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If you get injured because of a car accident in New Jersey, it can be devastating and increase unexpected expenses. Not only can you lose your vehicle in the incident, but you could be out thousands of dollars in medical bills or damaged property. New Jersey car accident loans are designed specifically to help people who have been in accidents get the money they need to cover the costs of their injuries and lawsuits while they are waiting for settlement.

Car Accident Loans From ECO Pre-settlement Funding

At ECO, we provide low-cost car accident lawsuit funding that you can easily get if you have an ongoing auto collision lawsuit. All you need to do is fill out the below form or call us at (800) 961-8924. As soon as you apply, our executives will connect with you as well as your attorney to understand the merits of your claim in New Jersey. If you have a strong case and the expected reward is high but you need the cash right now for personal expenses, then we can provide risk-free pre-settlement in New Jersey.

After you agree to the terms of funding and your attorney agrees to share the case details and related paperwork necessary for approval for a cash advance, we can pay the fund in a couple of days. So you get the urgent money you need and repay it only if you win.

We fund different road accident cases that are pending settlement and plaintiffs need urgent money.

Why do you need car accident loans?

Nobody likes getting into a car accident, but you might be scared by how much it will cost you if you’re injured in one. But if you don’t want to spend all your savings paying for bills that are caused by the loss of wages from a car accident, pre-settlement funding can be the best option for you.

Since the lawsuit loans we provide are non-recourse, you risk nothing. And you can use the cash advance for many things, such as

  • Legal expenses,
  • utility bills,
  • Car repair,
  • Medical bills,
  • Attorney Fees,
  • Loan Repayment &
  • Rent.

Who qualifies for car accident loans?

Those who suffered injuries from a car accident which is not their fault can apply for car accident lawsuit funding in New Jersey, but to qualify there are certain criteria that need to be met like

  • An individual with an ongoing car accident case can apply
  • A family member who lost a loved one lives in a car accident can apply
  • You have an attorney working on a contingency basis
  • You have a strong case that is eligible for compensation
  • If you fulfill the above criteria or are still unsure, contact us.

Why select us?

Our car accident loans are designed for people with insufficient funds at their disposal and can help with both short-term and long-term financial needs following an accident to cover your costs and ensure that your recovery goes smoothly. We are the best pre-settlement lawsuit funding company in NJ for the following reasons:

  • Low Interest Rate
  • Non-recourse Funding
  • Zero Risk Involved
  • Quick And Easy Application Process
  • Higher Acceptance Rate
  • Decade of Experience

Interest rate on NJ car accident lawsuit funding

Plaintiffs who apply for lawsuit loans often want to know what interest rate they have to pay after securing the loan. Our interest rate totally depends on things like

  • Strength of your claim
  • Expected time of settlement
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Required amount

To know what interest rate fits your case, you can call us or fill out the below-provided pre-settlement funding application form.

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