New Jersey Car Accident Loans

If you suffered injuries because of a car accident that was not your fault, then you are eligible to get the right compensation from the party at fault. Most of the time, when the offender is insured, the insurance company will take care of the expenses. However, if the person at fault is not insured, you must go to court. Car accident lawsuits are costly and time-consuming, and if you are waiting for the settlement to cover your medical bills, then you may have to wait for years. But with our car accident loans in New Jersey, you get an option to get the cash prior to settlement. We offer risk-free cash advances to those people who have pending car accident lawsuits. Our pre-settlement financing services have already helped more than a million people all across the United States. Take the cash against your case and pay us back after winning the case.

New Jersey Car Accident Loans Are Risk-Free

Generally, many people think of a car accident loan as similar to a bank loan, but in reality, it is totally different. To take a bank loan, you need to possess a strong credit rating, but for a car accident loan, you need a strong car accident lawsuit. Further banks ask for collateral, past credit history, assets you have, and your employment status. But a car accident lawsuit loan company in New Jersey will only consider your lawsuit as collateral and based on its merits and strength the company will determine the loan amount and interest rate related to it. Moreover, a New Jersey car accident legal funding is a non-recourse structured settlement offer, which makes it the only risk-free way to get money against settlement. Here if you win the case you repay the sum, but in case you lose the lawsuit, you don’t owe us anything. It is always a win-win situation for the applicant of a lawsuit funding.

new jersey car accident loans

Eligibility For NJ Auto Accident Loans

The very first requirement to become eligible for a car accident loan in New Jersey state is that you have a pending lawsuit in the NJ court. You suffered injuries because of the other driver’s fault and have a pending case against them, where you are demanding compensation. Further, you need to fulfill a few more requirements to become eligible for a cash advance.

  • You have a car accident case
  • You lost a loved one in a car accident and you have a pending case
  • The car accident and crash were not your fault
  • You were driving safely and suffered injuries because of someone else negligence
  • A car accident attorney is representing your case in court
  • The lawyer you hired works on a contingency fee basis
  • You agree to take a cash advance in exchange for a portion of a future settlement award.

Need Cash For Your Case? Apply For Lawsuit Loans Now!

If you fulfill all the requirements then you can apply for car accident lawsuit funding. But the approval is totally based on the analysis of your pending lawsuit. Further, if you are not sure if your case qualifies, below are some common auto collision cases we can fund.

Motorcycle Accident Uber Cab Accident
Pedestrian Accident Lyft Car Accident
Bus Accident Hit-and-run Accident
Scooter Accident Rear-end Collision Accident
Bicycle Accident Dram Shop Law Accidents
Speeding Car Accident Wrongful Death Car Wreck
DUI and DWI Car Crash Distracted Driving Accident
18-wheeler Truck Accident Road Rage Accident

Step By Step Process To Get Car Accident Legal Funding

We are one of the oldest companies in the United States that started to help plaintiffs of car accident lawsuits in New Jersey by offering them the lowest cost car accident case financing. With our experience and ready-to-fund approach, we have the simplest process of providing cash advances.

Step 1: You Apply With Us

To apply for a cash advance against a car accident case in New Jersey, you can simply call us at 800.961.8924 or apply online. We need plaintiff details, case-related details, and attorney case information.

Step 2: We Review Your Car Accident Claim

Our executive will contact your attorney to do a background check on the lawsuit, its strength, and its expected value. Based on the experts’ analysis, we can make you a lump-sum offer.

Step 3: Sign the Contract and Get Money

We offer you a lump sum with the terms of a cash advance after evaluating the situation. Once you and your car accident attorney agree on terms, we transfer the amount in less than 24 to 48 hours.

Valued Pre-Settlement You Can Get From ECO

Based on the merits of the case and the severity of the injury, we can offer a lump sum payment ranging from $500 to $250,000. The cash advance we provide is also based on the insured’s value, and it is mandatory for every driver to have auto insurance in New Jersey. The standard policy for personal injury protection in a car accident claim in New Jersey is as low as $15,000 per person and goes up to $250,000. We can only provide a cash advance to you if you are at no fault for the accident. Further, the interest rate on a car accident cash advance depends on a few things like

  • State of accident
  • Severity of injuries
  • The expected value of the settlement
  • Time period expected from the trial

Cover Litigation Cost Easily Without Obligations

Our New Jersey pre-settlement loan company puts no restrictions on the funds which we provide to the plaintiff in a car accident case. You are free to use it the way you find it suitable. But since it’s a type of loan you should use the fund for genuine reasons, most applicants use it for

  • Cover attorney fees and legal expenses of the car accident lawsuit
  • Pay for electricity and gas bills
  • Use it to cover personal expenses in case you lost the job
  • Pay for any immediate surgery needed because of a car accident injury
  • Fix your car or use the money to buy a new one
  • Pay your mortgage and rent on time

Further, there is no limit on how you use it since it’s a no-obligation fund and we have no restriction in the contract.

Apply Today And Continue Your Litigation Without Financial Woes

Our car accident loans are a financial solution created only for people who have a pending lawsuit and need urgent money to stabilize their finances. A lawsuit proceeding can negatively impact your finances, but with our pre-settlement funding company by your side, you can relax as we can offer you the funds to cover litigation expenses and you can completely focus on the recovery. Our New Jersey accident loans can effectively ease your financial burden, which increased because of lost wages, car repairs, and injuries. We take pride in being one of the most reputed and experienced firms for litigation financing in New Jersey. We have a decade of experience in assisting plaintiffs when they need the cash advance the most. Here are some of the benefits of getting a pre-settlement loan on car accident cases from ECO:

  • You will get the lowest interest rate
  • There is no risk involved as we give funds on a non-recourse basis
  • The application process is quite simple and quick responses you will get
  • We have the highest case acceptance rate for car accident claims which are pending in court.

Victims of a car accident lawsuit with a  pending court case, apply with us today for a quick cash advance right now. Take the cash right now and repay only if you win.

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