New Mexico Pre-Settlement Funding

For people who are involved in an ongoing lawsuit and need cash to cover the expenses, we bring pre-settlement funding in New Mexico. Our cash advances can help you pay for the legal fees and medical bills while your case is still in progress. We pay you the cash advance based on the strength of your case. In exchange, you repay us the funds when the case settles in your favor. In case you don’t get the settlement, or you lose the case we will not ask for the repayment of pre-settlement loans. Our company has decade of experience in providing legal funding all across US, and now in New Mexico too.

New Mexico Pre-Settlement Funding

What Our Pre-Settlement Funding Offers in New Mexico

Our pre-settlement legal funding provides a kind of lifeline for plaintiffs during the challenging times of a legal proceeding. Sometimes pre-settlement loans are also referred as lawsuit loans or legal financing. With pre-settlement money you “plaintiff” can have early access to a portion of money before their expected future compensation is dispersed.

Our cash advances empower plaintiffs to cover vital expenses while their lawsuit is still going through claims, discovery, appeals, and finally a verdict. Once the settlement comes through, the loan can be repaid with ease without any hassle.

How Our Pre-Settlement Loans Work?

The basics of our pre-settlement loans are straightforward:

  • They are based on pending compensation from a personal injury claim
  • The funds allow the plaintiff to pay costs today
  • The loans are paid back with interest after a verdict favoring the plaintiff

Importantly, the cash we provide are non-recourse advances. In case the plaintiff’s lawsuit fails, nothing has to be paid back. With the lawsuit itself serving as the only collateral, these loans provide a cash flow solution without placing unnecessary risk on the plaintiff.

At ECO Pre-Settlement Funding we focus specifically on creating pre-settlement loans matched to each plaintiff’s unique situation.

We Differentiate Ourselves With High Funding Power and Responsible Terms

Every pre-settlement loan we offer is created with careful balance between providing meaningful utility for the plaintiff while complying with New Mexico regulations. We go above and beyond minimum standards to deliver plaintiffs robust, responsible financing including:

  • New Mexico’s Highest Pre-Settlement Loan Amounts – Funding over $500,000
  • Low-Rate Interest
  • Zero Upfront Fees or Charges

We determine loan amounts based on a careful analysis of each case’s

  • projected timeline,
  • settlement estimates,
  • financial affidavits on current plaintiff need, and
  • any other individual factors.

This allows our team to offer best pre-settlement funding in New Mexico. Often we can fund up to twice the amount of competitors. This helps New Mexico plaintiffs stay financially empowered for the long haul.

Use Pre-Settlement Funds Responsibly

While every plaintiff has unique needs, some common uses for pre-settlement advances include:

Living Expenses

  • Mortgage/rent
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Childcare

Financial Obligations

  • Debt/loans
  • Attorney costs
  • Court fees
  • Taxes

Medical Costs

  • Treatment
  • Hospital bills
  • Medications
  • Therapy

Easy Application Process, Funding in Days

We simplified our pre-settlement loan application and approval process to ensure eligible New Mexico plaintiffs can access funding ASAP.

You can start your application online or call our office 24/7. After discussing your claim details and financial position, we issue an initial loan offer, often in just 24 hours. Once signed and completed documents are received, we can wire your account the funds in 1-4 business days on average.

Types Of Cases Eligible for Cash Advances in New Mexico

Our New Mexico pre-settlement funding company offers cash advances for a variety of lawsuit types, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Mass tort
  • Personal injury
  • Commercial lawsuit

If your case type isn’t listed above, simply complete our online application and provide details about your situation. Our team will evaluate your case to determine if funding is possible.

We Are Here To Help Plaintiffs

At ECO, we understand the problems faced by plaintiffs while they are in an ongoing settlement phase. Our services are designed in a way that we bring the best legal financing solutions for you. Plaintiff don’t need to worry about the finances if their case is strong enough. We can bring the cash you need to pay the attorney and the doctors. All we need is a portion of your future settlement amount.

Now if any of you need any cash advance while you have a pending lawsuit, ECO can be your go to place for it New Mexico.

How Much You Need?