclude. Luckily, there are alternative financial services available to people who need money in the meantime. These services are called lawsuit loans.

What is a lawsuit loan?

Lawsuit Loans in Iowa are financial agreements between borrowers and lenders that stipulate the borrower will repay a certain amount of money, plus interest, within a specified timeframe after winning the case.

If the borrower loses their case they do not have to pay back any of the loans. If they win, they may have to repay more than what they initially borrowed depending on how successful their case was.

Eco Pre-settlement Funding is willing to offer lawsuit loans in Iowa because they have the potential to earn a significant profit, given that if the borrower loses their case they do not have to repay any of the money.

Iowa lawsuit loans are beneficial for the plaintiff

Lawsuit Loans in Iowa can be beneficial for many people seeking money before or during bankruptcy proceedings, especially if the borrower will not qualify for Chapter 11 or they are unable to wait the 3-5 years it could take for their case to conclude.

Talk to your attorney before applying for Iowa lawsuit loans

Make sure to talk with your attorney before you apply for a lawsuit loan in Iowa. Your attorney can help you determine if such a service is right for you and how much money, if any, would be the best option.

Any credit type may participate in this process by applying for Lawsuit Loans Iowa at the most respectable company offering lawsuit loan services. These loans are speedy, dependable, and hassle-free. This means plaintiff can take advantage of this money, even if they are affected by prior credit problems or no credit score at all.

Types of lawsuits eligible for funding

At ECO Pre-settlement funding we can provide you low-interest rate lawsuit loans for multiple cases, below are some of them

And many more. Further, you can check some of the recent cases we fund in Iowa.


Bus accidents happen every day so there are lawsuits left and right. They may come from passengers of the bus or other vehicles that have been hit, or simply people around the scene that were dragged into the accident. No matter how ordinary these accidents may get, if you have been a victim, you can always file a bus accident lawsuit, especially if the accident can be traced to neglect by the drivers or the maintenance.


Car accidents can be very serious as they can lead to disability or worse, death. There have been a lot of these situations that have been let go because of monetary issues. If you have been in an automobile accident and you want to file a lawsuit but do not have the resources for that, do not fret. All you need to do is find pre-settlement funding companies in Iowa and take the car accident loan for your trial.


A lot of people still do not know what can be considered catastrophic injuries. Up until today, there is still no legal definition but injuries that lead to long-term disability can be long-term or permanent. All catastrophic injuries are considered severe; so if you have experienced any of these, do not be afraid to file a lawsuit and look for pre-settlement funding in Iowa.


In times of construction accidents, victims are at a loss on who to blame. Property owners, construction site owners, contractors, and equipment manufacturers – these are the people who should be held liable. Lawsuits should be filed if you have experienced negligence resulting in injuries. Construction accident legal funding helps you with the finances.


Aside from proving that you have been injured from defective products, the most important thing to prove is that you were injured while using the product. This simple fact is often neglected and loses a lot of cases. If you think you have a strong case, find a lawyer and pick cash advances in form of pre-settlement loans in Iowa.

Apply for Iowa lawsuit funding

ECO helps individuals and groups achieve financial freedom in Iowa by enabling them to quickly and easily receive lawsuit loans in Iowa.

We guaranteed to give you funding during your trial if you have a strong personal injury claim.

Not only will you get low-interest loans and low rates, but you will also get the services from the best lawsuit funding company.

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