New Mexico Pre-Settlement Funding

Secure the Immediate Funds You Need for Your Lawsuit in New Mexico

As lawsuits become increasingly intricate, navigating the legal landscape can be a challenging and drawn-out process. With personal injury lawsuits potentially taking over a year to reach a verdict, those depending on the compensation from these settlements often find themselves in desperate need of funds to cover personal and legal expenses. Fortunately, pre-settlement funding in New Mexico provides a lifeline, offering urgent cash advances in exchange for your future settlement award. We can supply up to $100,000 for personal injury, car accident, medical malpractice, and mass tort claims in New Mexico.

New Mexico Pre-Settlement Funding

Discover New Mexico Pre-Settlement Funding

Qualifying for Pre-Settlement Funding in New Mexico Pre-settlement funding is designed specifically for individuals with an ongoing lawsuit awaiting settlement. To be eligible for a pre-settlement loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have an active lawsuit in progress
  • You are represented by an attorney in court
  • Your injuries resulted from another party’s negligence
  • Your attorney is working on a contingency fee basis and has agreed to a pre-settlement loan

Additional factors, such as the type of lawsuit, the strength of your case, and our company’s assessment of your case, may also influence your eligibility for cash advances.

Diverse Cases Eligible for Cash Advances

Our New Mexico pre-settlement funding company offers cash advances for a variety of lawsuit types, including:

  • Car accident lawsuit loans
  • Medical malpractice lawsuit loans
  • Mass tort lawsuit loans
  • Personal injury loans
  • Commercial lawsuit loans

If your case type isn’t listed above, simply complete our online application and provide details about your situation. Our team will evaluate your case to determine if funding is possible.

How Pre-Settlement Loans Can Be Utilized

Individuals with pending lawsuits in New Mexico often pursue pre-settlement loans for various reasons. Common expenses covered by these loans include:

  • Medical bills
  • Legal fees
  • Attorney fees
  • Car repairs
  • Loan repayments
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Personal expenses
  • Child care costs

Our pre-settlement funding company in New Mexico places no restrictions on how applicants use the funds. Once you receive a cash advance from us, you are free to allocate the money as you see fit without interference from our organization.

Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding and Reject Unfair Settlement Offers

We’ve seen too many individuals forced to accept inadequate settlement offers due to a lack of resources to continue their lawsuit. Our pre-settlement cash advances empower you to bolster your case and sustain yourself until a final judgment is issued. With our financial support, you can confidently reject lowball offers from opposing parties.

Secure a risk-free cash advance in New Mexico by calling us at 800-961-8924 or completing the online application provided. We offer non-recourse structured settlement funds, which only require repayment if you win your case.

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