Pennsylvania Pre-Settlement Funding

If you suffered any form of injury because of someone else’s negligence, whether it was while driving, working, or in any other way, you are eligible for compensation from the offender. But it is only possible to receive compensation if you sue the offender. But it is not easy to continue with the court proceedings if you have a lot to take care of and don’t have enough money in savings. But now with Pennsylvania pre-settlement funding, you can get an appropriate cash advance based on the strength of your pending case, which you can use to pay medical fees and legal costs.

Pennsylvania Pre-Settlement Funding

Reasons Why People Need Cash Advances for Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

In most cases, the person who suffers injuries because of negligence has to take time off from their day-to-day job; they lose the job because of the permanent disability. With the loss of a wage, taking care of livelihoods and legal expenses at the same time can be frustrating and even impossible.

Further, a lost job can lead to the loss or repayment of a mortgage, leading to a poor credit score, and in those tough times, if you go to the bank for a loan, they will definitely deny it. Now, by partnering with the best pre-settlement funding company, you have the option to get a lump sum in exchange for a future settlement award without the need for a credit check or income proof.

Criteria To Become Eligible For Pennsylvania Lawsuit Funding Are

The very common requirement to apply for pre-settlement funding in Pennsylvania is that the applicant be a plaintiff in a personal injury case. Further, you can check the list of criteria you need to cover to actually get a lawsuit funding

  • The applicant’s age should be above 18
  • Only the injured or their loved ones can apply for a lawsuit loan
  • You must hire an attorney who is working on a contingency fee basis
  • Your attorney must agree for the purpose of a lawsuit loan
  • You have suffered a personal injury because of someone else negligence
  • Your case detail must be submitted and shared with the lender
  • You agree to disclose if you have received any prior offers or not

What Types of Cases Can Receive Cash Advances?

Since our pre-settlement funding company has been providing cash advances to people for more than 10 years, we have funded multiple types of cases. But the cases we fund sometimes depend on the state rules. Therefore, you must check the list of cases given below and understand whether you are eligible or not

What Can I Use the Funds For?

You can use the cash advance you received in the form of pre-settlement funding in Pennsylvania for multiple purposes; either you can use it for litigation expenses or you can use it for personal expenses. Since our lawsuit funding company in Pennsylvania places no obligations on how the applicant uses the funds once they receive them from our end, Generally, people use the cash advance to pay for

  • Medical bills
  • Attorney fees and legal cost
  • Car repairs
  • Mortgage repayment
  • Home rent
  • Personal expenses

The Rate Of Interest On Pre-Settlement Funding

The interest rate on the cash advance for a pending lawsuit can vary from lender to lender. Some of the key points you need to know, to understand interest rates are:

  • Case type
  • The expected value of the settlement
  • Injury severity
  • The time it will take to settle the case
  • The state you live in

Our company tries to offer the best rate possible in the pre-settlement financing industry, but to get more clear details, you can call us at 800-961-8924 or fill out the cash advance online application given below.


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