Minnesota Lawsuit Loans

Suffering from an accident injury can turn your world upside down, especially when costs pile up while you’re waiting for your lawsuit to settle. Medical bills can skyrocket, particularly following a severe car accident. But fear not, as ECO Pre-settlement Funding offers a solution that could be your lifeline—Minnesota lawsuit loans.

Finding financial stability in the midst of a lawsuit

If you’re currently embroiled in an injury lawsuit and are concerned about meeting your daily expenses until your settlement comes through, pre-settlement funding could be your way forward.

Commonly referred to as lawsuit loans, pre-lawsuit loans, or cash advances, pre-settlement funding is essentially a cash advance on your forthcoming personal injury award from a loan provider.

Deciphering Pre-settlement Loans

A pre-settlement loan is a unique financial tool that plaintiffs use to manage their lawsuit expenses. This funding is deemed “pre-settlement” because it allows you to access a portion of your expected settlement before your case resolves.

Minnesota residents involved in a lawsuit have two primary funding options: a personal loan or an advance against a prospective future settlement. A personal loan entails borrowing a sum upfront, which you’ll repay with interest over time as your case progresses. Alternatively, an advance on your potential future settlement means the lender gives you cash now and gets reimbursed when (and if) your case settles.

How ECO Pre-settlement Funding Works in Minnesota

At ECO, we offer financial advances to individuals, law firms, or companies entangled in a lawsuit. These advances are typically offered against the anticipated settlement amount projected to be won in the lawsuit.

To utilize our pre-settlement lawsuit funding, simply reach out to us. Our team will collaborate with your legal representation to ensure your loan is approved based on your specific case and circumstances. Following your application approval, the funds will be deposited into an account established in your name, ready for you to access as needed.

Unlock the Benefits of Minnesota Lawsuit Loans

Whether it’s medical bills, owed taxes, lost income, security deposits for a new home, or more, a myriad of expenses crop up during litigation. Pre-settlement lawsuit loans might be just what you need to regain your financial footing.

At ECO, we fund a variety of cases in Minnesota:

  • Car Accident Loans
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Product Liability Lawsuits
  • Defective Drug Lawsuits
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Mass Tort Lawsuits
  • Slip And Fall Lawsuits

Leverage Pre-settlement Funding for Medical and Legal Bills

Our low cost pre-settlement funding can be utilized to settle bills and other expenses before your lawsuit concludes. You won’t have to stress about accumulating bills while waiting for your settlement—they’ll already be taken care of.

Pre-settlement funding can also help avoid accruing interest on unpaid medical debt or credit card debt which often occurs when individuals need

How Much You Need?